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 ESF ICT INSET Initiative 1999-2002
The ESF has a three year INSET programme which started in September 1999 which has the main aim of qualifying all teaching staff and librarians in the area of Information and Communication Technology
Page Updated 29 October 2001

Please note some pages will give extra large type as they are designed for projection presentations.

 Aims & Content (teachers)  Progress & Lists (teachers)
 Courses (general)  Resources (general)
 School Evaluation (ICT)  ESF Schools' Action Plans
 Special Educ.Needs  ICT Technicians
 ICT Skills (ITCC/UK)  TTA Materials (UK)
 Overseas Visit(ors)  Librarians
 Useful Links  Other UK TTA Providers


Aims and Content for Teaching Staff

 Introduction and Background  ICAA
 Time Frame  Assessment
 Outcomes for Teachers  TTA Outcomes Summary (.doc)
 Units Powerpoint  ICAA Teach Certificate

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Teaching Staff Progress and Lists

 Full Staff Lists  List of Support Assessors
 Support Assess'ers Role (UK only)  Reaching the Reluctant Teacher
 Staying Alive  -

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General ICT Course Materials/Links

 SA'ers Crse 28&29Sept '99  SA'ers Crse 26May 2000
 Evaluation(1) (28&29Sept'99)  Evaluation(2) (28&29Sept'99)
 Evaluation (26May2000)  -
 Notes from 26May2000 (.doc)  ICAA Sch Visits 2000-2002
 Issues Board (28&29Sept'99)  Preparing a Presentation
 ICAA OnLine Crse (ESF)  Further Degree (Southampton Univ)
 ITCC Assessors Training (Nov'99)
 Planning an ICT Course  KS1 & KS2 ICT Course (Online)
 ICAA SMT Materials (.doc 2.3M Sept2001)
 David Warlick (11April2000)  -

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ICT Resources

 ICAA Logo  ICT@ESF Logo
 ICT@ESF logo (animated 248940b)  ICT@ESF logo (animated 167656b)
 ICT@ESF logo (animated 37096b)  Sponsor a Mouse Mat
 Eval TTA Disk (Needs Analysis)  -
 ICAA Needs Analysis1 (Individual)  ICAA Needs Analysis2(Department)
 Sch of Work Template (html doc)  SoW Template/A Dickson (.doc)
 ICT QCA FAQ (.doc)  -
 Unit 1. PITT Modified (.doc)  Unit 2. PITT Modified (.doc)
 Unit 3. PITT Modified (.doc) Unit 4. PITT Modified (.doc)
 Unit 5. PITT Modified (.doc) Unit 6. PITT Modified (.doc)
 Unit 7. PITT Modified (.doc) Unit 8. PITT Modified (.doc)
 Unit 9. PITT Modified (.doc)  -
 QCA Primary Map (.doc) QCA Sec Map (.doc)
 QCA ICT in Subjects (.doc) -

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School Evaluation : ICT

 STaR Self-Diagnostic Tool (USA)  Managing IT in Sec.Sch. (Becta)

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Individual ESF Schools' ICT Action Plans/Resources

 South Island School (DICE)  Island School
 Bradbury Scheme2001 (.doc)  Sha Tin Junior (.doc)
 - (.)  

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Special Educational Needs (Nov.2000-June 2001)

 SEN Course Details  Members
 Further Accreditation (.doc)  Course Materials (jpg)
 Online Inclusive Website (password)  Intro 14Nov (PowerPoint 5M big!!!)

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ICT Technicians

 AliceforWindows(15 Nov-2001)  -

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IT Certificates of Competence (ITCC)
( Assessing ICT Skills )

 Explanation  Hong Kong Assessor
 Letter from ICAA  Administration (Diagram)
 The Whole Scheme (PowerPoint)  ITCC Assessors in HK
 Word Processing  Databases
 Spreadsheets  Computer Animation
 Presentation & Graphics  Music Technology
 Desk Top Publishing  Computer Art and Design
 Computer Control Tech.  Business Info.Processing

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TTA (UK) Training Materials & Needs Analysis
( Teacher Training Agency )

 All Primary [En/Ma] (.doc)  Librarians (.doc)
 Individual Needs Analysis (.doc)  Grp Needs Analysis (.doc)
 Overview for SMT (.doc)  Order Form [for materials] (.doc)
 Art (Secondary)(.doc)  Design Technology (Secondary)(.doc)
 English (Secondary)(.doc)  Geography (Secondary)(.doc)
 History (Secondary)(.doc)  Information Technology (Secondary)(.doc)
 Mathematics (Secondary)(.doc)  Mod.Foreign Langs. (Secondary)(.doc)
 Music (Secondary)(.doc)  Physical Ed. (Secondary)(.doc)
 Religious Ed. (Secondary)(.doc)  Science (Secondary)(.doc)

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City & Guilds

 C & G WebSite  -
 Word Processing L1 (pdf-2592Kb)  Spreadsheets Level 1 (pdf-2369Kb)
 Accounts Level 1 (pdf-2975Kb)  Business App. Level 1 (pdf-2094Kb)
 Graphics Level 1 (pdf-4Mb)  DTP Level 1 (pdf-1826Kb)
 Using the Internet L1 (pdf-1807Kb)  Office Practice Level 1 (pdf-2576Kb)

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Librarians ICT INSET 2000-2002

 Introduction  INSET Programme
 Module 1  Module 2
 Module 3  Module 4
 Module 5  Kent Website KITSch (password needed)
 OnLine Course (password needed)  Library Assoc./Canterbury Consortium
 Course membership (Librarians)  Outcomes for Librarians
 Learn Info.Skills with Tech.  Technology in T&L
 Quality Assurance  ALICE Course (Jan 2000)
 UK Public Libraries (ICT INSET)  Audit (.doc)
 Module 1 Powerpoint (day 1)  Module 1 Powerpoint (day 2)
 LA ProfDev.Template (.doc)  Module 1 Homework (.doc)
 Module 1 Flipcharts (.doc)  Module 2 PowerPoint (.ppt)
 Module 2 Evaluation (.doc)  - ()

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Overseas Visits / Visitors

 Wigan&Essex April2001  -

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Useful Links

 Information Management  Computers Don't Bite
 Primary Schemes of Work  Lesson Plans (on using the Internet)
 Norwood ICT Educ.Website  Evaluating ICT INSET
 Outcomes for Teachers in USA  TILT (Outcome in Australia)

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Other Approved UK (TTA/NOF) INSET Providers

 Full List  The Science Consortium
 Library Association ICT Grp  TeacherLiNC (Logotron/Longman/LEAs)
 RM & Open University  -

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