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 ICT@ESF INSET Evaluation 28&29 Sept 1999

For ESF ICT Support Assessors / Venue: South Island School
Chris Smith / Liz Hankin / Eliz Kerr

The sessions(s) you found to have the greatest impact on you, and which was therefore most helpful.
-  School group discuss.
-  2nd morning's discussion on ESF dev Plan, funding issues & 
   implications for schools.
-  2nd afternoon's NETg session.
-  Discussion time. 
-  Online + 2nd day session.
-  Working as a school.
-  Day 1 all morning - The whole structure implications became 
-  Day 2 2nd session - discussion with colleagues - how we 
   would manage the scheme.  NETg is an excellent resource.
-  Using the CD's practised.
-  The video session, NETg  CD.

-  Discussions within school groups & hands-on computer sessions.
-  The 2nd hands-on session (using the "NETg" disk.)  The 
   video-viewing save the discussion opportunities.
-  NETg session on the computer.
-  NETg CD.  ICCT info too from Eliz.
-  Q & A sessions
-  NETg
-  Time to begin planning with school colleagues.
-  NETg CD was very good!
-  Video's gave some good ideas.
-  Wednesday pre-lunch session putting together plan at action 
   for implementing scheme in school.

-  Hands on sessions & working in school teams.
-  Group, discussion based on initial meeting, demo.
-  The NETg session - I found something to help me.
-  Hands on computer time, even the discussions b/c they were 
-  The test drive desk teaching the different programs is 
   good - now to remember them.
-  Opportunity to observe 'initial meeting'
-  Discussion in school groups rather than 'initial meeting'.
-  NETg
-  Hands-on session (NETg).

-  Chance to plan as a school group.
-  Wed morning - discussing with colleagues (school action plan)
   re what to do next.
-  Last session Wed.
-  The session instead of the practice of initial meeting! 
   ... i.e. Wed 10:50.
-  The 2 hands-on sessions
-  Question and Answer sessions.
-  Using the NETg stuff.
-  NETg session - great fun & interesting.
-  Open forum discussion as a school group.

-  Wed Morning session
-  2nd day - session on Needs Identification & discussing this 
   with school colleagues.
-  Examining the NETg CD + some of ICAA - until it became 
   frustrating practical sessions.
-  AM (wednesday)
-  Hands on sessions.
-  Discussion of school approach.
-  ICAA web site.
-  Opportunity to talk to knowledgeable 'experts' in the field.
-  Day 2.
-  Being able to discuss the implementation of the program with 
   colleagues/day 2- NETg.

-  Planning the ICT support action plan.
-  School discussion & looking at Website; initial session was 
-  School groups discussing program.  Hands on sessions, 
   further courses available.
-  School group discussion.  Courses available e.g. co-ord. etc.
-  Looking at Website - not positive though - confusing.
-  Where we discussed in our groups how we are going to 
   implement the programme at school.
-  Weds break - lunch
-  School "action planning" discussion.
-  Work in school groups on action planning.
-  Day 2 - time to work with colleagues to discuss initial 
   implementation strategy.

The session(s) you found to have the least impact on you.
-  High degrees
-  1st afternoon's technical disaster (got going at home in the 
-  Nil.
-  Day 1 pm - frustratingly slow accessing site.
-  I didn't win the computer.
-  NETg.
-  The session containing the role-played "in that meeting" had 
   its uses, but was not really relevant to the manner in which 
   we would carry out there in that meetings.  This would not 
   allow individual with meetings and follow up.

-  The initial meeting - too open ended & too much like SRD. 
-  Talk about the different qualifications as it was already 
   available on paper.  
-  Information about the Master Degree.
-  Online session - obvious reason!
-  Talk "at" session on 1st morning Practical is always better.
-  Details about Masters.
-  Tuesday morning - too much talk, hard to see the point of 
   much of it.
-  Online speed accessing ttalit.ao.uk

-  Students' certification. 
-  The ITCC information seemed a little irrelevant.  
-  This is a separate scheme and only confused us.
-  Long morning session going through whole package.
-  Understand its necessary but session was too long.
-  Should have checked we could all log in etc when using the 
   icttg program.
-  Maybe day 1 session 3 should have been before session 2.  
   Teacher certificate & higher levels.
-  Opening session; necessary bit but too long?
-  Hands-on session ICAA.

-  Session online to ICAA.
-  Early Tues . . .  confusion & Tues noon in ICT rooms.
-  Online link to ICAA course (mainly coz speed).
-  Using the online link to ICAA - technical problem!
-  Tues PM session.
-  First hands on session.
-  Philosophy section (session 1) - felt ESF position not 
   outlined here sufficiently- need to know why we're doing it 
   before how programme will help achieve this.
-  AM (Tuesday)!
-  None.

-  The beer advert.
-  Hands on the software.
-  Day 1 (mainly because I was unsure of what requirements for 
   training/certification were).
-  Hands on session pm day one.
-  Using the ICAA site on the Internet on 28/9.
-  Morning session 28/9 for too long.  More breaks required.
-  1st day, final session - can't remember it.
-  1st day last session.

-  Last session before question & answer - day 1.
-  The session where we were informed of how we can work towards 
   accreditation for MA at university of Southampton.  Really 
   felt it was irrelevant for me - could this have been 
   presented another way i.e. for those who were interested, to 
   speak to Eliz?
-  Tues PM lunch - break
-  "playing" with course on-line.
-  The initial presentation session on Tues morning.
-  Initial introduction to programme.

What do you think should be included on the 26th May 2000 INSET?
-  Reporting from each school on success/failure plans.
-  Update on how the initiative is working out in the UK 
   (including funding resourcing etc.)
-  Wider range of NETg will be very welcome!
-  Review the progress.
-  Examples of work submitted (public sector).
-  Clarify - forward please.
-  Depends how different schools go immediately forward.  
   Perhaps better discussed at PICTT & SICTT.
-  A clearer picture should by then of emerged eg. base of 
   teacher/pupil skills, ICT in the curri.  ESF view, 
   assessment etc. these need to be included.

-  Review of progress at the S. assessors through their am 
   training programmes.
-  Update on project, especially ESF hiding arrangements.
-  More support materials like the NETg CD.
-  More time to discuss issues with colleagues.
-  Examples of work that is required/expected to be submitted.
-  Egs or exemplars at work appropriate at each level.
-  More practical ideas / discussions etc.
-  Report back from schools on progress, what has worked and 
   what has not.
-  More information regarding certification - how, when, what.
-  Group discussion on results from other schools.

-  Feedback from schools - what they have done so far (mini 
   power point presentations) examples from teachers of how 
   they have integrated ICT into lessons.  A chance to plan the 
   next stage as a school.
-  Sharing of what we have been trying in our class this year.
-  Successful plans can be shared around.
-  Class management.
-  How people have got on.  Problems & solutions as people 
   progress through units.
-  Share achievements.
-  Review of experiences from support staff.
-  Reports from schools already underway.

-  Different models/plans followed/to be done so we can get 
   fresh ideas & know how its going.
-  Honest discussion about whether x 3 year plan is realistic.
-  Where are we now (and how we assess / evaluation - where we 
   are going next - plans etc.
-  Organisation / discussions with colleague4s, on above in 
   other schools' challenging.
-  To see what other schools are doing.
-  What people think having completed their training funding.
-  Need to digest these 2 days first!
-  Sharing ideas, problems, suggestions following completion 
   of ICAA.

-  Examples of range of hardware/software resources available 
   which would be useful to use in classrooms.
-  Comparison of different schools implementation methods.
-  Control technology.
-  progress made by other schools in the 8 months.
-  Fruit - + case studies from our own schools.
-  Time to plan school approach 
-  Must be given details of INSET funding 2000-2001
-  Review of progress.
-  Sharing of good ideas from other schools - ways of 

-  Review of different schools approaches.
-  More examples.
-  Report back from schools.  Evidence that schools have 
   collected to show tasks being completed.
-  Reporting back, examples of evidence.
-  Report back.
-  Examples of evidence that people have collected whilst doing 
   the training.
-  Examples of assessment of materials produced in the groups.
-  Looking at schemes of work for my subject area and 
   considering ICT potential.
-  Looking at schemes at work for one other subject area and 
   considering ICT potential.
-  Time for colleagues to plan further, share ideas with other 
   colleagues from other schools.

Any other points you wish to make about the course would be valued.
-  Great chance for networking, & for the school team to 
   brainstorm & action-plan.
-  Support staff in the office will be interested in NETg too!!
-  As you named - a little mind boggling.  Liz & Eliz did well &
   were realistic - good luck to them trying to 'convert' HK.
-  The whole programme for a primary mainscale is daunting.  We 
   have to make it teacher friendly.  The cost is also daunting 
   for a school to fund.
-  However, a good kick start & motivator for our ICT initiative
   in schools.  We will start in Sept.
-  Generally very informative.  Quite a lot of demonstration 
   more than I would ideally like, but it was very well done, at
   least.  The information regarding ESF not hiding other staff 
   members this year had a big impact on our original planning 
   and should have been given earlier.

-  I think the course was back to front.  The ICT needs 
   identification sheet should have been given out on the first 
-  The course was confusing and not focussed.  The ICCT stuff 
   should have come first then the information about classroom 
   work.  More precise and clear information would have helped.
-  Lot of direct questions not answered.
-  Didn't think that the course covered a logical progression.  
   i.e. 2nd days 2nd session should have come 1st.
-  The ICAA women were informed and interesting should have had 
   more of them.
-  A less woolly day - i.e. no need for 30 mins coffee 1 hour 15 
   minutes lunch.
-  Less waffle from presenters and more explanations 
   esp. from Chris Smith.
-  In future planning - attempt to shorten the coffee & lunch 

-  Interesting & well presented - just a lot of information!
-  More group discussion.
-  I still don't know how to get the certificate is there one?  
   What do I talk to colleagues about!  It is all rather 
   confusing - too many schemes - I like to have more structure.    
   I think we should have to produce evidence and send it away.     
   I am worried that many teachers won't do this!
-  Has given me a lot to think about.  I feel very ready & 
   motivated to go and try and learn & then while learning apply
   to my class.
-  However, right after the "initial meeting" observation felt 
   overwhelmed.  How could I support someone else right away 
   before I even get started and try it out.
-  Can you make it less confusing?
-  Acoustics; often difficult to hear.

-  Lack of real clarity about ESF's involvement with the 
-  I found it stimulating and worrying(!) - so much to learn!  I
   enjoyed the 'funniest' - very important when you're sitting 
   down for so long.
-  Breaks were larger than needed (coffee breaks & lunch).
-  Provide us with disks well in advance - do we need to work 
   through them during an INSET day or could this time have been
   spent more productively.
-  I understand about putting answers online.  But very often I 
   want answer there and then.
-  Too much sitting and listening.
-  Practical sessions group discussions much better for bouncing
   ideas off others - furthering understanding.
-  Terminology + level of IT skills needed may be offputting .. 
   pre training/familiarisation?

-  I think day 1 and day 2 should have been reversed.
-  The sessions using the materials CD-ROMs & internet; required
   more guidance and assistance.
-  The ICTT materials will need to be modified for use on Hong 
-  Lunch break on the first day was far too long.  Would have 
   preferred 30 - 40 minutes and to finish earlier.
-  When questions were added from the 'floor' it was not always 
   possible to hear what was being said - on the second day 
   however, the person with the mic did repeat the question.
-  Clearer aims/targets for 2 days.
-  Introduction of programme should be simplified to enable 
   people to 'come to grips' with the whole/overall aim.  Having
   a 10 minute overview at the start would have eliminated the 
   confusion overwhelming feeling sensed at the start of the 
   course ( & did not subside until the middle session on the 
   2nd day) the materials look fantastic & deserve to be 
   presented in a more powerful, punchy way!!!

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