Information & Communication Technology INSET for Teachers and Librarians in the ESF:

Support Assessor's Modes of Working

It has been suggested that Support Assessors (or was it ICT Co-ordinators?) actually have four modes of working.... but this is very much open to debate ;-)
Your sugestions for additions or modifications to this list are welcome:
Staying Alive
Important and Urgent.
  • rescuing projects behind schedule
  • managing colleagues who have just discovered ICT
  • understanding the latest technology
  • reacting to SMT demands
  • coping with stress

Thinking Ahead
Important but not Urgent
  • anticipating tomorrow's issues
  • building an effective T&L and INSET culture
  • planning and developing strategy
  • understanding how to exploit technology
  • studying other educational establishments/schools
  • seeking independent insight

Quick Fix
Urgent but not important
  • hunting for the guilty
  • mastering technology
  • copying schools slavishly
  • relieving stress temporarily

Not important and not urgent
  • worrying about what happens if .....
  • wondering which project will cause problems next
  • speculating on rumours
  • keeping knowledge secret
  • worrying about being stressed
  • wondering where the technician is