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 ICT for Librarians: Module 3 - Information Skills
This page outlines details regarding the individual modules.
This is aimed at supporting librarian members of the ICT programme

Page Updated 18 April 2001
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Module 3 Content and programme

  • Go to http://www.shambles.net/ITinset/Library/5Mods.html for full details.
  • Programme
    • Introduction to the Module and to the day
    • The ideas behind Module 3
    • The elements of Module 3
    • What skills do pupils need?
    • Using ICT to find things out
    • L U N C H
    • Evaluating information
    • Developing pupils' skills
    • The next steps - plenary


  • British Council again... Room 417/418


  • prompt start 8:30 ... the rooms must be cleared at 4:15
  • There is tea/coffee at Pacific Coffee in the Brit.Council entrance if you arrive early
  • Lunch: we can walk over to 'Inn in the park' again
  • no parking
  • bring a sweater to combate the air conditioning
  • Brit.Council is a no smoking building
  • no parking available


  • Sharon and David will be staying at the Wharney Hotel
  • 57-73 Lockhart Road, Wanchai
  • tel: 2861 1000 fax: 2865 6023
  • website http://wharney.gdhotels.net
  • checkin 22 April / checkout 28 April

Pre Module Task

Dates / Times

  • Thur 26th: 8:30am to 4:30pm All day.. all members module 3
  • Fri 27th: School Visits please note that these visits are to talk about using ICT to support learning and not teckii stuff!
    • 8:30-11:30: KGV (Sharon)
    • 12:45-3:30: BHS (Sharon)
    • 8:30-10:00: FMO with Education Officers (David)
    • 10:15-12:00: Bradbury (David)
    • 2:00-3:30: South Island School (David)


  • Sharon Markless
  • is currently an Education Adviser employed by the University of London to support continuing professional development of hospital consultants in their role as educators.
  • Sharon was a teacher in secondary schools as well as in further and higher education (and in the prison service!) before becoming a teacher trainer for ten years. In between, she spent six years as a senior researcher at the National Foundation for Educational Research in England and Wales, where she led projects on information skills in schools and colleges.
  • Since then she has conducted research with David Streatfield on what makes an effective school library and how to measure the impact of library services. Sharon has undertaken consultancy on school library development all over the UK and in Finland, Malaysia and Portugal. She also contributes regularly to the short course programme of the Library Association and wrote modules three and five of the current ICT Training programme.
[Sharon Markless Pic]
  • David Streatfield
  • is Principal of Information Management Associates, a research, training and consultancy team working in education, health and libraries. IMA is a partner in the Library Association ICT Training Consortium, in which David takes responsibility for Quality Assurance.He also helped to prepare some of the materials and teaches on the parallel ICT Training Programme for public librarians.
  • David started his working life in public libraries, before moving on to run services for the Confederation of British Industry, the London Metropolitan Police and set up the first community work information centre in Europe (based in Wales).
  • After five years running a major research project on information use in UK social services at the University of Sheffield he moved to the National Foundation for Educational Research as Head of Information Research and Development. Both then and since 1991 when he set up IMA, David has collaborated with Sharon Markless on a number of UK national research projects focussed on education libraries (see below). and he contributes a ‘Research methods masterclass’ column to Information Research Watch International (published by Bowker).
  • He has conducted major consultancy assignments in Europe, the Caribbean, Kenya, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia and is on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Information Management.
[David Streatfield Pic]

Chris Smith, Head of JCSRC & ICT Advisor
The English Schools Foundation
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