Information Technology Certificates of Competence

Alan Dickson is the co-ordinator/moderator for ITCCs in S.E. Asia. When school assessors are ready to submit work for certification they should e-mail Alan to let him know that they sending samples to be moderated.  Schools should send Alan a sample of 10% of the work submitted (to a minimum of 5 pieces) along with the list of candidate names, modules entered and level of entry.  The three part certification forms should be sent to ICAAG (formerly NDTEF) in the UK.  Once work has been moderated it will be returned to the school and certification will come from the ICAAG.

Alan has been teaching Technology for more than 20 years and  joined Sha Tin College, Hong Kong, as the Head of Information Technology in 1991.  He has been associated with the ICAAG since 1995 and has represented them at conferences in both Hong Kong and Malaysia.  He has a special interest in computer graphics, doing  a range of work for charitable groups in Hong Kong.

Alan Dickson can be contacted by e-mail at:
Work submitted for moderation should be sent to:
Alan Dickson
Sha Tin College
3 Lai Wo Lane
Sha Tin
Hong Kong

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