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 ITCC Assessors in Hong Kong
This is a list of teachers in Hong Kong who have successfully completed the ITCC Assessors course .
Contact S.E.Asian Moderator, Alan Dickson (Sha Tin College)
Page updated 11 October 1999

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Island School [74768]

KGV School [74770]

South Island School [92835]

Sha Tin College [92830]

West Island School [74798]

Beacon Hill School [P0011]

Bradbury School [P0012]

Clearwater Bay School [P0003]

Glenealy School [P0005]

Kennedy School [P0009]

Kowloon Junior School [P0004]

Peak School [P0006]

Quarry Bay School [P0002]

Sha Tin Junior School [P0177]

J.C. Sarah Roe School

J.C.Sarah Roe Centre [LE004]

German Swiss International School [74766]

Chinese International School [74773]

Sears Rogers International School [74774]

YMCA of Hong Kong [M0001]

Others (school not named)

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