Information Technology Certificates of Competence
Assessment Criteria

Computer Control Technology

The Candidate can:
  1. demonstrate knowledge of input/output devices
  2. draw out a simple control system showing input, process and output
  3. draw a flow diagram of a simple control system
  4. use a control software program to control a device
  5. name and save a work file from a control software program
  6. use a series of instructions in order to control output
  7. carry out work according to safety regulations
  8. obtain hard copy of a control file eg as printout, screen dump, listing
  9. use control software to make use of feedback
  10. use a computer control interface to control direction and speed of motors
  11. make modifications to designs or programs necessary to use control system
Distinction Level only:
  1. analyse the requirements of a control system and identify the key subsystems and components which will be needed to meet these requirements
  2. use standard symbols when communicating how the system works
  3. analyse a system in terms of the user and consumer