1. Time Line 2. Background 3. NOF (UK) v Teach Cert.(ICAA)
4. TTA Outcomes 5. NOF Programme 6. ICAA Teach Certificate
7. - 8. Assessment 9. Freq.Asked Questions
10. ICAA Site 11. OnLine Course 12. ESF ICT Support Assessors

Information Technology : ESF Teachers

Time Frame

3-year programme (link with ICAA)

ESF ”ICT Initiative Year"

July 2002:
all ESF teachers [& librarians] achieved ICT outcomes as identified by UK TTA (UK NOF)

| http://www.teach-tta.gov.uk/ictmenu.htm |

individual needs analysis and training for all the trainers (Support Assessors)

| recommend 3 per sch 28+29th Sept99 26 May2000 allday meeting) |

individual staff the opportunity to upgrade ICT skills (Up2Sch)

individual staff able to ”fast track" (Up2Sch)

would ensure all staff reach the level in the TTA ICT outcomes by either:

    1. completing the online course
    2. uploading evidence onto the ICAA website