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 Information Management Skills and Strategies

In November 1998 Mike Eisenberg (USA) was invited to Hong Kong to run an inservice course for librarians, teachers and managers. The focus for the course was a strategy for teaching and learning 'Management of Information Skills" called The BIG 6.
This web page was initially constructed as part of the follow up to that visit... it has now grown to be much more ... encouraging internet users to think more about Information Management and Literacy and not focus only on Information Technology
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  Course 11Nov 1998   Resources
  Information Publications   Info.Skills Processes
  Taming the Internet (Utilities)   Taming the Internet (Tutorials)
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Mike Eisenberg Course 11 Nov. 1998

  Course Details   Membership
  Evaluation (using Objectives)   Evaluation (using other criteria)
  Evaluation (free comments)   Follow Up Activities
  Course Pictures 1   Course Pictures 2
  Course Pictures 3   Our Mailing List (Big6_hk@onelist.com)
  LIVE Conference 19 Jan. 1999

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  PowerPoint Presentation   -
  Big6 Badge 1   Big6 Badge 2
  Big6 Badge 3   Big6 Badge 4
  Big6 Badge 5   Big6 Badge 6
  Big6 Badge 1a (Rotating)   Big6 Badge 1b (Rotating)

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Information Publications

  Information World Review (UK)   FromNowOn (Jamie McKenzie)
  Information Overload   -

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Information Skills Process Models (Other than Big6)

  Olim-Kroch-Uris (7 steps for F.E.)   The Big6
  Comparisons (Spreadsheet)   Comparisons (Eisenberg paper)

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'Taming' the "Internet" (Utilities)

  App Service Providers (private)   -
  MyBookmarks (OnLineBkmarks)   Oneview (OnLine Bookmarks)
  Blink (OnLine Bookmarks)   Remote Disk Storage (Free)
  Talking email   Bookmarklets
  Check Your Security   Remote Storage (20M)
  Keep a diary online   X-Drive (25Mb Virtual Storage)
  Create online Surveys   Create onLine Forms
  Get a Message Board   Get an online calendar
  Create a school website   Get your own website

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'Taming' the "Internet" (Tutorials & Advice)

  Welcome to the Web   Yahoo Tutorials List
  email Tutorial   Netiquette Home Page
  Listserv Tutorial   Internet Tutorial
  Web Teacher   Additional Links
  Online/Interactive Netskills Crs   Internet Detective (Eval Web Resources)
  Teaching Searching   Harnessing the Web
  Dummies Daily (Lots of Tips)   Computers Don't Bite
  NetLearn (Learning netskills)   New to the Web?
  Super Searcher Interview   The Internet Guidebook
  Inquiry-Based Learning   WebReference Tutorials
  OnLine Slide Shows   BBC Webwise Tutorials

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Useful Links

  Ask Eric   The Big 6 (Official Site)
  Big 6 in the Classroom   Teaching Information Literacy
  Information Literacy Adventure   The Spider's Apprentice
  American Assoc. of Sch Libraries   IT Skills for Problem Solving
  1800 Information Brokers   Big6 Lesson Plans
  Info Literacy Directory   Definition of Info.Literacy (ALA)
  Info Skills Hotlist (Sheila Crew)   The Graphic Organiser
  Open Directory Project   -

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Mailing Lists (listservs)

  AskERIC   UK Librarians
  USA Librarians (LM_NET)   Australian Librarians (OZTH_NET)
  ALA Groups (USA)   IASL-LINK

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Courses and Conferences

  ISIS'99 (Online 19-29 July 99)   Presentation Skills

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