Template for ICT Based Schemes of work

Project Title


Class Characteristics


Age range:                                              


Special educational needs:                  

ICT familiarity and competence in:     


Lesson Theme (Overview)


Learning Objectives

Pupils should learn to:



Learning Outcomes


·        make use of ICT as …




This represents approximately **** weeks of work based upon an average allocation of curriculum time. The opportunities to make use of appropriate ICT equipment and research work could elongate this process along with further developments of the project (see project extensions and developments at the end of this document) .


Teacher Preparation

·        You will need to ……


Web Sites



Teacher activity

Pupil Activity



(The Subject being taught, e.g. Geography, English ……….)

Attainment Target 1: ……….

Information Technology

A wide variety of ICT skills are covered by the scheme of work.  It supports pupils in developing skills in:

(At this point ICT skills covered by ICTTs should be listed … eg)

Desktop publishing

§         open a new document

§         use page set up facility

§         name and save a new document

§         use different fonts

§         use clip art or other graphic images

§         align text, i.e. justify, centre, left and right

§         use cut copy and paste

§         move text blocks

§         produce master pages and templates

§         use grid lines and align text

§         check print set up and print document


National Curriculum Coverage

(Details of levels covered for the subject being taught plus new headings in the latest NC where appropriate …

“Key skills, Communication, Application of number, Information technology, Working with others, Improving own learning and performance, Problem solving, Thinking skills, Information-processing skills, Reasoning skills, Enquiry skills, Creative thinking skills, Evaluation skills”

ICT in the Project

The Process

(An overview of the ICT processes the students will undertake … screen grabs (if possible) aid clarity at this point)


Extensions to the project

(Extension work for more able students)

Incorporating ICT into the plan (example of what could be included)

It would not be necessary to make use of ICT at all to deliver the plan, in fact the whole scheme could be delivered through the use of ……….. 

On the other hand the use of ICT gives huge levels of support and extension to students … (eg)

The way the lesson is introduced could also be developed by demonstrations from  you as to how to use the ICT tools required


Pupils would be able to work autonomously with the IT equipment if there is a sufficient supply of pre-prepared guide/help documents and files.


One of the guide files could be examples of the software toolboxes with notes on what they do which could be used as starting points for students to work from. A guide document could be a work sheet guide to carrying out the searches on the Internet. If both files are left on the computer system (network or stand alone) for the individual pupils to access and work on, then you are cutting down on your preparation time and the use of printing required. If this is not possible then the resource sheets  can be printed as normal and possibly laminated for future use.

Preparation of ICT materials


Guide/help files for students to work from could be desktop published and could be stored on stand-alone machines, a network server or even floppy disc and this might be what students see.


(examples of support documents/files)

Worksheets to support the project need to be included