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 ESF INSET: ICT SA'ers Course 28th & 29th Sept.'99
This page contains the final details for the two day
course for ICT Support Assessors
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  • To prepare ICT Support Assessors for their role in school


The objectives are to give Support Assessors:
  1. greater awareness of the philosophy, structure and materials of the ESF ICT programme,
  2. details of the different options for ICT skills training including alternative options in Hong Kong,
  3. the opportunity to observe and then practice an "Initial Meeting",
  4. two hands-on sessions with the ICAA and NETg CDs/online materials,
  5. the opportunity to ask questions about the scheme, and
  6. the opportunity to look around the host schools ICT facilities
In addition the objectives include:
  1. give ICAA the opportunity to accredit the Support Assessors.
It is unlikely that much (if any) time will be available during the two days for individual school teams to plan their own school strategies .... it is adviseable you plan for this after the course is completed.


  • South Island School


  • Each course member should now have the needs analysis CD and are required to go through the exercise themselves which takes about 60 minutes
  • Please be prewarned that this CD is more open ended than some members expected and it is not just a series of questions
  • Please bring to the course your resulting profile on PAPER

PROGRAMME DAY ONE (Tue. 28th Sept.1999)

  • 8:00 - Coffee
  • 8:25 - Welcome [Chris]
    1. Introductions
    2. Welcome to SIS from Chris Evans/Principal
    3. Housekeeping
    4. Programme
    5. Evaluation
  • 9:00 - Session 1 [Liz & Eliz]
    1. Philosophy and Structure of the Programme
    2. Teacher Certification and Higher Levels
  • 10:20 - Coffee
  • 10:55 - Session 2
    1. Local Options for Skills Training [Chris S]
    2. Investigating the training programme paper-based materials and CD ROMs [Liz & Eliz]
    3. Setting the scene for the after-lunch hands-on session [Liz & Eliz]
  • 12:50 - Lunch
  • 2:15 - Session 3 (in ICT rooms)
    1. practical session/hands-on in pairs investigating the ICAA CD online materials http://www.icttgg.co.uk [Liz & Eliz]
  • 3:35 - Session 4 (back in the school hall)
    1. Financing and Fast Tracking for Teachers: Admin Issues [Liz & Eliz &Chris]
    2. SEN/EAL and ICT Connections [Chris]
    3. Questions and Answers / Issues Board [All]
  • 4:35 - Close
  • 4:35 - 5:00
    1. An opportunity to view the host schools facilities or stay on for further hands-on work with the ICAA materials [voluntary] ..... you are advised to see SIS library even if for only five minutes.

PROGRAMME DAY TWO (Wed. 29th Sept.1999)

  • 8:00 - Coffee
  • 8:25 - Welcome
    1. Housekeeping
    2. Agenda
  • 8:50 - Session 1
    1. Initial meeting Support Assessor/Colleague(s) - modelling [Liz & Eliz + volunteer]
    2. Feedback on modelling [All]
  • 10:15 - Coffee plus see JCSRC/ESF Resources display
  • 10:50 - Session 2
    1. Practice of initial meeting ... it is important that all members bring the paper printout of the Needs Analysis CD done as the pre-course task [working in pairs]
    2. Feedback on the exercise [All]
    3. Competence Certificates for Students [Alan D]
    4. Setting the scene for the after-lunch hands-on session [Liz & Eliz]
  • 12:50 - Lunch
  • 1:55 - Session 3 (in ICT rooms)
    1. practical session/hands-on individually investigating the NETg materials [Liz & Eliz]
  • 3:30 - Session 4 (back in the school hall)
    1. Plenary Session / Q&A / Issues Board[All]
    2. Evaluation and Forward Planning
  • 4:35 - Session 5
    1. Closing [Jennifer Wisker]
  • 4:45 - END


  • SIS have their breaks 9:40-9:55 and 11:05-11:35 but the noise should not affect the work in the hall
  • Tea / Coffee provided ... and Danish pastries at morning coffee ... sorry no lunch will be provided... please bring your own lunch or visit SIS tuckshop
  • We will provide fruit during the day
  • Parking:.. it is requested that you share cars.. BUT parking is not such a problem so long as you park on the road at the back of the school... and park on the right hand side as you face up the hill. The school buses use the other side.
  • Dress comfortably but sometimes the air conditioning is too cold for some so you might like to bring a light jumper.
  • Chairs: they are not the most comfortable so you are advised to bring a cushion ..... if you have a bad back then let me (csmith) know the week before the course and I'll arrange special seating.
  • There will be some handouts on day one .... please bring these with you on the second day. (folders/CDs/envelopes>
  • Don't forget to bring the paper copy of your pre-course task.
  • There will be a display of ICT materials from the JCSRC library up during the second day.... please do not remove these until after lunch... most are available to be booked out using the loan cards (please return laon cards to me (csmith) ..... if you have any questions about these materials please contact the JCSRC librarian Louise Kay. Remember that the JCSRC Library database can be accessed online via the icon at the bottom of the front page of Shambles .


  • Liz Hankin is the Chief Examiner for ICAA (NDTEF) GCSE in IT. Recently she has written both the ICAA ICT Teacher Training Programme and the Teacher Certification scheme to meet the Government funded Programme available in the UK.
    Liz is also the author of the Heinemann IT GCSE book and has had many years experience in advising teachers on the implementation of IT & ICT when an advisor in her home county of Cheshire.
[Liz Hankin]
  • Eliz was a teacher of Design & Technology and Head of Department for ten years before joining the ICAA team in 1994 as Principal Examiner for Textiles.
    Since joining the team she has become a proficient and enthusiastic user of Information Technology with responsibility for the DTP-ing of all our suites of examination papers.
    Eliz became the ICAA Conference Co-ordinator in 1997 and since January of this year has been Co-ordinator for our Teacher Certificate and Diploma Scheme.
[Eliz Kerr]

Please note that central supply cover is provided for a maximum of 3 teachers/school to attend the courses at the end of September 1999 and in May 2000. Other staff are more than welcome to attend but need to arrange cover internally.
Chris Smith, Head of JCSRC & ICT Advisor
The English Schools Foundation
2A Tin Kwong Road, Homantin, Kowloon, HONG KONG
tel: (852) 2760 0441
fax: (852) 2760 0799

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