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 INSET: David Warlick 11 April 2000
This page contains details of a one day course
running on Tuesday 11th April
If you have any questions about this session
Chris Smith or Louise Kay (JCSRC Librarian)
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  • Proactive Use of Internet in Teaching and Learning


  • Hong Kong Cyber Campus and Genius Elite Limited invited Mr. David Warlick, a well-experienced front-line educator from USA, to come to Hong Kong to lead Workshops and Seminars on "Proactive Use of Internet in Teaching and Learning".
  • The ESF was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to make use of one day of David's time, the session has ended up being a truely co-operative one across many schools, not just those in the ESF.
  • Genius Elite is the National Partner of ThinkQuest in Hong Kong


  • Tuesday 11th April 2000
  • 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


  • Canadian International School
  • 36 Nam Long Shan Road, Aberdeen
  • tel: 2525 7088
  • a.m. in the multimedia room in the library
  • p.m. in the computer lab next door


  1. Course members are asked to visit http://www.schoollife.net/schools/warlickinhongkong
  2. participation in the discussion will help to get more out of the workshop


  1. Putting the Internet into perspective
    1. Why do we need the Internet in our schools? What is the Internet especially good at for teaching and learning?
    2. When do we not use Internet? The Internet and our children's future.
  2. Collaboration over the Internet
    1. Finding experts, peers, and other classes for collaboration
    2. Building and using collaborative tools
    3. Project-based learning
  3. Rich & interactive information
    1. Advantages of using the Internet as a source of Information (Information as a Raw Material)
    2. Finding and evaluating information on the Internet
  4. Contributive expression and cultivating the Internet for learning
    1. Educational benefits of publishing student work on the web
    2. Techniques for publishing student work on the web
    3. Constructing content-rich collaborative learning experiences for the Internet
Participants should have a basic knowledge of the Internet



  • Tea / Coffee provided ... Lunch can be purchased onsite, Sandwiches, snacks and drinks are available any time throughout the day at the cafetaria. (Regular Sandwich-$15, Super Sandwich-$20, Soft drink-$7, Coffee-$8). Set Lunch is $32 and will be served around lunch time.
  • Parking is available
  • For more details about where the school is have a look at the HK City Map
  • Helen Wong is the contact at Genius Elite.


  • David Warlick
  • David Warlick is an instructional technology consultant who has been involved in the educational use of computers since 1981. A former history teacher, district level administrator, and consultant with the North Carolina State Department of Public Instruction, he has been a leader in innovative applications of technology, especially the Internet.
    David has developed and conducted numerous curriculum projects over the global network and has facilitated education and Internet workshops in most states and many other countries including Ireland, the Netherlands, and Spain.
    Mr. Warlick is also the author of "Raw Materials of the Mind", a brand new book that explores the implications of digital information for schools and examines the specific characteristics of technology (especially the Internet) that lend themselves so well as teaching and learning tools.

Chris Smith, Head of JCSRC & ICT Advisor
The English Schools Foundation
2A Tin Kwong Road, Homantin, Kowloon, HONG KONG
tel: (852) 2760 0441
fax: (852) 2760 0799

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