Information Technology Certificates of Competence
Assessment Criteria

Music Technology

The Candidate can:
  1. use a computer to work with music
  2. name, save and load work to and from floppy disk
  3. edit and change music pieces using music software
  4. experiment with music ideas and rules, including creating a rhythm pattern
  5. record a track at a good level
  6. play one MIDI sound module from another MIDI controller
  7. set up a MIDI sequencer
  8. record and play back a track on a MIDI sequencer and keyboard (sound module)
  9. listen to stereo output via a mixing desk
  10. experiment with EQ and panning sections of a mixing desk channel
  11. record a four track mix from a portastudio onto a cassette onto a normal hi-fi cassette
Distinction Level only:
  1. experiment with in-line effects on different sounds
  2. record, mix and master a four track piece to cassette, using some effects
  3. create a piece using more than four MIDI channels simultaneously