Information Technology Certificates of Competence
Assessment Criteria

Business Information Processing

The Candidate can:
  1. report on how data/information will be processed through a named information processing system
  2. report on data input process for a named information processing system
  3. design and use a data capture form
  4. report on data output process for a named information processing system
  5. input data into suitable program i.e. database, spreadsheet, word processor
  6. obtain required output
  7. report on the 'process' stage of the system ie why and how the program is used
  8. draw a flow diagram of the named system
  9. define the users and consumers of the named system
  10. report on possible communication links for the named information processing system
  11. demonstrate knowledge of integrated software programs
Distinction Level only:
  1. demonstrate knowledge of multimedia software
  2. demonstrate understanding and make use of DDE/OLE
  3. demonstrate knowledge of system analysis procedures