Information Technology Certificates of Competence
Assessment Criteria

Computer Art and Design

The Candidate can:
  1. open a new document, name and save the document
  2. use page set up facility
  3. use of range of tools from the toolbox
  4. cut/move/copy/paste/propagate (multipaste)
  5. use the grid facility
  6. use a range of techniques eg alter resolution, solarise, grey scale
  7. create new colours/demonstrate use of process and spot colour
  8. work with imported images
  9. distort/rotate/re-scale/mirror images
  10. use zoom/enlarge/reduce facility
  11. print image
Distinction Level only:
  1. demonstrate an understanding of antialiasing
  2. demonstrate an understanding and make use of different file formats for exporting and importing images
  3. create and use restricted palettes