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 ESF INSET: ICT SA'ers Course 26th May 2000
This page contains proposals for the one day course for ICT Support Assessors on 26th May 2000
If you have any comments about the course please send them to Chris Smith before the end of March 2000

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  • To better prepare ICT Support Assessors for their role in school


The objectives are to give Support Assessors the opportunity:
  1. for revision of the ESF ICT scheme
  2. to collect, share and moderate samples of work already done for the scheme (samples from both UK and ESF sources/teachers)
  3. to be introduced to further materials to help Support Assessors from ICAA, and
  4. to have questions answered.
In addition the objectives include:
  1. give ICAA the opportunity to finally accredit the Support Assessors.


  • KGV Sixth Form Center


  • Completed uploading evidence to the ICAA website that shows the TTA Outcomes have been achieved...... OR
  • Have worked through the online units
  • It would be appreciated if this could be done by the end of April in order to give ICAA staff the opportunity to look at the uploaded material before the visit

VISITS (Wed. & Thur 24th and 25th May 2000)

    The two facilitator would like to visit some schools (time does not allow visits to all) in order to talk with Support Assessors and actually collect samples of work to be used by all the Support Assessors at the meeting on Friday.
    Work should have already be uploaded onto the ICAA site but these visits will be looking (requesting) paper copies to make the Friday session more manageable ..... and obviously asking for your permission to use the materials.
    Liz Hankin will be visiting 4 primary schools and Trevor Pedley four secondary.

  • Visits [Liz Hankin]
    1. Wed. 24th May (8:30-11:45) -Kennedy School
    2. Wed. 24th May (1:15-4:30) - Beacon Hill School
    3. Thur 25th May (8:30-11:45) - With PITT at JCSRC
    4. Thur 25th May (1:15-4:30) - Sha Tin College
  • Visits [Trevor Pedley]
    1. Wed. 24th May (8:30-11:45) - South Island School
    2. Wed. 24th May (1:15-4:30) - Island School
    3. Thur 25th May (8:30-11:45) - KGV School
    4. Thur 25th May (1:15-4:30) - Sha Tin College

PROGRAMME (Fri. 26th May 2000)

  • 8:00 - Coffee
  • 8:25 - Welcome [Chris]
    1. Programme, introductions, overview
  • 9:00 - Session 1 [Liz & Trev]
    1. Introduction to the moderation session
    2. Formats of evidence for the expected outcomes
    3. Summary of the TTA Expected Outcomes
  • 9:30 - Session 3 [Liz with Prim & Trev with Sec]
    1. Break into phase groups
    2. Examining evidence (UK & ESF)
    3. Matching evidence to the TTA Expected Outcomes
  • 10:30 - Coffee
  • 11:00 - Session 4 [stay in phase groups]
    1. Continuation of the work started in session 3
  • 12:30 - Lunch
  • 1:30 - Session 5 [stay in phase groups]
    1. Defining the Support Assessors roles in schools
  • 2:00 - Session 6 [return to whole group]
    1. Introduction to a Support Assessors manual from ICAA
  • 3:15 - Break
  • 3:35 - Session 7
    1. Issues Board / FAQs
    2. Resources
    3. What next?
  • 4:45 - Close (or earlier)


  • Tea / Coffee provided ... Lunch can be purchase onsite
  • Parking is always a problem.. please share cars if possible
  • Dress comfortably (but sometimes the air conditioning is too cold for some so you might like to bring a light coat.
  • -


  • Liz Hankin is the Chief Examiner for ICAA (NDTEF) GCSE in IT. Recently she has written both the ICAA ICT Teacher Training Programme and the Teacher Certification scheme to meet the Government funded Programme available in the UK.
    Liz is also the author of the Heinemann IT GCSE book and has had many years experience in advising teachers on the implementation of IT & ICT when an advisor in her home county of Cheshire.
[Liz Hankin]
  • I left the classroom in April 1999 having worked delivering ICT across different subjects and different phases.
    I've spent a number of years at international schools in the Middle East and have recently completed my Masters Degree in Educational Management at Nottingham Uni for which my dissertation was Implementing an ICT policy - a management perspective.
[Trevor Pedley]

Please note that central supply cover is provided for a maximum of 3 teachers/school to attend the courses at the end of September 1999 and in May 2000. Other staff are more than welcome to attend but need to arrange cover internally.
Chris Smith, Head of JCSRC & ICT Advisor
The English Schools Foundation
2A Tin Kwong Road, Homantin, Kowloon, HONG KONG
tel: (852) 2760 0441
fax: (852) 2760 0799

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