Letter dated early 1999 from ICAA to schools and organisations in Hong Kong
wishing to enter students for ITCC modules.

Dear Colleague

IT Certificates of Competence

Thank you for the submissions that you have sent us for the above scheme.

In future Alan Dickson, from the Sha Tin College will be your ICAA moderator.

He will require evidence from 10% of the candidates to be entered with a minimum of 5 for each module at pass and distinction level.

You should enter the names of the candidates as you wish them to appear on the certificate, modules entered and level entered on a copy of the enclosed sheet and send it together with the evidence to Alan.

When he has moderated it, he will return it to you and providing all is well, you may submit your candidates in the usual way, sending a Final Assessment Sheet for each candidate and a Data Entry Sheet but no evidence to ICAA. I hope this will be more convenient for you.

Alan Dickson can be contacted at Sha Tin College, 3 Lai Wo Lane, Fo Tan, Sha Tin, NT.

Telephone: 2699 1811

Fax: 2695 0592

Yours sincerely

Karen Bentley

Certificates of Competence Administrator