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The ESF is planning a three year Information Technology inservice training programme for all of the teachers in its fifteen schools in Hong Kong, the middle year (2000-2001) will have a specific ICT theme.
One opportunity for sponsors to participate in this initiative and also to raise their own profile is to have their details printed on Mouse Mats.
This will be an ongoing opportunity for sponsors over the three years so please feel free to contact Chris Smith
(Head of JCSRC and IT Advisor) at any time convenient
(tel: 2760 0441 fax: 2760 0799... Hong Kong code is 852)


  Sponsors are responsible for providing camera ready artwork
  Art work to be sent to J.C.Sarah Roe Centre
  Costs are: Minimum Number 500 at HK$30 each (HK$15,000)
  Printable area for sponsor is 190mm x 20mm


This image shows the layout/design for the flip-top mouse mats

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If you have any queries about this page, please contact: Chris Smith