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Newsletter November 2007         aims, purpose & mailing policy
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item one  Shamble "What's New"   item seven  New Secondary National Curriculum
item two  Shambles Podcasts Series   item eight  Librarians and media staff
item three  International Baccalaureate   item nine  Mixed Bag
item four  Social Networks and Virtual Worlds   item ten  New Resources for Primary k-6 Teachers
item five  NECC: National Educational Computing Conf.   item eleven  Web TV and Video on Demand
item six  Shanghai Conference   item twelve  Singapore : Web 2.0 workshops

Worlddidac Asia: 27-29 November 2007 QSNCC Bangkok ... International Exhibition for Educational Materials and Professional

item one Shambles "What's New"

A new set of Shambles Theme Blogs have sprung up over the past few months
with free videos and PowerPoints embedded ... see below for more details
or visit Visit the Shambles 'Forest of Theme Blogs' ... just click on this button

| Brunei | Burma/Myanmar | Cambodia | China | Hong Kong | India | Indonesia | Japan | Laos | Macau | Malaysia |
| Philippines | Singapore | South Korea | Taiwan | Thailand | Vietnam |

item two Shambles Podcast Series

I have to admit at being a little lazy recently with the Podcasts .... my new years resolution is to be more reliable ... you can now find them in the iTunes music store (free subscriptions of course)

"Shambles TECHcasts" :         RSS feed to Shambles TECHcasts
Conversations with International Schools ICT Coordinators, Managers and Directors

"Shambles HEADcasts" :         RSS feed to Shambles HEADcasts
Conversations with International Schools Headteachers and Principals

"Shambles ASIAcasts" :         RSS feed to Shambles ASIAcasts
Conversations with educators in S.E.Asia in private and public sectors ... and those supporting schools .. a mixed bag.

"Shambles LIBcasts" :         RSS feed to Shambles LIBcasts Podcast series
Conversations with librarians and media staff in International Schools in Asia

| Podcasting General Info | Podcast Directories | Podcast Hosting | Podcasting Tools (Hardware & Software) |
| ESL Podcasts | Podcasts by Students | Podcasting and Education |

Shambles Podcasts logos


opportunities to sponsor shambles podcasts

item three International Baccalaureate I.B.

I.B. Asia Newsletter : Third Quarter 2007 :    

Not much else seems to be happening with the I.B. guys

item four Social Networks and Virtual Worlds

Over the past year there has been a growth in Shambles of areas related to Social Networks and Virtual Worlds .... e.g.
| Virtual Environments | Social Networks (Web 2.0) | Second Life for Educators |

Second Life
The summer of 2007 will be known, to me, as the summer I was reborn ... no, not a religious experience (well maybe it was) .... but a rebirth into a virtual environment .... yes ... I'm now well and truly in the 3D virtual world Second Life (SL) with the new name "Shamblesguru Voom" and a new head of hair ;-)

... and what a great learning experience it was (still is) with other SLers popping up all over the place offering to guide and help me through the experience whenever I needed it .... not only learning the skills but also with many of the ongoing debates focused on how SL can support teaching and learning.

To make it even more exciting, last summer, Second Life launched their 'voice' capability; previously individual communication was only text based using instant messaging (IM) and chat .... but now with a microphone and headset SLers can, in addition, talk to each other using voice if they wish to.

Two people I'd like to particularly thank who eased my pain was Takeme Homewood and KJ Hax (both these are their SL names ... not their real names).

KJ (aka .. Kevin) gives up his time above the call of duty helping others all over the place, and is one of the two people who started SLOLAR .... to provide learners with not only skills but somewhere to practice their skills and a community to facilitate the sharing of those skills with others. Kevin is a full time educator in real life (USA) .... I think I was lucky to catch him in the holidays.

Takeme (aka ... Jenny) I met while she was actually building a complete Island for someone and so I could watch how that grew over a few weeks .... since that time she has been a wonderful mentor on all things to do with the technical side of navigating around SL but more importantly with building skills and relevance to teaching and learning. She is not only a skilled builder but also an educator in the UK .... a powerful combination of attributes.

Jenny is available to help others on a commercial basis ..... so if you are an international school looking for a presence in SL , or wanting to give your staff CPD in SL .... or a supplier to schools looking for another strand to your marketing policy or to raising your profile then I can highly recommend Jenny.

I cannot help but think back to SARs a few years ago when many schools were closed for weeks across S.E.Asia .... it was a time when Int.Schs. boosted their efforts and budgets to grow their in-house LMS, CMS, VLE so that the schools could continue even though the students stayed at home. What a pity that Second Life was not available to the same sophistication as it is today ....

This 3D virtual environment would be a brilliant addition to supplement the schools present online learning platform (for students and staff) and at very little cost once set up (regular membership of S.L. is free).
But please note that there are a number of issues to consider, not the least is online health and safety .... but in most cases there are solutions to satisfy these worries.

Maybe something to consider for your schools Pandemic/Disaster Policy?

Join Second Life ... it' s free

Shamblesguru Voom


SL EducationTakeme Homewood (Jenny)

Stop Press


under constructed in S.L.

"second life" 3d online wirtual world ... information for k-12 educators

international schools island in  'second life' ... documenting the build of a new island

a calendar of k-12 education events in "second life"

international schools island (k-12) group

item five NECC: National Educational Computing Conference

24th to 27th June 2007 in Atlanta, USA
OK ... yes I know it's well past the date of this conference but the residue left over includes some excellent professional development resources in the form of handouts, PowerPoints Blogs and Podcasts.
This is billed as "The world's largest (Premier) educational computing conference" ... sorry BETT.

The feed for the archived Podcasts is NECC 2007 RSS Feed

NECC 2007 also created individual blog tags or labels for
each session (and presentation, meeting, lecture, showcase, etc.)
details at

NECC 2007

NECC 2008

item six Shanghai Conference        

LEARNING 2.0 Beta      14-16 September 2007
Concordia International School, Pudong, Shanghai, China
Well this is over and the 400+ educators returned home after a wonderful professional event ... a few pictures can be seen at

The China organisers are pushing to keep the momentum going by using a Ning social network at

... and what for the next academic year? ... it seems there is strong interest but you will need to wait to see if it is going to be repeated in Shanghai or another Asia city.

TAG learn2cn
to find materials

Flickr learn2cn
Technorati learn2cn learn2cn

item seven New Secondary National Curriculum (England & Wales)

12th July 2007 ..... the QCA launched a new Secondary National Curriculum.

"The new programmes of study have been designed to give teachers a less prescriptive, more flexible framework for teaching, creating more scope to tailor the curriculum to meet the needs of each individual student. The change of focus within the curriculum will provide a foundation for education post -14, and includes specific transitional material to ensure smooth progress to key stage 4 and beyond."

The programmes of study will be laid before Parliament and schools will receive these programmes of study in September 2007 for teaching from September 2008.
The new secondary curriculum website will be launched in September.
There will then be a three-year period from 2008-2010 for schools to implement the new programmes of study.

New secondary curriculum

TIMELINE for Implementation

QCA PoS for ICT at KS3
QCA PoS for ICT at KS4

ALL Programmes of Study
for ALL Subjects

item eight Librarians and Media Staff

AASL Standards for the 21st-Century Learner
These were released at the recent American Association of School Librarians (AASL) Conference ... so very new for USA
"Standards for the 21st-Century Learner" offer vision for teaching and learning to both guide and beckon our profession as education leaders. They will both shape the library program and serve as a tool for library media specialists to use to shape the learning of students in the school.

Storytelling events and Storytellers in Hong Kong
New on the scene in Hong Kong, Reat-Gradely Associates is committed to building a network to support storytelling events and storytellers in Hong Kong. Orality is the first step to Literacy : stories build language and understanding; communication builds confidence.
Anyone interested in information on storytelling workshops or storytelling sessions with local and international tellers please email with 'storytelling' in the subject line.

Libraries and Immersive Learning in 3D Virtual Environments
Continuing education course ... open to anyone interested in learning more about libraries and learning/teaching in virtual worlds. Experience in Second Life is strongly recommended.
The two-hour synchronous sessions will meet online in Second Life. Asynchronous discussions will be posted to Forums on Moodle, the course management system used by GSLIS.
Unfortunately the first meeting has just taken place.

ALESS Assoc. of Librarians in Eng. Speaking Schools (Hong Kong)
There are very few professional development initiatives that warm my heart as much as those where the initiative and execution are wholly owned by the participants themselves.
Earlier this term ALESS did just this ... you can see the feedback (and other info) from their cpd day "New Technologies in Libraries" held on 12th Oct. at their wiki ... what a wonderful group of people ... well done gals and guys.

Flickr Collection of Librarian Pics

Created with Paul's flickrSLiDR.

Free email account with address
Would you like a free email account with the domain name
If yes then just send me an email with your first name / last name / and the username you would like and I shall create it for you. The actual email engine being used for this is Google's gmail .. so very reliable, confidential and trustworthy.
After I've created the account for you then just log in at to send and read email ........ ONLY for librarians and library staff.



 Mixed Bag

Web 2.0 Coming of Age
The second edition of the Web 2.0 publication is still fermenting .... there is now a supporting social network at :

Google for Educators Discussion Group
We'll be using this group to keep you updated on Google's K-12 Education initiatives, but our real hope is that this will become the home of a vibrant community of educators.
We encourage you to use this space to start discussions with fellow teachers. Talk about anything you'd like. Share ideas about innovation in education; ask questions about where to find teaching resources; tell your colleagues about curricula you've created that have worked really well.

The Jaguar Cars Maths in Motion Challenge
This UK Schools challenge has been extended to include a school in New Zealand and they are looking to expand it to other overseas schools.
So please mention this to your Math(s) department ... an opportunity to take part in a virtual grand Prix race ... with lots of applied Maths being used.
More info at ... Car Maths in Motion | Press Release | contact Val Brooks | View Word doc 28KB |

Gateways to Understanding Symposium
June 20-24, 2008. Amsterdam
Arts-based and museum-based, this symposium involves addresses how to use your city’s cultural resources as the ultimate resource for your classroom. Led by Associate professor Dr. Lois Hetland – a Research Associate with Harvard University’s Project Zero, the program will provide a hands-on approach to arts-focused and interdisciplinary activities. A highlight includes access to the Van Gogh Museum.
This program is being organized by AMIS - Association of Music in International Schools.

Google Launches Chinese Language YouTube
This is really brilliant news for schools in Asia ... and especially language and social studies teachers .. a traditional Chinese script interface version of YouTube.
The Taiwan site features locally produced content, including that from YouTube's four Taiwan media partners, China Television Co., Sanlih E-Television Co., Lion Travel Service Co. and Taiwan Broadcasting System.
The Taiwan site is the eleventh localized site opened by YouTube. The company has also opened a Chinese-language site aimed at Hong Kong, as well as a Japanese site, and sites for France, Brazil, Spain and other countries.

Yahoo Teachers
Yahoo! Teachers is free for all teachers, administrators, and education specialists. Yahoo! Teachers hasn't been released yet .... and they seem to be taking a long time in the development .... come on Yahoo .... pull out your exclamation mark ... lets see the site in action.

Bangkok Teachers Network
Conference Saturday 17th November 9:00-3:30 at Ruamrudee International School, Bangkok.
In 2006 over 300 educators from international schools in Bangkok and around the
country attended the first Bangkok Teachers Network Conference, and this year an
even larger turnout is expected.
WOW .. an impressive program ... another wonderful example of educators being proactive in taking control of their own continuing professional development.

Coming of Age
Information about free web 2.0 booklet for teachers




Virtual Grand Prix Race ... with lots of applied Mathematics







YouTube launches site in traditional Chinese






Bangkok Teachers Network ... conference 17 Nov 2007

item ten New Resources for Primary k-6 Teachers

If you are a primary (k-6) teacher then I know you have limited time to surf the web to find new online materials ... there are thousands of links on Shambles but here are some new ones that may save you time ...

Ictopus (ICT online primary user support)
... a (UK) support service for primary education. Anyone can sign up for the service (free of charge) to receive a weekly six page printable magazine ‘Sharing Good Practice’ and a set of activity suggestions.
Ictopus is run by a group of primary teachers, university lecturers and consultants who wish to support colleagues working in the field of primary education. It aims to be flexible and adaptive to your needs and to provide a forum for dissemination of the excellent practice currently found in many schools.
In addition there will be an e-bulletin which will keep colleagues up-to-date with all things ICT on a very regular basis, including links to a ‘website of the moment’ as new and exciting things come to light.


CT online primary (k-12) user support


item eleven Web TV and Video on Demand (VoD)

My brain is overloading .... in the last 12 months, or maybe even less, the opportunities to look at video and TV online has grown so much that the videos are overflowing out of the top of my flat screen monitor.

What opportunities there are now ...
        - for WebTV and VoD visit :
        - for Video online visit :

The brilliant aspect in the Web TV list is not just accessing TV programmes but the ability for you and your students to actually set up their own online TV stations at very low cost ... who who have believed it? ..... just visit some of these (Web 2.0) sites to set up your own ...

I can remember only recently o writing about opportunities for students to set up their own radio stations ... time flies.

BUT it is interesting to observe that the growth of audio Podcasting has far outstripped that of video Podcasting (uummm ... better not include YouTube in this) .... I wonder if this will happen in the "Radio vs Web TV as a teaching and learning tool" debate?
..... my money is on Web TV taking off in a much bigger way in schools than video Podcasting, anyone like to take that bet?


Web TV

item twelve  Web 2.0 Workshops for Teachers & Schools in Singapore

The workshops I ran in Singapore last March were well attended (sigh of relief) you can see details at the Blog

I shall be in Singapore again in the near future running more public sessions on mainly Web 2.0 ... including blogging, podcasting, social networking.

Session are being coordinated again by the Singapore company, Synergyst who are also setting up some other events, not just web 2.0 ..
... see their website for details.

If schools or other organisations would like to use me during this (or other) visit then contact Cheng Fun at Synergyst

Having a local Singapore coordinator for visits makes it much more cost effective for schools to use my time as some of the expenses are shared.

So if you are looking for support related to all aspects of ICT across the curriculum in k-12 and are in Singapore then this is another option for you. ePortfolio at

For a list of some available workshops from Chris visit
Workshops from Chris Smith (a selection)

for teachers

across the

Web 2.0


 Advertising on Shambles

Surprisingly not many schools have taken up the advertising options on 'Shambles' : we get over 10,000 visitors and over 15,000 page impressions each day during term time.

'Shambles' is a free service because of sponsorship and advertising ... your support would be appreciated .. details at

Support Shambles with a donation (through PayPal) if you feel suitable - many thanks if you do  .... Chris
Support Shambles with a donation (through PayPal) if you feel suitable - many thanks if you do  .... Chris
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Workshops from Chris Smith (a selection)


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  STOP PRESS (last minute items)

Sun's StarOffice Added To Google Pack
Google has added StarOffice, Sun's office suite, to the Google Pack.
StarOffice has a word processor, a spreadsheet tool, presentations tool, databases, math formulas and drawing tools. Typically, Sun charges US $69.95 but it is free with the Google Pack.

Head Lice Hotline

This is a website I've been itching to praise. is an informal group of volunteers (USA) who have already been through the nightmare of dealing with head lice. Give us a call. We'll do the best we can to help you through this very difficult situation known as head lice infestation.

Want to Learn FLASH .. free .. with an online mentor
It's no understatement to say that Geoff Dellow has a passion for using Flash with all students age 5 to 16 to support learning where they cannot fail ... and as a result develop creativity and self esteem.
Geoff has agreed to work with individual teachers to give them the skills to use his templates (and the Flash4 90 trial which is free to educators) in the classroom at k-12 (primary&secondary) ... this would be online tutorials supported by telephone sessions as he is in the UK .... this really means Skype sessions for us overseas.
So... if interested in this free tuition watch his presentation at then email Geoff at

Int.Sch. ICT Co-ords come together in Japan
Int.Schs. ICT coordinators in Japan have formed their own listserv.
The International Schools Apple Network also seems to have evolved out of this collaboration and also from "Apple using Educators in Japan" visit the Wiki for more information at

What kind of information technology user are you?
Take the Internet Typology Test to see where you fit.
Do you cringe when your cell phone rings? Do you suffer from withdrawal when you can't check your Blackberry? Do you rush to post your vacation video to your Web site? The questions here allow you to place yourself in one of the categories in the Pew Internet Project's Typology of Information and Communication Technology Users

DfES (UK) disappears - replaced by DCSF, DIUS and DBERR

OK ... Anglophiles will already know that since the last newsletter the government in England & Wales had a bit of a spring clean in several areas related to education.
Following Gordon Brown's move to the Prime Minister's Office swift changes ensued ...
 - Department of Children, Schools and Families (DCSF)
 - Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS)
 - Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (DBERR)

Free email account with address
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After I've created the account for you then just log in at to send and read email .... ONLY for teachers in international schools.

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Shambles Poster for Staffroom Noticeboards : Full of I.T.
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That's IT
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