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i.s. (k-12) Group
Although the International Schools Island is a brilliant venue in Second Life for the continuing professional development of educators a more important aspect is the community that it will support.

The "International Schools (k-12 Group) has been set up in Second Life to help achive this goal and contribute more to the dialogues that already take place between educators.

Membership is open to anyone in Second Life that is part of, or supports
k-12 education communities.

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Shamblesguru Voom ... aka Chris Smith

Takeme Homewood ... aka ....

Internatonal Schools Island

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To join (in S.L.) right button click on your avatar and choose the 'Groups' option .... search for 'International Schools' and choose the option that comes up "International Schools (k-12)".

We shall send out notices (but not too many each month) that tell of professional development opportunities that are taking place, not necessarily just in the i.s.i but throughout Second Life.

A Group outside of Second Life
We have no plans to establish a listserv or mailing list outside of Second Life, but if you think that might be useful then please let us know internationalschoolsisland@gmail.com


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