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Shamblesguru (Chris Smith)

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item two  VWs and International Schools Island   item eight  Librarians and Media Staff
item three  Chinese New Year   item nine  Mixed Bag
item four  Curriculum inc. International Baccalaureate   item ten  Students and Teachers
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item one Shambles "What's New"  

One of the changes is the design of this newsletter.
The code was getting a bit messy so I just started again ... deleted many of the unnecessary 'bells and whistles' .. so hopefully this page is more functional and loads more quickly for you.

One of the additions here is the Google Translation application ... in the top right corner ... this is very easy to add to any webpage, visit Google and copy the code.

Evaluating the Shambles Website
One popular set of website evaluation tools is a group of three Wizards for Searching, Evaluating and Citing digital information from the 21st Century Information Fluency website.
Click on the logo on the right and try out this tool on

three Wizards for Searching, Evaluating and Citing digital information. Each one provides opportunities to engage authentic (not simulated) information fluency skills in the context of personally motivated research. Embedded help and mini-tutorials explain techniques, assist the user with asking good questions and format information accurately and efficiently.
Support Shambles with a donation (through PayPal) if you feel suitable - many thanks if you do  .... Chris
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item one Virtual Worlds and "International Schools Island"  

Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Online Conference
12th and 13th March 2010
The Virtual World Best Practices 2010 focus is “Imagination Around the World”.
The Virtual World Best Practices in Education (VWBPE) conference originated from the 2007 Second Life Best Practices in Education Conference. This grassroots, community-based conference attracts faculty, instructors, trainers, administrators, instructional designers, technical specialists, and members of organizations from around the world.

Click to join Second Life now  ... it is free       Home page of International Schools Island (in Second Life) on the Shambles website   You need to already be a member of Second Life and Logged on in order to use this link to the International Schools Island You are already on this page international schools island calendar ... events in second life and in the real world you are already on the sponsored page so this link is not active international schools (k-12) group isi Blog recording the growth of an island

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item one Chinese New Year  

After working in Hong Kong for twenty years I have a real affinity for the Chinese New Year celebrations ... after all it is the only week in the year that shops and restaurants close in this 24-7 town ... tourists beware ;-)

Best wishes to all the Shambles newsletter readers for the year of the Tiger ....


Year of the Tiger
14 February 2010
2 February 2011





International schools ready for big festival
International schools ready for big festival

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item one Curriculum inc. International Baccalaureate  

(UK) National citizenship CPD programme
A new National Citizenship (CPD) Programme has been launched to meet the professional development training needs of the country's newest National Curriculum subject.

(UK) New Primary Curriculum
New Primary Curriculum (ages 5 to 11)
The Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) has asked QCDA to lead new work on the primary curriculum. Ministers have announced that the recommendations from the primary curriculum review are being accepted in full, and they will now progress through the parliamentary process. The new curriculum will become statutory from September 2011.

(IB) Asia Pacific Newsletter click here

(IB) Workshops and Conferences

(IB) New in Singapore
10 schools seek to offer IB programmes in Singapore

(IB) Art Exhibitions
IB Art Exhibitions

(IB) and Twitter
If you are a Twitterer ... and interested in I.B. then you might like to follow ....
Individuals | |

(IB) Asia Pacific Regional Workshops & Conference
IB Asia-Pacific Events organizes a programme of internationally recognized workshops and conferences that promote the sharing of knowledge and information amongst IB Schools offering Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme and the Diploma Programme. These events create opportunities for professional development and networking for teachers and coordinators from around the region.

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item one Mobile and 1:1  

view Shamblesguru's iPhone Apps at
a) Posterous
b) Appolicious


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item one  Multimedia (inc. Video Contests)  

BBC Audio Interviews
Interviews drawn from the long history of the BBC include major cultural, political and scientific figures of the 20th and 21st century, including Virginia Woolf, Noel Coward, Aaron Copland, Freeman Dyson, Agatha Christie, Mohandas Gandhi, Werner Heisenberg, Margaret Thatcher, Desmond Tutu, Charles Schulz, George Bernard Shaw, etc.

Student Phoenix Film Festival
All students from any school anywhere in the world can enter ... the awards ceremony will be at Korea International School in Seoul, South Korea.
The final submission date is April 10th and the awards ceremony will be April 22nd 2010.

Shanghai Student Film Festival
S2F2 2010 will be held 23rd April at Shanghai Community International School's Puxi Campus, from 6:30 PM until 9:00 PM.
Deadline for entry into the festival is 23rd March 2010.

| Video in Classrooms | Student Film(Video) Festivals |
| Impact of Video | Film & Movie | Film Making | Video Streaming
| Video Blogging | Micro Video Blogging | Video Captioning | Machinima |
| Video Conferencing | Video Online | Video on Demand and Web TV |
| Video & Movie Editing | Video Suppliers | Web Cameras | Digital Video Cameras |
| YouTube | Download Video | File Conversions | Screencasting | Special Effects | 3D Video |
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item one CPD: Courses, Conferences, Workshops, Webinars  

Keele University (UK): MBA Education (International)

Keele University (UK) has launched a unique part-time, semi-distance learning MBA Education (International) programme designed exclusively for managers and teachers in schools, colleges and universities across Asia.
Although accredited, taught and administrated by Keele University, the programme is delivered at Payap University, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Starts May 2010. Fee discounts available for early applicants.

TechEx Conference
14,15,16 October 2010 venue: British International School, Phuket, Thailand
This is provisional at the moment, in the planning stage ...
... an excellent opportunity for teachers in Thailand to share their experiences using technology for teaching and learning.
Strands for the TechEx :
ICT on a shoestring | Apple Classroom | Librarians | Cross-curricular integrated technology | Parent strand - Facebook security, Vista/Apple workshops |

13th February 2010 venue: Ruamrudee School, Bangkok, Thailand
Minds Wide Open
TED believes passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. So they're building a clearinghouse that offers free knowledge and inspiration from the world's most inspired thinkers, and they are also building a community of curious souls to engage with ideas and each other.
Attendance is free ...
p.s. Shamblesguru ... the avatar ... will be one of the speakers ...

15th May 2010

FOBISSEA Schools Courses
Courses organised by the FOBISSEA Professional Development Centre
FOBISSEA: Federation of British International Schools in S.E.Asia & East Asia

The International Leadership and Management Program
... a school-based practitioner program, designed to impact both directly and indirectly on improved student learning in your school.

International Primary Curriculum Great Ideas Workshop
8th and 9th March 2010
SJI International School, Singapore
Providing practical advice focusing on three crucial areas for all teachers – resourcing, recording and research
Relevant for Early Years as well as Primary age teachers
The conference will also feature IPC Great Ideas Learning Conversations: round-table group discussions creating the chance for a sharing of issues, experiences and ideas with other teachers facilitated by IPC advisors.
For more information email

Nine Things You Must Know About Your Curriculum
29th to 30th May 2010 United World College, Singapore
Designed to help school leaders focus on nine crucial elements to ensure you deliver a learning-focused curriculum within your school.
The conference is relevant for all curricula.
For more information email

The 17th International Conference on Learning
6th to 9th July 2010 Hong Kong HKIEd Tai Po Campus
The 2010 Overall Theme is “Creative and imaginative futures for schooling”.
The International Conference on Learning is for any person with an interest in, and concern for, education at any of its levels - from early childhood, to schools, to higher education - and lifelong learning in any of its sites, from home to school to university to the workplace.
The Conference will address a range of critically important themes relating to education today. Plenary speakers will include some of the world’s leading thinkers in the field of education.
The Learning Conference is held annually in different locations around the world, each selected for the particular role education is playing in social, cultural and economic change.

EARCOS Weekend Workshops
One of the advantages of an EARCOS membership is access to a programme of weekend workshops across the region.

Conferences and Events in Australia
Listed at Edna.

Spotlight on Solutions, ISTE Webinars
Spotlight on Solutions is a, free webinar series spotlighting the products and services of the ISTE 100 corporate members. The webinars will highlight products offered by their corporate members, demonstrating how they can benefit your district, school, or classroom.
Topics coming up .... Digital Storytelling, School of the Future, Building Teacher Leaders, Digital Citizenship, Critical Thinking and Web Literacy, Project-Based Learning.

iNet online conference for teachers
15th to 22nd March 2010
The March 2010 iNet online conference for educators (teachers, school leaders and education academics) focuses on the topic: ‘Students as agents of change’. The conference will provide an opportunity to discuss the contribution that educators can make to preparing and encouraging students to become leaders and positive forces for meaningful change in a 21st century globalised world.

Multilinguism and Learning Difficulties download Word doc
20th and 21st February 2010 Harrow International School , Bangkok, Thailand
Prof. Tony Cline, University College London
Prof. John Everatt, University of Canterbury, NZ
Of interest to Learning Support Specialists, LD Teachers, Language Teachers, Speech & Language Therapists , Educational Psychologists

CamTESOL 2010
27-28 February 2010 e-mail
Cambodia and English Language Teaching (ELT) .. conference

Teaching & Learning ... Next generation
6th & 7th February 2010 Bangkok Patana School
This programme is designed to build on and extend existing good practice, whether you teach the English Curriculum or the International Baccalaureate.

21st Century Learning (Hong Kong) Conference
Ning Social Network        Website
This conference is being offered again in Hong Kong during the 2010-2011 academic year .. dates have not yet been confirmed but it is likely to be later in the year than last time.

Shanghai Learning 2.010 Conference
16th to 18th September 2010
This will be the third in this series of conferences in Shanghai ...
... STOP PRESS: NEW WEBSITE LAUNCHED and registration now open.

  Web 2.0 Workshops in Singapore and
15 to 19 March 2010 in Singapore
Each workshop is a mixture of Web 2.0 tools, pedagogy and classroom management ... using whole group work and also individual hands-on.
Brochure from

In house programmes are also possible in individual schools and organisations ... for details contact Cheng Fun at Synergyst in Singapore
I'll be in Sg running some in-house sessions 10&11 Feb. 2010

  Web 2.0 Workshops in Sydney |
24th to 28th May 2010 in Australia

For a list of workshops from Chris Smith visit
Workshops from Chris Smith (a selection)

Keele University (UK) ...  semi-distance learning MBA Education (International) programme designed exclusively for managers and teachers in schools, colleges and universities across Asia.








TEDxBKK .. Bangkok Thailand 13 February 2010


































Synergyst ... in Singapore ...   programmes promoting professional development for teachers and experiential learning for students

Click to view

Web 2.0 workshops in Singapore

Web 2.0 Workshops in Sydney Australia

Shambles online calendar
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item one Librarians and Media Staff  

ALESS Connect
A Ning network for librarians in international schools in Hong Kong.

The Panda Book Award program
The Panda Book Award program invites students and teachers from participating international schools in China to vote for their favorite book published in the years 2007-2009. The Panda Book Steering Committee, which includes a countrywide representation of international school librarians, is responsible for collecting input from schools, advertising the initiative, and organizing the voting.

Google Librarian Newsletter
The title says it all ...

Britannica Buzz
A new free newsletter you may consider subscribing to.... Britannica Buzz ... the first edition has recently gone live online. This is produced by the Encyclopedia Britannica team in Australia.
This first edition contains articles on ... "Toys Through Time", "The Know-It-All One Man 32 Volume", "What's New with Britannica", "Teacher’s Pet: Kreby the Krebensis".
The Britannica (Asia) team also has a sparkling new Twitter account ... you can follow them at

Battle of the Books (Hong Kong)
Whether you're a parent interesting in finding out more about Battle of the Books or a school keen on participating, feel free to browse the site for a host of resources and support materials.

Rethinking School Libraries: Designing the Future

8 May 2010 American School In Japan (ASIJ)
A full day of thought provoking and practical presentations and workshops to encourage us as we rethink school libraries for the 21st century.

Singapore Librarians
The following is from Barbara Philip (many thanks Barbara)
President International School Libraries Network (Singapore) -- (ISLN)
We have a very active network here in Singapore. Last year we hosted a very successful literacy conference and we are currently planning another for 2010.
Members of our network regularly attend professional development in the region and it was after a recent trip to Hong Kong to observe their Battle of the Books competition (similar to Readers Cup) that we decided that we would host a similar event in Singapore.
Nov 2009 we launched the Inaugural Red Dot Award. A children's choice award for recently published literature. This award is supported by Australian Standing Orders. We are hoping that all of our member schools will participate and that we can then hold a nationwide Readers Cup using the short listed books.
I would like to invite you all to keep an eye on our website for upcoming events and would like to cordially invite librarians passing through Singapore to contact us and visit our schools if they wish.

Free email account with address
Would you like a free email account with the domain name
If yes then just send me an email with your first name / last name / and the username you would like and I shall create it for you. The actual email engine being used for this is Google's gmail .. so very reliable, confidential and trustworthy.
After I've created the account for you then just log in at to send and read email ........ ONLY for librarians and library staff.

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item one Mixed Bag  

  Do you know of any International Schools for Sale?
Do you know of any International Schools that may be 'up for sale' now or in the future?
If so then please pass this invitation to the appropriate person ... with a request to contact me ... I will then pass the details on to the potential purchasers in complete confidence.

Educators Grow Green Schools
Student health and performance bloom in environmentally conscious schools.

Independent Schools Golf Association in the UK
We are looking to expand to International schools as golf is becoming one of the most popular sports ... to date we have over 150 schools in the UK that play in our events.
The Independent Schools Golf Association extends a warm invitation to you to enter a team in the inaugural European Schools Golf Championship.
The Championship will be played over four days in December 2010

PBS Teachers Web     contact David Quin
In the summer of 2009 PBS redesigned their website for teachers.
PBS Teachers provides PreK-12 educational resources and activities for educators tied to PBS programming and correlated to local and national standards and professional development opportunities delivered online.

Academic (A3) Wall Calendar 2010-2011
Shambles produced this calendar each year and it is well received ... it is in Word (.doc) format so you can download and add your own events .. hopefully this will save you some time.

Guidance Counselors, Consultants, and Admission Professionals on Facebook
Hobsons Counselor Connection (or “The HCC”) is an online community on Facebook, where Domestic and International Guidance Counselors, Consultants, and Admission Professionals become “Fans” to stay linked to up to date information.
Join your peers from around the world and share your day to day interactions with students as we guide them through their (USA) college selection process and admittance, together.

ISC Research
These guys continue to develop their online and offline systems mapping the world's English-medium international schools. They research and analyse developments in the market and have the most comprehensive and up-to-date schools database. They have a range of services for suppliers, organisations, parents and heads of school.
In their latest newsletter ...
   - More than a third of UK teachers seeking work abroad
   - Country Focus: Malaysia
   - International School News Roundup

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item one Students and Teachers  

NetNews Daily
NetNews Daily ... an internet news website ... run by a 13 year old editor.
Listen to an interview with the 13 year old editor(May09) editor at
"Somewhere in Scotland, a 13-year-old student is running an online newspaper that rivals most professional publications.

Foreign exchange students to UK
Changes to the rules on foreign exchange students to UK
In January 2010, the UK Border Agency announced details of changes to the rules on foreign students under the age of 18 who come to the UK on exchanges and educational visits.

iNet online conference for students
8th to 15th March 2010
The March iNet online conference for students only encourages young people to consider what changes need to take place in their schools so that they are well prepared for the future world in which they will live and work. The topic is ‘Students as agents of change. What should teachers and adults involved in your learning be doing to prepare you to learn, live and work in the 21st century world? What can you do?’

John Cage: some rules for students and teachers

  1. Find a place you trust, and then try trusting it for awhile.
  2. General duties of a student - pull everything out of your teacher; pull everything out of your fellow students.
  3. General duties of a teacher - pull everything out of your students.
  4. Consider everything an experiment.
  5. be self-disciplined - this means finding someone wise or smart and choosing to follow them. To be disciplined is to follow in a good way. To be self-disciplined is to follow in a better way.
  6. Nothing is a mistake. There's no win and no fail, there's only make.
  7. The only rule is work. If you work it will lead to something. It's the people who do all of the work all of the time who eventually catch on to things.
  8. Don't try to create and analyze at the same time. They're different processes.
  9. Be happy whenever you can manage it. Enjoy yourself. It's lighter than you think.
  10. "We're breaking all the rules. Even our own rules. And how do we do that? By leaving plenty of room for X quantities." (John Cage)

HINTS: Always be around. Come or go to everything. Always go to classes. Read anything you can get your hands on. Look at movies carefully, often. Save everything - it might come in handy later.





S.E.Asia Maths Competition (Students)  in Hong Kong 25th to 28th February 2010

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item one Technology  

Safer Internet Day
9th February 2010
European Safer Internet Day (SID) is supported by countries throughout Europe and during the week, a range of activities will be taking place across the continent to help protect young people online. The theme for SID10 is ‘Think Before You Post’ and we hope to make the whole week (from Monday 8th February – Friday 12th February 2010) a week of action in the UK.

This chart shows the last 30 days of your activity on these social websites. If you haven't been active on these sites within the last 30 days, your activity won't show on the chart ... get your own.
Your Geek Chart is updated automatically based on your activity. Simply continue to use these social websites and your Geek Chart will show your activity.

Moodle "imoot 2009"
11th February to 14th February... 2010 ... online conference using mainly the "Elluminate" webinar platform.
iMoot costs AU$45 and will give you access to speakers on Moodle from around the world. These include:
| Tomaz Lasic (Australia) | Miles Berry (United Kingdom) | Ludo Alier (Barcelona) | Alex Buchner (Germany) | David Muldrak (Czech Republic) | Stuart Mealor (New Zealand) | and more...
Keynotes: Martin Dougiamas , Founder and Project Lead of Moodle, who will be outlining Moodle’s Past, Present and Future ... and ...
Helen Foster, Moodle Community Manager, who will be sharing some of the many stories from the Moodle Community that promises to be a very insightful session.

Search across languages
Google Language Tools ... type a search phrase in your own language to easily find pages in another language. We'll translate the results for you to read.

UNESCO (Bangkok) : CD on ICT in Education
This CD released in June 2009 is now available online.
What is ICT | Where are Good Resources | What are the Challenges | Why Integrate? |

Naace Connect (ICT Video Newsletter)
In this first programme of Naace Connect there are several 5-min segments.
Mobile Phones supporting English | Web 2.0 Applications in Modern Foreign Languages | Barriers to adoption in Secondary Schools compared to Primaries | Bridging the Digital Divide |

International Technology in Education Mark (ITEM)
The International Technology in Education Mark (ITEM) is a whole-school Technology accreditation for schools throughout the world that will become available during 2010.
Accredited by Naace, the professional association for educators interested in advancing education through ICT, and an ISTE affiliate, ITEM uses a self-review framework which integrates with the NETS standards to produce a unique accreditation scheme suitable for international schools.
It enables schools to self-review their Technology provision across all areas of the school by setting out a structure of elements, strands and aspects to facilitate self-evaluation, benchmarking and action planning.

BETT Exhibition (London)
The BETT Exhibition held over four days early in January is a must visit if you live in the UK and have an education / technology interest.
A search on Google for the TAG BETT2010 bring up lots of information and digital media but one evolution I'm particularly grateful for is the increased online coverage in the form of streaming (and archived) video.
In particular
    - Metacafe
    - YouTube
    - Leon Cych ... videographer and educator
    - Tweets

CES Consumer Electronics Show (Las Vegas)
So much video was shot at CES last month ... here are some collections.
    - Butterscotch
    - YouTube
    - Tekzilla CES 2010
    - CNET at CES 2010

Using Wikis ... Case Study : Free Virtual Literature Circles
From Jennifer Hunt in Tucson, Arizona:
"My students have been using a variety of free technology tools for work on their virtual literature circles. We set up our main website on Wikispaces, and the literature circle wiki can be found at Students not only created and collaborated on their wikis, but they used free technology tools to embed multimedia elements in their wikis:

VoiceThread to create narrated slide shows,
Wordle to create word clouds,
Newspaper Clipping Generator to create simulations of newspaper clippings,
Morgue File and the Library of Congress: American Memory to find copyright-free images suitable for the presentations, and
EasyBib to create bibliographies and citations for the information and images not of their own creation.

We had a lot of fun creating our wikis, but we also worked very hard and learned some things the hard way as we went along. We're very proud of our published wikis and like to encourage others to visit and leave comments on the discussion pages.

















Free ICT CPD for Teachers, ICT Practitioners and anyone passionate about ICT In Education
Free ICT CPD for Teachers,
ICT Practitioners and anyone
passionate about
ICT In Education

Download the
(pdf) information booklet

Chris's photo converted into LEGO blocks using the iPhone App
chris smith

with the LEGO App
for the iPhone you
can turn any image into
LEGO bricks

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item one Global Education  

The BRIDGE Project, Australia and Indonesia

The BRIDGE Project, an intercultural project between Australia and Indonesia, uses Wikispaces Private Label to bridge cultural divides and foster communication among educators in the two countries. Their site is an easy-to-use platform where educators interact and share resources across languages and distance. As BRIDGE expands to new schools and countries, their Private Label site remains a flexible and easy way to manage their growing community.
Note that Wikispaces Private Label is not free.

Launch of the 2010 Education for All Global Monitoring Report

Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, and Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO, launched the 2010 EFA Global Monitoring Report, Reaching the marginalized, at UN headquarters in New York on 19 January

The Global Education Collaborative
Helping Teachers and Students Reach the World
Please take a moment to stop by and check out the slew of new projects that have been posted in the Global Education Collaborative ... Ning Social Network with over 2600 members.
Recent new members hail from: Portugal, Spain, Israel, Brazil, Sweden, New Zealand, Canada, China, Saudi Arabia, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Iran, Algeria, Somalia, Bangladesh, Australia, India, Netherlands, Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore, and Sri Lanka

Drive a Global Milk Truck
Drive a Milk Truck Around Google Earth

Global Education Newsletter





The Global Education Collaborative ...  This is a community for teachers and students interested in global education.

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Featured Video  
Speaking at a London girls' school, Michelle Obama makes a passionate, personal case for each student to take education seriously.
It is this new, brilliant generation, she says, that will close the gap between the world as it is and the world as it should be.
  .. and while here why not listen to some music,

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Shambles statistics for Jan 2010 ..... 330,000+ Visitors and 480,000+ Pageviews

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