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Sponsorship, rentals and Advertising on isi (a feedback form is in the top left menu)

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This page provides with details about how to raise schools, company or organisations profiles through advertising, rentals or sponsorship in the 'International Schools Island' in Second Life.

Please note:
    - all advertising/rental/sposorships are for a minimum period of one year
    - spaces are distributed on a 'first come' ... 'first served' basis.
    - basic deign and technical support is available free (see below about builders/managers)

    - payment is required upon presentation of the invoice (invoice sent by email only)
    - payment method is by direct bank transfer (details on invoices)
    - for more details or to place an order email internationalschoolsisland@gmail.com

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The Avenue of Schools
Crossing the island is a wide avenue with 17 free standing walls (display areas) on either side which are 6m x 10m.
Each of these walls is associated with a single S.E.Asia countryint. schools may rent an area on their country wall to display schools details with a link to the school website.
    - individual school areas are 4 sq metres
    - only one space per school
    - only 10 spaces per board so only 10 schools can be listed
    - charges are US$88 per space per year.
What can a display do
When you have an area on the wall it can be set up to do several things if a visitor touches your board ...

  • give out the address of your school website
  • give a notecard with any text you want in them
  • give away free objects, e.g. a t-shirt with the school logo

The t-shirts would be for Avatars in Second Life of course, if you want these to be made then please contact SLEducation .... Takeme Homewood, email sleducation@gmail.com .. the minimum cost for a one logo t-shirt is US$40 ... for anything more then email Takeme for a quotation.
Note that t-shirts made then become your property to distribute as many copies as you like for free .. in Second Life of course.

the avenue of schools
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The Swimming Pool (Meeting Area)
In the top left of this photograph you can see a bar/serving counter that has a display area that goes all around the top of it.
This area is available to display a sponsors name with links to their website or or the ability to give Avatar visitors a notecard with information in it.
Charges for this is US$ 300 per year
Swimming Pool: International Schools Island
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The Technology Tower, The Curriculum Tower and
The Information Tower

These three towers are the main hub linking to education locations across Second Life and also to traditional websites and resources.
No specific opportunities are available to sponsors or advertisers in these towers but we would be open to negotiation providing it did not distract from their main purpose of being a 3D Education Portal designed to support teachers and managers..
Three Towers on International Schools Island in Second Life
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AV Equipment, Publishers and Services Suppliers Pavilion
In the pavilion are several display stands as shown in the photograph .... exhibitors can use the noticesboards and textured floor in the stand.
Note that there is a limit to the number of objects you can display ... there is a maximum of 30 prims (the basic S.L. building blocks) for each stand..
Each board is 4.5 x 3.94 metres.
Charges are .... US$240 per year for one of these stands
Media (audio/video) can be streamed into a whole stand area not a 'third' ... only one media per area, a surchange of US$60 per year is applicable for streaming media.
If you are not in S.L. yourself and are not a builder (and I suspect that will be the case for most reading this) then you will need someone to help you build your actual displays. We are happy to help set up simple displays for you but for anything elaborate or that need changing on a regular basis then you will need to pay a builder/manager ...
A display can be more or less anything, but remember that you have a fixed number of 'prims' (the basis S.L. building blocks).
For example, posters and displays on the walls, 3D books, models of products ... in fact most of what you might have in your real world exhib. stands (only a LOT LOT cheaper).
Any item on the stand can also

  • give out the address of your website
  • give a notecard with any text you want in them
  • give away free objects, e.g. a t-shirt with a logo
  • sell items
AV Equipment and Services Suppliers Pavilion ... International Schools Island in Second Life
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Professional Village
This is an area divided into 512 sq m plots and available only to teacher professional associations or organisations.
Charges are US$240 per year with an allowance of 80 prims on each plot.
Please also see the notes above about building, developing, managing your area.

Professional Village in International Schools Island
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Recruitment Hillside
This area is reserved for use by organisations and companies providing teaching recruitment services or resources.
The specific charges usage of this area (a hillside) will be through individual negotiation.
Please also see the notes above about building, developing, managing your area.
Recruitment Hillside on the International Schools Island
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Advertising Boards
Around the Estate you will see a number of Advertising Boards as in this picture.
These boards allow Avatars to place advertisements in the boards directly themselves ... plus the adverts can give out notecards and links to a website or other location in S.L.
Really only accessible to Avatars already in S.L. as payment is only possible in Linden Dollars in S.L. ... that is why they are a lower cost opportunity as they are self managing.
Advertising Boxes on the International Schools Island
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Rental of Land
If you are interested in renting land on the International Schools Island for personal or commercial uses then please visit the isi LAND webpage for details of opportunities, charges and conditions.
Renting Land on the International Schools Island

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