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Shambles Newsletter for International Schools in South East Asia   (but being read by many more worldwide)
Newsletter November 2009         aims, purpose & mailing policy
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item one  Shamble "What's New"   item seven  Conferences, Courses, Workshops
item two  VWs and International Schools Island   item eight  Librarians and media staff
item three  Video in the Classroom   item nine  Mixed Bag
item four  International Baccalaureate   item ten  Students
item five  Teacher Recruitment   item eleven  Technology
item six  Encyclopedias and Dictionaries Online   item twelve  Global Literacy

Britannica Online School Edition k-12

item one Shambles "What's New"

The most noticeable change on the Shambles website since the last newsletter has been the redesign of the Shambles home page ... hopefully cleaner, easier to read and easier to navigate.
If you are missing the original design then not to worry ... it is still there, see the link at the top left of the new page.

A new addition to the content of the website has been the start of a series of Screencasts thematic mini-tours around the website ... there is a link to all of these on the bottom right of the home page.
The Screencast just below this is an example.

with others

item two Virtual Worlds & International Schools Island

Virtual Singapore
Virtual Singapore opened last summer ... free membership ... this is NOT in Second Life but self contained.

Information Literacy Week in Second Life
9th to 15th November 2009
.. and did you miss the USA President proclaim October 2009 as National Information Literacy Awareness Month

Led Zeppelin in Second Life
Led Zeppelin in Second Life, apart from the great music it does show the clever control of avatars.

Click to join Second Life now  ... it is free       Home page of International Schools Island (in Second Life) on the Shambles website   You need to already be a member of Second Life and Logged on in order to use this link to the International Schools Island You are already on this page international schools island calendar ... events in second life and in the real world you are already on the sponsored page so this link is not active international schools (k-12) group isi Blog recording the growth of an island

"'s not cutting edge
if you don't bleed a little."

International Schools 3 ... with Holodeck

Join Second Life ... it' s free

item three Video in the Classroom

(Student) Film Festival Asia
"Some of you are working on film festivals in your region or school, some of you are beginning a film festival this year, and some of you have simply asked to be kept in the loop for the time being.
This year we are working with EARCOS to create a regional festival for students to submit work from all over Asia. Our goal is to create a moving festival that goes from city to city in asia, that is hosted by our regional festivals every year.
We'll need some help to make this happen! If you are interested in working on this process, please join the Film Festival Asia group on the Student Film Festival Network site:
Shoot me an email if you have any questions, or if you would like to be removed from this list."

David Gran (David.Gran at
Art Educator, Shanghai American School

The 3rd Hong Kong Mobile Film Festival
For Hong Kong residents only ... 13 Oct 2009 - 26 Jan 2010 ... drat ... I sometimes wish I was teaching Media Studies in HK ... what a great opportunity this is ... either to participate or to just observe and learn.

One of my own favourite resources for "Video in the Classroom" is Vidsnacks ... a Ning network.

... an while we're on this topic ..
have you seen "Animator vs Animation" (a golden oldie) ... so very clever

item four International Baccalaureate I.B.

IB Asia Pacific Newsletter click here

IB (Global) Workshops and Conferences

IB Asia Pacific Regional Workshops & Conference
IB Asia-Pacific Events organizes a programme of internationally recognized workshops and conferences that promote the sharing of knowledge and information amongst IB Schools offering Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme and the Diploma Programme. These events create opportunities for professional development and networking for teachers and coordinators from around the region.


item five Teacher Recruitment

The School year has only just started ... and International School teachers (in the northern hemisphere at least) are already having to think about the renewal of contracts for 2010.
Senior managers are hoping that most teachers who plan to resign will let them know before Christmas ....

Recruitment areas on Shambles
All the areas listed in one location

Recruitment Fairs
When and where are they?

Database of International School Teachers
the submission form        the list      Blog Post
One teacher has set up a Google Doc (spreadsheet) to list teachers that work in International Schools.
The idea behind this is to make it easier for you to contact teachers directly in a school that you might be applying to work to ... as another means of determining if this is the right school for you.
The list is public and lists Blog URLs and Twitter names ... but not email addresses for obvious reasons.
There is no expectation for you to add your name ... but it is hoped that you will.

How to survive a new boss
Getting a boss is like getting a parent - you don't get to choose. Managers, on the other hand, do get to choose who will be on their team. Here are six key questions you can ask yourself, along with strategies to help you keep your job when you get a new boss





item six  Encyclopedias and Dictionaries Online        

The Shambles area listing Encyclopedias and Dictionaries has had a number links to visual and graphics options added since the last newsletter in May.

Shahi is a visual dictionary

Visuwords : online graphical dictionary

Britannica - Wikipedia debate
In staffrooms and school libraries around the world the Britannica - Wikipedia debate continues ... this BBC news story comes up with a surprising (for some) fact ..
"In a world where Wikipedia is THE first port of call for many millions of internet users, a paid-for encyclopedia, such as Britannica, risks looking like an ageing and ailing relative.
But a (2009) poll of Britain's top consumer brands has placed Encyclopedia Britannica in 10th place."

Britannica Online School Edition prek-12

Britannica Online School Edition prek-12



item seven Conferences / Courses / Workshops

Keele University (UK): MBA Education (International)

Keele University (UK) has launched a unique part-time, semi-distance learning MBA Education (International) programme designed exclusively for managers and teachers in schools, colleges and universities across Asia.
Although accredited, taught and administrated by Keele University, the programme is delivered at Payap University, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Starts May 2010. Fee discounts available for early applicants.

Transnational Education Zone
30-31 January 2010 Hong Kong Convention & Exhibit Centre
A British Council event
The Education UK exhibition will feature a TNE Zone dedicated to promoting UK qualifications and courses available in Hong Kong. The event will host 80 education institutions and over 8,000 visitors who are seeking studies at secondary, post-secondary, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Opportunities are available to exhibit for local institutions marketing UK courses.
For further details of the exhibition, please email

Leading Learning: A Guided Inquiry approach view/download pdf flier
23 Nov. 2009 Hong Kong
“Leading Learning: A Guided Inquiry approach” featuring Dr Ross Todd.
The day is of interest to teacher librarians, teachers and particularly school principals/managers. It is also invaluable for IB schools since the Guided Inquiry approach matches the IB approach perfectly.

FOBISSEA Schools Courses
Courses organised by the FOBISSEA Professional Development Centre
FOBISSEA: Federation of British International Schools in S.E.Asia & East Asia

TechTrain 2010 also see Blog
30 & 31 January 2010 International School Bangkok, Thailand
Beginners Learning Technology Tools Together
TechTrain 2010 is an EARCOS weekend workshop.
This will introduce you to a selection of educationally and developmentally appropriate technology tools that will help enhance learning in your classroom and beyond.

EARCOS Weekend Workshops
One of the advantages of an EARCOS membership is access to a programme of weekend workshops across the region.

Conferences and Events in Australia
Listed at Edna. will be held at the International School of Beijing on Saturday, November 14. The theme of our TEDx event is "Daring to be different: curiosity, creativity, and courage."
The International School of Beijing and the Western Academy of Beijing are breaking new ground by collaboratively hosting this conference which will continue annually at alternate\sites.

CamTESOL 2010
27-28 February 2010
Cambodia and English Language Teaching (ELT) .. conference

ECIS Annual Conference
18-22 November
Annual ECIS November Conference, Exhibition and Annual General Meeting, Congress Centrum, Hamburg, Germany

21st Century Learning (Hong Kong) Conference
Ning Social Network        Website
This 3 day event earlier this term in Sept. held at Hong Kong International School (Tai Tam Campus) was very well attended and was well received by participants. If you visit the Ning then you will still have access to materials that were given out/mentioned/created.
I hosted a pre-conference session the week before the conference in Second Life with a focus on "The Flat Classroom Project" ... and attendance was up on the previous year which is an indicator that Virtual Worlds are appearing on the horizons of more educators.
My one sadness about these conferences ... they seem to flash past much too quickly and I just don't have the opportunity to sit down and spend quality time with friends and colleagues ... maybe the answer is a 3 day barcamp? ;-)
This conference is being offered again in Hong Kong during the 2010-2011 academic year .. dates have not yet been confirmed but it is likely to be later in the year than last time.

Shanghai Learning 2.010 Conference
16th to 18th September 2010
This will be the third in this series of conferences in Shanghai ... the dates look to be confirmed now .. watch the Ning for further announcements.

Shamblesguru note: it does look like there may be some overlap in the content and purpose of these two conference in Hong Kong and Shanghai ... but the brilliant news it that it does increases the possibility of teachers in Hong Kong and in Shanghai being able to attend at least one of them ... simply because of reduced disruption to teaching and reduced costs.

  Web 2.0 Workshops in Singapore and
30 Nov to 4th Dec 2009 in Singapore

Each workshop is a mixture of Web 2.0 tools, pedagogy and classroom management ... using whole group work and also individual hands-on.

In house programmes are also possible in individual schools and organisations ... for details contact Cheng Fun at Synergyst in Singapore

Brochure from

  Web 2.0 Workshops in Sydney |
24th to 28th May 2010 in Australia

For a list of workshops from Chris Smith visit
Workshops from Chris Smith (a selection)

Keele University (UK) ...  semi-distance learning MBA Education (International) programme designed exclusively for managers and teachers in schools, colleges and universities across Asia.


Shambles online calendar





































Synergyst ... in Singapore ...   programmes promoting professional development for teachers and experiential learning for students

Click to view
Web 2.0 workshops in Singapore

Web 2.0 Workshops in Sydney Australia

item eight Librarians and Media Staff

ALESS Connect
A Ning network for librarians in international schools in Hong Kong.

NESA librarians
NESA (Near East South Asia international schools) librarians.
The Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools (NESA) is a non-profit, voluntary association of more than 90 private, independent international schools in the Near East and South Asia, a region stretching from Libya, Greece and Egypt in the west, to Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in the east.

Google Librarian Newsletter
The title says it all ...

Battle of the Books (Hong Kong)
Whether you're a parent interesting in finding out more about Battle of the Books or a school keen on participating, feel free to browse the site for a host of resources and support materials.

Leading Learning through the School Library
: A Guided Inquiry approach
view/download pdf flier
23 Nov. 2009 Hong Kong

100+ of the Best Authors on Twitter
Literary Tweets: 100+ of the Best Authors on Twitter

U.N.'s World Digital Library Goes Online
A globe-spanning U.N. digital library seeking to display and explain the relics of all human cultures has gone into operation on the Internet for the first time, serving up mankind's accumulated knowledge in seven languages for students around the world.

Library Profile pages at
Now libraries have profiles on Similar to the way a personal profile page gathers together your activities on in a single page, now there’s a page that showcases all your library’s relevant information such as location, links to your catalog, Web site, virtual reference services and more.
Library Profile pages will keep evolving. They are built from data in the WorldCat Registry, so you may want to check your library’s Registry profile and make sure all the fields are populated and up-to-date.

Free email account with address
Would you like a free email account with the domain name
If yes then just send me an email with your first name / last name / and the username you would like and I shall create it for you. The actual email engine being used for this is Google's gmail .. so very reliable, confidential and trustworthy.
After I've created the account for you then just log in at to send and read email ........ ONLY for librarians and library staff.




 Mixed Bag

  Do you know of any International Schools for Sale?
Do you know of any International Schools that may be 'up for sale' now or in the future?
If so then please pass this invitation to the appropriate person ... with a request to contact me ... I will then pass the details on to the potential purchasers in complete confidence.

International Education Week
IEW Facebook Page
16-10 November 2009 and 15-19 Nov 2010 and 14-18 Nov 2011
International Education Week is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide.
This week is observed all across the United States and in more than 100 countries overseas. IEW is celebrated in November each year during the week before the American holiday of Thanksgiving.

COBIS Award for British International School Students
The 2009 COBIS Award has been presented to 30 pupils from British International Schools in Brunei, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mauritius, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Turkey, and the UK. The citations provided by head teachers illustrate a wide variety of achievements including a student with straight A* grades at GCSE (Kanu Tewari, British International School, Cairo), a semi-finalist in the World Schools Debate Championship (Filipos Lekkas, St Catherine’s British Embassy School, Greece), and a student organising charity relief for a local hostel for children in need (Lorna McKinlay, British International School, Istanbul, Turkey).

ECIS Shortcuts
The Oct issue of this free online publication focused on "Teacher Recruitment"

I've become very comfortable with the Webinar platform Elluminate over the past few months ... to explain what a Webinar is and for a recommendation to try, even just as a 'lurker', then view the screencast I made.

Principal Matters
Principal Matters is a quarterly professional development paper-based journal for Australian secondary school leaders. Articles in Principal Matters centre on issues, trends, debates, reforms, research and developments in secondary education (at the school, district, regional, national, State/Territory and international levels) that impact on schools and the work of practising school leaders.

ISC Research
These guys continue to grow their database of International Schools Worldwide ... probably the most comprehensive global snapshot available.
ISC| Research ... International Schools Global Database












click to view






Ofqual Student Competition Results
Ofqual is the new regulator of qualifications, tests and examinations in England. Our work ensures that children, young people and adult learners get the results they deserve, that standards are maintained and that the qualifications learners receive count, both now and in the future.
Earlier this year they supported a National Competition ...
Students aged 11-19 were asked to produce 3 minute videos outlining suggestions for constructive changes to the education system.
The winning entry was announced at the end of July and came from Learners in Merseyside who attend the Rock Ferry High School in Birkenhead, their video was titled 'Motivate Us'.
The collection of all the videos (on YouTube) is called "Student Voice"

Students talk about their Digital Life




USA National Educational Technology Plan (NETP) original (prior versions) plan
Details of the revision/planning process
The federal government of the United States of America has assembled an 18 person team to update and revise the National Education Technology Plan.
Their report deadline 11 November 2009.

    - Yokohama :
Japan 21st November
    - Chiangmai :
Thailand 14th November
    - Saigon :
Vietnam 13th December
    - Singapore :
21st November
    - Melake :
Malaysia 14-15th November
    - Indonesia :
Thailand 12th December

Tokyo HackerSpace
Hacker spaces are community-operated physical places, where people can meet and work on their projects.
Tokyo HackerSpace is an open community lab, studio, workbench, sewing circle, machine shop+, where people with common interests in technology, building things, gardening, cooking, science, sewing, digital art, gaming+, can find the space, the like-minded people, and the infrastructure needed for these activities.
The Tokyo HackerSpace initiative was created from discussions at TokyoBarCamp 2009

Yokohama Int. School IT Dept. Videos
Here are all Yokohama Int. Schools IT Department's videos on Vimeo (inc Tokyo BarCamp 2009).

Becta Update (UK)
The October newsletter included ... the Technology (H.E.) Exemplar Network and also Online reporting video case study.

ICT in Education UNESCO
This website provides material about the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in Asia-Pacific education.

"My name is Paul White and I am the Learning Technology Adviser for the English Schools Foundation schools in Hong Kong.
We are currently rolling Moodle out to all 21 of our schools. Many other schools in Hong Kong are also using or considering using Moodle and this Ning may be a place to share our journey. I plan to organise a Hong Kong MoodleMoot in the near future if there is enough interest."




















Join the HK Schools  Moodle Ning (Social Network)


Connecting learners in a global world
Student Online Conference 16-23 November

3rd (GIN) Global Issues Network Conference
19-21 March 2010 Chinese International School of Hong Kong
This years GIN Conference will retain many of the familiar elements of our previous events and will introduce new ways for students to participate and communicate their passion for Global Issues.
Schools can bring up to 15 students with two accompanying facilitators.
Each school is to submit a film of up to 3 minutes long before the conference starts

click to
view Screencast


 Advertising on Shambles

'Shambles' is a free service because of sponsorship and advertising ... your support would be appreciated .. details at

Shambles statistics for Oct 2009 ..... 350,000+ Visitors and 500,000+ Pageviews

Support Shambles with a donation (through PayPal) if you feel suitable - many thanks if you do  .... Chris

Support Shambles with a donation (through PayPal) if you feel suitable - many thanks if you do  .... Chris
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Workshops from Chris Smith (a selection)




Shambles Puzzles
If you have received any
of the Shambles Puzzles
then some solutions

  STOP PRESS (last minute items)

The Wild Planet
The Wild Planet. have over the last 15 years built a reputation for offering safe, fun and exciting adventure programs for Schools, colleges and corporate groups all over Thailand. They have recently opened a purpose built venue, situated on the edge of Khao Yai National Park.

UK Staffing Regulations
The School Staffing (England) Regulations 2009, replacing the School Staffing (England) Regulations 2003, came into force on 2 November.
The regulations introduce a duty on the governing body to ensure that the headteacher complies with and benefits from entitlements laid out in the School teachers' pay and conditions document. They also place a duty on the governing body to respect the work-life balance of the headteacher and require that at least one person involved in the recruitment of school staff has undertaken safer recruitment training.

Free email account with address
Would you like a free email account with the domain name
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That's IT
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