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  Light Immersive Platforms

3D Virtual Events
3D Virtual Events
3D Virtual Events: Engaging Web Conferencing and Virtual Tradeshows in full 3D
The company is emerging as a leader in 3D Virtual Events, 3D websites and other live 3D synchronous collaboration such as web conferencing, virtual trade shows, virtual exhibitions, live meetings, virtual classrooms and more.
3D-VirtualEvents.com is the first and only web 3D platform which is immersive, interactive, and does not require any download or installation (ie: virtual world with no download), and works with any browser on any computer.
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Virtual Photo Event : e.g. Light Immersive Platform
Virtual Photo Event : e.g. of a Light Immersive Platform Event
Virtual (online) Photography Event www.pdnvirtualevents.com
This one day online event (8 Dec 2010) was focussed on the Photography community and organised by PDN .. Photo District News .. a monthly photo magazine that comes out of New York and is designed for professionals and keen amateurs.
The event, PhotoPlus, took place in a virtual '3D' environment although it was closer to a webinar experience than to that of being in a 3D emmersive environment.
This meant it was a very easy experience ... just at the click of a button a visitor would be transported to the environment which was totally inside a browser ... so no elaborate 3D viewers needed downloading and no avatar was involved ... very low learning curve.
There was a keynote and several online presentations ... which were advertised as 'live' but in fact were recorded ... there was also an exhibition hall where information could be found about individual exhibitors and you could have real-time chat with a company representative.
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Moondus, by Virtual Italian Parks
Moondus, by Virtual Italian Parks, is an open, high quality, 3D platform with all of the standard functionality of established virtual worlds – reproduction of real environments, simulations.
We are focused in developing services for business customers, based on Web 3D, Immersive Internet and Virtual Reality. All services use our flagship product, the Moondus Virtual Reality Platform by Virtual Italian Parks. We are targeting companies, corporations and government to provide powerful solutions for a variety of Services.
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ProtonMedia is a leading provider of 3D virtual spaces that are enterprise-ready.. Our flagship product ProtoSphere is a secure, private virtual environment for collaborative decision making. ProtoSphere is an immersive and highly engaging online environment, where people and their content come together to enable faster and more effective business decision making within the research, development, production, marketing and customer engagement aspects of the product life-cycle.
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Rivers Run Red
Rivers Run Red
Immersive Workspaces is a premium collaboration solution that enables companies to communicate in a media- rich, 3-D environment.
The Immersive Workspaces solution harnesses the potential of virtual worlds and incorporates a 2-D web center of tools and applications. In a safe, secure and private environment.
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Teleplace’s unique vPresence™ technology securely combines VOIP, chat, and video with a robust virtual application command center, and can be deployed either behind the firewall or in the cloud.
Unlike many web conferencing applications which are geared for presentations or passing the baton back-and-forth, [Teleplace] is optimized for true real-time, spontaneous collaboration.
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VastPark is virtual worlds technology done right.
The framework is simple but powerful, distributed and extensible. It is more than a single virtual world.
Instead, it is a scalable and secure platform (Split into 3 components: VastCore, VastSocial and Metaforik) providing software tools, SDK, and APIs so you can configure, maintain, and distribute any virtual worlds solutions.
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Online Virtual Worlds Collaboration / Platforms
Online Immersive Platforms
There is a wide fuzzy grey line separating the many of the online virtuaal environment generic terms 'Light Immersive Environments', 'Virtual Tradeshows', 'Virtual Event Show' even merging into 'Webinars' and 'Online Conferencing'
There are several areas on the Shambles website which try to distiguish these (with different levels of success)
Use the Shambles site search facility to beter find what you are looking for .. these links might also save you time
VWs Enterprise | Virtual Worlds(Main) | Virtual Meeting Areas | Conferencing / Webinars | Teamwork/Collaboration | Webinars | VLEs : web 2.0 style | Web 3D |
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American Research Institute, Inc. (ARI)
For organizations facing the challenge of improving workforce competencies in a growing global competition with shrinking budgets, American Research Institute, Inc. (ARI) designs, develops, and delivers training that produces measurable business results.
ARI's co-sourcing approach gives you the flexibility to augment your existing resources and choose only those services you need.
(ARI) is a leading provider of education and training services, allowing customers to achieve maximum effectiveness through high-quality, educationally sound, and mission-critical training. ARI offers a wide range of services, from designing custom training solutions to full outsourcing of training operations.
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As a team of experienced software professionals, we have built Assemb'Live with the goal of making online group meetings as interactive & productive as real meetings and as simple to use as text chat.
Assemb'Live provides typical event environments where participants are represented, to make chats (voice, video, text) and information sharing (slides, video) easy.
It is super easy to use: 1 browser and some mouse clicks to get done what you would get done during a real event
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Unisfair,br> For many of our clients, virtual engagement is a brave new world. With Unisfair, you aren’t just buying a technology platform, you are partnering with an experienced leader invested in realizing your success.
We are working with some of the largest and most innovative corporations worldwide to engage their prospects and customers in every phase of the customer lifecycle. Here is what they say sets the Unisfair Platform apart from other virtual event platforms ...
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ON24 is a provider in webcasting and virtual events. ON24 provides a full range of innovative solutions for applications such as demand generation, conferences and events, product launches, professional development, internal communications and executive announcements.
ON24 Virtual Show: Conduct virtual trade shows, jobs fairs and partner marketing events in a virtual environment allowing speakers/exhibitors to inform and interact online with attendees.
ON24 Webcasting: For a feature-rich, interactive and highly branded way to reach an audience of thousands worldwide. Available in both full- and self-service models.
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InXpo is the leading provider of privately-branded virtual events and virtual business environments that connect, educate and engage audiences.
InXpo's full suite of solutions includes Virtual Trade Shows, Virtual Career Fairs, and Virtual Corporate Events, as well as Audio, Video and Interactive Webcasts.
These virtual solutions dramatically reduce travel time and related costs, in addition to making the world a greener place to live.
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Virtual tradeshow
Virtual tradeshow
A virtual tradeshow, often called a virtual tradefair ,or a virtual event, is an online environment, that goes live and stays live online for a limited period of time, often with the expectation that several like-minded participants will be available online for brief spells of time, allowing them to connect with one another without travel, via the Internet, no matter where they are located geographically, to exchange valuable information.
The structure of a typical virtual tradeshow often includes a virtual exhibit hall which users enter with specific permissions and capabilities, to either attend and view virtual trade show displays in the exhibit hall or build virtual booths to exhibit information related to products or services on offer, just as they would at a trade fair in a convention center.
The virtual tradeshow may have other components such as a virtual web conference, or a web seminar or a webinar, or other educational presentations.
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Virtual Events Platforms
Virtual Events Platforms
This is a generic term also known as 'Light Immersive Platforms'
These are online virtual world platforms that are not the full 3D immersive experience.
One of their advantages is that they can support hundreds or thousands of visitors unlike the full immersive virtual worlds where the number of simultaneous users is much smaller.
The generic term for this type of online platform does vary ... including 'virtual tradeshows'.
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