Librarian and Media Staff Job Descriptions

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Administration, Management and Supervision:

1. Adopt library/media philosophy, vision and mission statements consistent with the District Library Plan.
2. Integrate the provisions of the District Library Plan and the referenced resources into the site library.
3. Organize and meet regularly with the Campus Library Committee.
4. Formulate long-and short-range goals and action plans and propose implementation and evaluation to achieve them.
5. Utilize the district’s adopted selection policy to develop a collection of resources that enhances teaching and learning. (Reference AR 6711.11)
6. Maintain open channels of communication throughout the school, district and community.
7. Establish a public relations program that will effectively inform both school and community of library media program activities.
8. Maintain professional resources for teachers and staff.
9. Inform teachers, students, staff and parents about new materials, and involve them in selection.
10. Foster an atmosphere that encourages student and faculty usage.
11. Assist in selecting, training, scheduling, supervising, and evaluating of Library Technicians as well as student assistants and volunteers.
12. Maintain and update the District library automation system (Mandarin) and library web page.
13. Maintain accurate records of library media center holdings including acquisition, circulation, and maintenance.
14. Establish a plan for acquisition and replacement of library hardware and software.
15. Execute a maintenance program for library material and equipment.
16. Organize the storage and handling of all resources for convenience, availability, and effective use.
17. Assist, when resources and technologies are available in the library, teachers, students and staff in the production of supplementary teaching/learning materials.
18. Investigate and evaluate library products, services and equipment available for purchase or lease/rental.
19. Maintain a collection of publishers and vendor catalogs in the library media center.
20. Coordinate daily operation of library media center.

Planning, Curriculum, and Responsibilities:

1. Assist teachers in designing instruction to help their students meet state standards related to research and information literacy.
2. Participate in curriculum planning by collaborating with classroom teachers to design, implement, and evaluate instructional units.
3. Prepare an annual budget for the library media center and submit to proper administrator.
4. Introduce and publicize library resources and prepare bibliographies.
5. Be informed and knowledgeable about school philosophy, curriculum instruction, and the total educational program.


1. Provide library orientation to students and staff.
2. Provide, in collaboration with classroom teachers, information literacy skills instruction.
3. Convey enthusiasm for books and reading through specific activities and individual guidance promoting the development of reading skills and appreciation.


1. Promote the use of technology as an information resource.
2. Train students and teachers in the effective use of technologies used in the library.
3. Serve on building and district-wide technology committees.
4. Instruct students to be discerning, responsible, and ethical users of information.


1. Have a working knowledge of national and state legislation affecting the school library media program and apply this to library media center operations.
2. Keep educationally and professionally informed by participating in professional organizations, coursework, workshops, conferences, and by the reading of professional literature.
3. Work to coordinate resources and activities with area libraries.
4. Attend faculty meeting and other appropriate staff meetings.

Library media center specialist Job Description

The school library media center specialist has a primary role in planning, developing, and implementing a success school library media program. The librarian should possess a master’s degree in library science from an American Library Association accredited institution. One with a bachelor’s degree should express a desire to or be seeking to obtain his or her master’s level degree in library science. The candidate should possess a valid Oklahoma Teaching Certificate.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

· Plan, develop, and administer the total program of the school library media center.
· Select, evaluate, and order books, media, and technology that meet curriculum needs.
· Prepare statistical, financial, inventory, and progress reports.
· Instruct the students, teachers, and staff in the location, use and choices of appropriate materials, both print and non-print.
· Participate in curriculum planning, program development, and implementation by consulting with teachers.
· Attend departmental and faculty meetings.
· Make recommendations to the administration and faculty regarding the improvements of instruction by effective and economic use of educational media.
· Instruct individuals and groups in the use of the LMC and the library tools.
· Provide library services and materials to meet the needs and interests of all students.
· Provide reading, listening, and viewing guidance for students and teachers.
· Plan publicity and public relations for the LMC.
· Schedule, train, and supervise the adult library staff when applicable.
· Schedule, train, and supervise the volunteer and or student library assistants.
· Evaluate library staff performances.
· Cooperate with all school organizations.
· Participate actively in library and other educational associations
· Provide materials for the professional growth.
· Select materi8als for rebinding and week out obsolete and work out materials.
· Select and order library supplies.
· Create and maintain an atmosphere conductive to effective library use.
· Those duties as deemed necessary by supervisors in relationship to the LMC.
· Develop personal continuing educational standards by attending professional workshops.
· Maintain 15 Continuing Education Units every year.

The site building principal will evaluate the SLMS yearly.
School Library Technical Assistant – Job Description


• Provides students and faculty with media services and resources
• Creates an atmosphere conducive to learning
• Builds a collection of materials appropriate to the educational program and student needs
• Provides instruction in the use of library media services and resources
• Assumes an active role in collaborative teaching and curriculum development
• Works closely with faculty to promote effective use of service and resources
• Develops and coordinates a program of information literacy skills for students
• Complies with section 121.02(0) WI. Stats. In selection of materials, particularly those which "reflect the cultural diversity and pluralistic nature of American society."
• Establishes behavioral standards for students in the LMC
• Assists students in becoming effective and discriminating users of library resources
* Helps students develop habits of independent reference work and skills in the use of reference material in relation to planned assignments.

Management Skills - Environment :

* Organizes library material, equipment, and facilities for effective and efficient utilization and circulation.
* Plans, equips and maintains attractive facilities.
* Keeps the collection current within the constraints of the annual budget by purchasing quality print and non- print materials.
* Establishes an attractive and easily accessible LMC that is conducive to learning.
* Maintains the library catalog.
* Effectively utilizes clerical, volunteer, student and/or other personnel to provide quality library service to users.
* Maintains appropriate records of library materials
* Processes materials simply and efficiently.

Teaching Skills

* Through a working knowledge of books and authors in the collection, assists students with reading selections.
* Is aware of and supports the curriculum through collection development.
* Provides leadership in all aspects of the school media program.
* Develops a research and library skills program relating to the needs of the students.
* Guides students in finding and using a wide variety of materials.
* Attempts to instill in students the ability to be self- learners by promoting the spirit of inquiry and teaching effective fact-finding skills.
* Plans with teachers, when appropriate, for meaningful and effective grade appropriate reference work and/or literature appreciation activities for their students.
• Actively plans with teachers and groups of teachers to integrate library services and multimedia materials with the instructional program.
Assessment of Program

* Evaluates and selects materials needed to meet both the curricular and individual needs of students, teachers, and administrators who will be using the LMC.
* Determines the needs of teachers and students as a basis for the selection of new materials and equipment.
* Does a periodic inventory of library collection as well as library AV equipment and library computers.
* Supervises the withdrawal of outdated and worn out materials.

Interpersonal Relationships

* Demonstrates positive techniques to promote students self image.
* Interacts positively with other staff members
* Provides a positive role model for students (e.g., follows school policies and procedures, appropriate, language, courteous, sensitive to individual differences).
* Makes appropriate adjustments to change and handles conflict and frustration constructively.
* Coordinates and cooperates with other school libraries as well as with public libraries.
* Helps staff make full use of the services and resources of the LMC.
* Maintains an appearance appropriate for professional assignment.

Professional Growth

* Shows professional growth by continuing with education, attending conferences and workshops, keeping current on new technology developments, reading professional literature, etc.
* Reads literature for appropriate grade level.
• Serves on library curriculum committee and district wide technology committee.
• Networks with other library media professionals.

Professional Responsibilities

* Meets assigned building and district responsibilities
* Works to complete building goals and district exit outcomes.
* Allocates and manages expenditures of assigned budget funds on the basis of curricular and replacement needs.
* Develops and promotes the LMC programs, its routines, usage scheduling, and procedures.
* Develops a collection that supports the curriculum.
* Organizes and supervises the ordering, checking, processing, and maintaining of media center materials.

Technology Leadership

* Assists staff and students with technology.
* Maintains a working knowledge of software and CD-ROMs
* Provides basic instruction to staff or students for equipment use.
* Assists staff with computer and/or AV equipment problems.
* Helps staff and students become comfortable with technology by being available to assist them.

Minimum Qualifications

* Bachelor's degree and valid State of Wisconsin teaching certificate.
* State certification as a school library media specialist.
* Desire to continue career improvement.

Preferred Qualifications

* Masters Degree in Educational Technology or Masters of Library Science.


* The library media specialist reports directly to the building principal.

Position Title Library Technical Assistant
Reports To: Head of School Library Media Center
Supervises: Student Assistants

Library Technical Assistants will carry out all tasks under the direction of the professional members of the library media center staff. He or she will profess a proficiency in typing skill. The candidate should possess an AA degree or two years of library experience and on track for AA degree.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

· Supervise student assistants
· Perform under the guidance of the SLMS cataloging for library.
· Process library materials as necessary.
· Provides basic reference assistance.
· Checks books in and out with the use of a computer.
· Assists patrons in materials search and location.
· Assists patrons in using computers, copy machines, Internet and online databases.
· Keeps order in the library
· Does routine clerical work.
· Enters information on computer terminal.
· Secures facilities for overnight.
· Collects fines for overdue, damaged or lost material.
· Counts cash from fines and copier use.
· Regular attendance necessary.
· Resopnd to the needs and interests of students and teachers under the supervision of the head of the media center.
· Those duties as deemed necessary by supervisors.


The Library Technical Assistant will be evaluated twice yearly by the head of the school media center.


Library Aide Job Description

The Library Assistant is responsible for assisting the Media Generalist in oversight of specified aspects of library operations in the areas of information access and delivery, student aide supervision and learning and teaching.

1. Circulation
Oversee circulation operations including:
Check outs/in
Stack maintenance – shelve, face, shelf read, annual inventory
Monthly statistics

2. Periodicals
Oversee periodicals including:
Check in
Cataloging issues in computer database
Stack maintenance
Annual weeding

3. Audiovisuals (AV)
Check in/out AV equipment
Troubleshoot/repair/arrange for service of equipment
Annual inventory and distribution of equipment
Videotaping of cable and satellite programs per faculty request

4. Student Aides
Assign and supervise daily activities
Evaluate, issue grades

5. Technical Services
Receive materials/supplies/equipment
Oversee book processing
Assist with cataloging as needed

6. Other
Reference/library instruction backup
Manage inventory of supplies and replenish as needed
Various special projects
Assist with student management – monitor entrance, check for passes & signing in


The library media assistant provides services integral to the overall use of the library media center. This staff member provides assistance to students, teachers, administrators, volunteers, and parents. This person works directly with individuals and groups of students in activities coordinated by the library media specialist.

The library media assistant:
· assists the library media specialist in the overall operation of the LMC.
· assists with the training of volunteers.
· assists students, staff members, and parents in locating and utilizing
materials and technology.
· assists in processing, circulating, and shelving materials.
· *inspects and does routine maintenance of audio?visual equipment (replaces
bulbs, batteries, etc.).
· operates, maintains, and provides for the secure storage of multimedia
· sets up bulletin boards and displays.
· assists in inventory and weeding.
· *assists in operating and scheduling equipment in the headend room.
· conducts routine clerical duties, i.e. letters, overdue notices,
requisitions, maintaining inventories, filing, etc.
· receives library media materials and equipment and prepares them for
· performs other duties as assigned by the LMS.

*these responsibilities may be carried out by the Media Department.


The Assistant works with children, faculty and staff in a library/media/technology center serving grades Nursery-8. Some knowledge of library resources and the ability to help students locate books and use print and online sources is essential.

Library circulation is computerized; so basic computer knowledge is necessary as well as a willingness to learn new skills. Use of circulation software will be taught, as circulation of materials will be a major part of the job. Other duties will include, but are not limited to, helping students with research and finding books for pleasure, shelving books, book repair and housekeeping tasks needed to keep shelves, library and media center neat and inviting.

Some knowledge of children's literature would be helpful. A large media center/computer lab is part of the library so preference will be given to applicants with a range of technology skills. The assistant should be comfortable working with all ages. Organization, performing tasks with accuracy and attention to detail as well as flexibility are important to success.


Duties of the Senior Library Technician:

Monitors and records attendance each period
Checks on and reports “no-shows”
Maintains daily, monthly, and yearly attendance totals
and daily averages

Acquisition of Materials:
Checks lists with catalogs
Searches for simple bibliographical data
Checks order cards with holdings and outstanding orders
Checks in all materials ordered for the library
Checks invoices
Enters accession information
Maintains checklists of periodicals
Types new book lists for faculty

Orders commercial (LC, Follett, etc,) cards as needed
Types catalog and shelf list cards, from librarian’s notes or
from CIP
Organizes catalog and shelf list cards
Files catalog cards
Updates card catalog as needed (i.e., pulls cards for missing
Notes added copies and new editions
Completes “shelf-ready” preparation of books and other
materials (i.e., prepares and attaches borrower cards
and pockets, spine labels, bar codes, jacket covers, etc.)
Prepares SLS Dynix processing to send out
Checks in and displays new magazines
Files old magazines
Picks up and displays daily newspapers
Treats materials for preservation (with lamination, etc.) as
Mends books, magazines, and other materials
Prepares materials for the bindery as needed
Maintains bindery records

Handles check-out and check-in for books and periodicals
Places materials on reserve for teachers
Prepares “selected readings” for Social Studies Department
Pulls magazines for student research
Shelves returned books and periodicals
Prepares, distributes, and files copies of overdue notices
Maintains daily, monthly, and yearly circulation totals

Interlibrary Loan:
Fills incoming SLS requests
Prepares outgoing SLS requests
Handles ILL check-out and check-in
Keeps running statistics on ILL circulation

Vertical File:
Keeps file updated by clipping and filing newspaper and
magazine articles on a regular basis
Orders free materials for the file
Types orders for other VF materials
Maintains the file index

Does a complete shelf-reading of print collection twice a year
Does a complete book inventory at the end of each school year
Records losses, withdrawals, reinstatements, and transfers
Keeps title and volume counts up to date
Revises shelving and filing as needed
Notes needed cataloging and/or classification changes
discovered during inventory
Types inventory and final report, as well as lists of
missing or withdrawn books, at end of school year
Inventories magazines
Prepares magazine statistics for annual SLS periodical listings

AV Activities:
Takes AV requests
Inspects new equipment to determine if it is functioning
Prepares equipment for delivery to classrooms
Processes AV software
Shelves/files AV software
Schedules microfilm appointments
Sets up microfilm for student viewing
Inventories, orders, and distributes bulbs for entire district Inventories, orders, and distributes blank video cassettes for
entire district
Inventories equipment
Inventories software
Changes bulbs and batteries as needed
Performs minor repairs on equipment
Prepares equipment to be sent out for repair
Cleans equipment
Mends software
Books BOCES films for faculty
Checks in BOCES films and distributes to faculty
Handles AV software and equipment check-out and check-in
Keeps running statistics on AV software and equipment
Keeps faculty updated on new materials available from BOCES;
schedules previews as requested
Performs minor repairs on photocopy machines
Schedules professional photocopier repairs as needed
Collects and submits monthly photocopier statistics
Tapes TV programs at faculty request
Copies tapes for administration, faculty, etc.

Support Services:
Enters new students and faculty members in Dynix system
Assigns bar codes to new patrons
Prepares print and non-print statistics for end of year report
Inventories supplies and makes purchase recommendations
to the librarian
Types budgets, orders, bibliographies, conference reports,
letters, memos, notices, other reports, and
requests for free materials (magazines, etc.) Does photocopying as needed Keeps library printer, copier, and fax machine filled with paper Files current purchase requisitions and orders, conference reports, and bibliographies Files book, AV, and supply catalogs Prepares “New Book” displays and other displays or bulletin
boards as needed
Opens the library by 7:30 AM, and keeps it open until 3:30 PM
each school day
At the end of each school day, does general straightening up,
shuts down computers and photocopier, and sets up
circulation desk for the next day
Assists patrons in locating materials
Performs other services as requested by the librarian

Library Aide Job Description


To provide assistance in all areas of library operations in order to facilitate the highest possible functioning of the library including a vast amount of library technology.
• High School Diploma

Special Knowledge/Skills:
• Knowledge of basic computer and keyboarding skills.
• Knowledge of Sirsi operating system is desirable.

• Computer training
• Sirsi training is desirable.

• Maintain circulation of library materials
• Shelve books and videos
• Run and distribute report/overdues for students and teachers • Record statistics for library usage • Assist students with computer usage • Assist students/teachers with materials search • Assist students/teachers with setting up and/or operating equipment • Document periodical information and upkeep of magazines • Assist with inventory and inventory records

Library Aide – Library Services 1
• Collect and count fine money
• Collect and count copy machine money
• Clerical duties as assigned by librarian
• Assist with library publicity and special activities
• Assist librarian in the monitoring of student aides
• Contribute to positive image of library
• Help maintain professional and cordial atmosphere in the library • Have the ability to do multi-task • Have the ability to complete work without supervision • Do photo-copying • Operate a variety of computer software programs • Do typing/word processing of all kinds • Repair damaged books and AV • Assist with weeding of the collection • Prepare books and periodicals for the bindery

• None

Mental Demands:
• Reading and comprehending simple instructions, short correspondence, and memos. • Writing simple correspondence. • Adding and subtracting two digit numbers and to multiply and divide with 10’s and 100’s. • Applying simple understanding to carry out detailed but basic written and/oral instructions.

Physical demands/environmental factors:
• Pushing/pulling book carts on wheels up to 90 lbs.
• Reaching with hands and arms and frequently repeating the same hand, arm or finger motion. • Moderate noise level in the work environment.


Under direction of a school principal or other certificated employee, implements and oversees the clerical operation and maintenance of a school library, using an automated library management system to process and maintain books and instructional media materials, primarily at the elementary level; and performs related work as required.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES • Assists students or teachers in locating and selecting books and using reference materials in a computerized library system. • Processes new books by entering data into an automated library management system, files catalog cards in manual systems, labels books according to designated reading levels, issues overdue notices. • Creates and updates bulletin board and other seasonal theme displays to emphasize new books and book jackets relative to current curriculum and calendar. • Contacts teachers and arranges schedule for classes to visit the library, with assistance from the principal. • Reads stories to students, as requested by teachers. • Trains and supervises student and adult volunteers who issue, shelve, label, and repair books and otherwise assist in operating the library, primarily on an automated library management system. • Takes annual inventory of books, weeding and discarding worn or unused books. • Orders library books and supplies. • Maintains library in a neat and orderly condition.

EMPLOYMENT STANDARDS Education and Experience: High school graduation or equivalent diploma and some experience in the operation of a library or office, including or supplemented by use of a computer, are required. Experience in using a computerized library management system is highly desirable.

KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITIES Knowledge of: • Library practices and techniques. • Standard library reference sources. • Basic computer operation. • Basic principles of the Dewey Decimal System. • Correct labeling and shelving processes for fiction and nonfiction books and materials. • Library inventory principles and practices in an automated environment. Ability to: • Learn and manage an automated school library with a moderate level of independence. • Assist students in selecting appropriate books for their level of achievement. • Assist students in the use of library resources and references. • Train and supervise student and adult volunteers. • Learn and apply library rules, regulations, and policies. • Provide an environment for students to develop an appreciation for literature and reading. • Work cooperatively with others.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Works in a school library environment, frequently within a confined area. Sits at a desk for a substantial portion of assigned time, with intermittent standing, walking, stooping, squatting and reaching to shelve and remove books and other library materials. Some positions may involve lifting of up to 20 pounds.

Qualities and Competencies for the Library Media Paraprofessional (Assistant to the Library Media Specialist)

Performs routine functions under the direction of the School Library Media Specialist to provide library services.

Technical training or expertise in school library media setting.

Ability to be a positive advocate for the library program and to support the direction/mission of the library program.

Understands and maintains confidentiality.

Operates computers and other library technologies with ease, and has a willingness to upgrade skills on a regular basis.

Attends to detail, organizes and performs tasks with a high degree of accuracy.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with students, staff, volunteers and community members.

Assists students in routine use of library resources.

Trains and supervises student library assistants.

Assists in the monitoring of student behavior.

Works independently and cooperatively with a good understanding of the support role.

Performs multiple tasks simultaneously.

Works effectively under pressure and continual interruptions.

Comfortable with change and willingness to make changes as needed.

Maintains budget records, files, statistics and reports.

Physically processes new materials and equipment.

Circulates, reshelves, repairs and inventories collection.

Schedules and troublshoots instructional technologies.

Understands and applies basic library organization systems such as Dewey Decimal, subject headings and keywords.

School Library Assistant

JOB GOAL: Assist School Library Media Specialist in the full utilization of services, materials and resources offered to Public School students and staff.

1. High school diploma or equivalent with education/experience mix as determined by the Director of Libraries.
2. Experience prerequisite to be determined by the Director of Libraries.
3. Ability to perform clerical tasks with limited supervision and assume clerical responsibility for a major segment of the library's operations.
4. Ability to type at the required level.
5. Ability to work well with others.
6. Ability to exercise good judgment in evaluating situations and making decisions.
7. Ability to communicate and follow instructions.
8. Experience preferred in using photocopiers and other office equipment, including microcomputers and software programs utilized by the school libraries.
9. Willingness to keep abreast of changing technologies and to assume new responsibilities required by the introduction of new services and equipment.
10. Must exhibit the proper attitudes and personal qualities necessary to produce high quality library service.
1. School Library Media Specialist
2. School Principal
1. Assist students and staff in the circulating procedure of library materials.
2. Performs a variety of clerical and computer-related tasks as assigned.
3. Prepare circulation desk for services on a daily basis with needed supplies.
4. Responsible for shelving, straightening and shelf reading of library materials.
5. Pull library materials which need to be mended, discarded and/or replaced.
6. Process new library materials received for circulation.
7. Process periodicals received for circulation.
8. Maintain school library's card catalog.
9. Sorts returned materials by type, location, or unit of library to which assigned.
10. Arranges returned materials numerically or alphabetically by information on spine or label, onto book carts.
11. Checks to see if returned materials are overdue.
12. Checks to see if returned materials are on reserve.
13. Examines returned materials for obvious damage.
14. Collects and records fines.
15. Records receipt of payment for lost or damaged materials.
16. Answers borrower's questions concerning circulation rules.
17. Keep daily circulation statistics and compile a monthly report of library usage and holdings.
18. Assist School Library Media Specialist with class library schedules and scheduling of library assistants.
19. Assists in training of volunteers, and new library assistants in circulation procedures.
20. Maintains professional appearance and behaves in a manner appropriate to a public setting.
21. Performs reliably, dependably with a good record of attendance, punctuality, flexibility and time management.
22. Develops work-related goals and objectives.
23. Develops job-related abilities, skills and knowledge.
24. Attends library-related meetings, workshops and inservice programs.
25. Performs other duties as assigned by the School Library Media Specialist.
186 days/30 hours per week, with health insurance, disability and personal leave benefits. Salary based on the Classroom Aide and Elementary/Secondary Library Assistant classification and salary schedule of USD #500. Placement on schedule is based on employee's qualifications and experience. PERFORMANCE EVALUATION: Performance of this position will be evaluated in accordance with Board of Education policy on evaluation.


Instructional Aide II

Summary: An instructional aide assists the teacher or other supervisor in the direction and supervision of students and completion of clerical tasks while carrying out specific objectives as set forth by certified staff in plans, assignments and/or IEP’s.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
· Implement the specific job tasks and respond to students, parents and the public in a positive, service-oriented manner in person, on the telephone, and in written correspondence.
· Acquire and successfully demonstrate an understanding of appropriate instructional techniques and terminology. Work with students individually and in groups to reinforce the teacher’s instruction.
· Assist in maintaining student discipline in the classroom, lunchroom, hallways and other building areas, and on the playground/campus.
· Maintain accurate student records as directed.
· Assist in administration and scoring of tests and student assignments.
· Perform clerical duties and operate equipment as directed, such as word processing, duplicating, record keeping, preparation materials, use of computer, laminator and audio visual equipment.
· Maintain accurate records of orders, expenditures and budgets as directed. Accept and receipt money, sell lunch tickets, prepare bank deposits, report financial transactions in accurate manner, as directed.
· Other duties, as assigned by supervisor.

Minimum Qualifications:
1. High school graduation or evidence of GED completion.
2. Demonstrated use of ability to work well with others and positively respond to students, staff and patrons.
3. Demonstrated skill and ability to use word processing equipment at level of 45 wpm on 5 minute test with no more than 10 errors. Ability to use technological equipment (computer, duplicator, audio visual equipment, etc.) for data management, materials production and record keeping, as directed.
4. Ability to work independently with minimum supervision.
5. Be in good health, able to lift or assist in lifting students, able to interact at physical level of student while bending, squatting or kneeling.
6. Ability to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Supervisory Responsibilities: No supervisory duties for other staff, supervise students in building, on field trips, out of doors on campuses.

Language skills:
Ability to read and comprehend simple instructions, short correspondence, and memos. Ability to write simple correspondence. Ability to effectively present information in one-on-one and small group situations to students, staff, parents and others about the building/program and District.

Mathematical skills:
Ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide in all units of measure, whole numbers, common fractions and decimals. Ability to compute rate, ratio and percent. Ability to develop and maintain data for proper management of receipts, money, student records, etc.

Reasoning ability:
Ability to work independently, apply common sense problem solving strategies, and know when to ask for assistance in order to carry out detailed but uninvolved written or oral instructions. Ability to positively deal with problems involving few concrete variables in standard situations.

Other skills and abilities:
Ability to pass District substance abuse screening. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with students, staff and the community. Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both in oral and written form. Ability to perform duties consistent with law and District policy/ procedures.

The information contained in this job description is for compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.) and is not an exhaustive list of the duties performed for this position. Additional duties are performed by the individuals currently holding this position and additional duties may be assigned. Specific duties, tasks, and schedules are to be determined by the supervisor.

Physical demands:
The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to sit and speak or hear. The employee is regularly required to lift or assist in lifting of a student, frequency of lifting dependent on the specific assignment. The employee is frequently required to stand; walk; stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl. The employee is occasionally required to reach with hands and repeat the same hand, arm or finger motion, i.e. keyboarding. Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, distance vision for student supervision, depth perception, and the ability to adjust focus.

Work environment:
The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

The employee will perform the duties of this position primarily indoors, and will supervise students outdoors as assigned. The noise level of the work environment can vary depending upon daily activity, but may often be loud at a level that will remain within the acceptable noise level range. The employee continuously is interacting with the public, staff and students. The employee frequently will be required to meet multiple demands from several people and must be able to positively deal with interruptions.


Expanded Job Description for ICS Librarian(s)
International Christian School, Hong Kong
Philip McBrayer MLIS Head of Library Services

While the librarian is part of the teaching staff the librarian is not a true teacher. The role of librarian in advancing the curriculum and aiding in the education of ICS students actually falls into several areas: administration, evaluation, facilitation and technician.

The librarian is first an administrator, second an evaluator, third a facilitator, and fourth a technician. The teaching aspect of the librarian’s role as teacher, in large part grows out of these areas. This fact in no way diminishes the instructive role of the librarian at ICS. If a librarian is performing the job diligently, then that individual will be an important part of the academic support system and be of great value to both students and teachers.

I. The librarian is primarily an administrator.

As an administrator the librarian will:
1. Manage the library’s Physical Assets:
The librarian is responsible for maintaining, repairing or replacing library equipment and furniture. In some cases, notably library computers, the librarian will bear a joint responsibility with another department.

Scheduling class use and supervising student activities in the library are also an integral part of the librarian’s job.

The librarian will ensure that the floor and shelf plan is efficient safe and attractive to students.

The librarian will be responsible for the physical appearance of the library. (i.e. tables, chairs, bulletin boards, displays and newsstand.)

2. Manage the Library’s Bibliographic and Informational Assets:
The librarian, in conjunction with teachers and other administrators, is responsible for developing the library’s holdings of whatever media the library collects in such a way that the library is able to provide curriculum support for all classes at the appropriate level.

The primary task in this area is the compilation, ordering and notifying teachers of the arrival of fall, spring and specialty book orders. In the event that a teacher does not wish to or gives the librarian permission too, the librarian will at their discretion compile a list of materials for that teacher. Any amount of collection development budget not used by teachers may be used by the librarian to develop areas of collection that are in need of improvement without out regard to the academic area of the teacher who did not submit a list. However the librarian will make a good effort to remind all teachers of their responsibility to help with collection development. The date for having the fall book order completed is normally October 31 and March 30 for the spring order.

In addition to teacher book orders the librarian is responsible for the serial and periodical subscriptions. Periodicals will be ordered in the fall semester and the librarian will submit a list of current periodicals, those for which a subscription will not be renewed and those that will be added by September 15th

The librarian is responsible for ensuring that shelf order and stacks management is under control. To this end a library inventory will be taken once a year.

Environmental issues such as AC, pest infestation and humidity fall within the librarian’s administrative capacity in that all of these issues have a direct bearing on the condition and usability of the collection.

Repair and replacement decisions are also administrative decisions that the librarian will be responsible for in conjunction with other relevant administrators.

Of particular responsibility will be the maintenance of the library catalog and OPAC system. The librarian and especially the head librarian will be responsible for maintaining the veracity, and reliability of the library catalog.

The librarian will be responsible for setting and enforcing loan rules in the library. This task includes: the production of Student, faculty, and staff ID cards and the creation and maintenance of the patron database.

3. Manage the Library’s Human Resources:
The librarian is responsible for training and scheduling any library aid(s), student helper(s) or volunteer(s) that work in the library to help ensure that staffing needs are met in the ICS library they are assigned to.

4. Manage the Library’s Discipline:
The librarian will be responsible for maintaining discipline and enforcing school rules in the library. It is important to remember that because of the special nature of libraries there will rules that apply only in the library.

5. Manage the Library’s Operational Policies:
The librarian will be the person who sets library policy. Library policy can include loan rules, types of media collected, late fines, and opening hours. The librarian will also be responsible for specifying cataloging rules where Akers’ Cataloging, the AACR2R or the DDCS are ambiguous. It is the librarian’s responsibility to maintain an up-to-date policies and procedures manual.

6. Manage the Library’s Finances:
The librarian is not currently responsible for its finances. As such, it does not maintain records of purchases. The finance office keeps such records.

The library submits reimbursement vouchers in the same way as any other teacher or department.

The Librarian should submit a proposed budget each academic year that includes a budget for circulating materials, reference, periodical and audiovisual materials.

7. Manage the Library’s Strategic Planning:
The Librarian will maintain a long-range development plan for the library. This plan should be in written form. (This plan is currently embodied in the QEF proposal and the library’s continuing effort to attain accreditation as though it is a library at a tertiary institution.)

II. The Librarian is also an evaluator.

As an evaluator the librarian will:
1. Evaluate the Relevance of an Existing Bibliographic Item(s):
This includes but is not limited to evaluating “challenged books” Criteria such as, but not limited to; reading level, condition, duplication, number or quality of similar holdings are also within the librarian’s purview to evaluate.

2. Evaluate the Relevance of Bibliographic Items for Purchase:
The librarian should evaluate the materials that teachers wish to add to the collection in fall, spring and special book orders and may delete certain items if they are found to be at variance with the library policy on duplication, material type or emotional appropriateness for the library.

3. Evaluate the relevance of periodicals
The periodicals will be evaluated on use, scope and subject area on a yearly basis. This includes periodical and newspaper databases.

III. The Librarian is also a facilitator.

As a facilitator the librarian will:
1. The librarian facilitates the acquisition of research skills needed by students by the publication study guides and the maintenance of up-to-date reference material.
2. The librarian facilitates learning by providing a place of study for students to work on projects, papers, class assignments and homework or to receive peer or teacher tutoring.
3. The librarian facilitates student learning by being available to help with research questions, acting as a reader’s guide.

IV. The is also a technician.

As a technician the librarian will:
1. Have a through understanding of MARC records
2. Have a through understanding of the Dewey Decimal System
3. Have a through understanding of the SLS library automation system.
4. Be a competent cataloger
5. Be computer literate and have a good knowledge of word processing and database programs used by ICS faculty and students
6. Be able to edit HTML in a windows format
7. Create web-pages
8. Be able to setup and maintain a CD-Rom Server
9. Be able to perform basic software and hardware maintenance.

Job Requirements for ICS Librarian(s)
International Christian School, Hong Kong

Senior Librarian (Head of Library Services) – Reports to Headmaster or Principals
1. Administrative experience
2. Certified ACSI Library Media Specialist
3. Christian Testimony and Lifestyle
4. Excellent command of written and spoken English
5. Familiarity with electronic library database systems
6. Familiarity with juvenile, young adult and children’s literature
7. Familiarity with: MARC, DDCS, SEAR’s Subject Heading, MS Word, MS Excel, SLS Familiarity library automation systems and the issues involved with automated libraries
8. MLS or MLIS from an ALA (or equivalent) accredited institution
9. Organizational Skills
10. Willingness to exert leadership and function as a department head
1. 5 years of progressively more responsible experience
2. Second Master’s degree or Ph.D.

Librarian (Secondary or Elementary) – Reports to Principals
1. Certified ACSI Library Media Specialist
2. Christian Testimony and Lifestyle
3. Excellent command of written and spoken English
4. Familiarity with electronic library database systems
5. Familiarity with juvenile, young adult and children’s literature
6. Familiarity with: MARC, DDCS, SEAR’s Subject Heading, MS Word, MS Excel, SLS Familiarity library automation systems and the issues involved with automated libraries
7. MLS from an ALA accredited Institution or a Chinese University or British University
8. Specialization or experience as required for the level or area of library (i.e. Elementary, Secondary, Technical Services)
1. MLS or MLIS from ALA accredited Institution
2. Two years experience

Assistant Librarian (Secondary or Elementary) – Reports to Librarian
1. Bachelors Degree
2. Christian Testimony and Lifestyle
3. Computer Literate
4. Written and spoken English
5. Other skills as required
1. A Bachelor’s Degree with Librarianship training at a local Hong Kong University or a Bachelor’s degree in Library Science
2. Certified ACSI Library Media Specialist
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