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One of the concerns of educators working overseas is "losing touch with developments back home"

This page offers some strategies to reduce that concern in an easy to manage and free way ..... Keep-up-2-date more easily by using :

Source Country Description
National College of

This UK website is specifically designed to support school senior management membersa and although there are sections on the latest documents and consultations from NCSL, DfES and other government agencies that affect school leaders the most painless way of being kept informed is by:
1. visiting the ONLINE COMMUNITIES to ask specific questions when needed

Times Educational Supplement (TES) UK

The TES offer a free weekly newsletter so you don't even have to wait for the paper copy to arrive or visit their website .... By signing up, you'll get a sneak preview of the top stories, features and debates in the UK's leading educational newspaper, delivered direct to your inbox each week. The newsletter is sent out every Thursday night -- hours before the paper actually goes on sale -- and also gives advance notice of the special supplements including TES Teacher, Friday and Online.... CLICK HERE

They have a pagepage to "breaking news" at http://www.tes.co.uk/breaking_news

BBC UK The BBC education website is a leader in its field in the world .... even they make it easier for you to get the news, you don't have to visit their website just subscribe to their daily email : CLICK HERE
Teachernet UK

Teachernet is a UK service for teachers and others who work in schools. It will enable you to ask the questions you want on a broad range of issues. You are also able to subscribe to a service to receive the lastest DfES publications without having to go and look for them : CLICK HERE

New York Times USA

The New York Times offers a page on the latest education news in the USA. They also offer a daily email service with higlights from that news .... you can cutomise exactly what headlines you want to receive ... including 'education' which they call 'ed-op' ... CLICK HERE

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niXtech Solutions is The Boutique Data Center offering dedicated IT facilities along with cloud based computing with a full array of appliances and services. Located near Copenhagen, Denmark, with secure infrastructure, state-of-the-art equipment, privately financed, debt free.

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Source Country Description
EDNA Australia EDNA : Education Network Australia offer information related to education in Australia as well as forums to discuss issues ... but more importantly for this exercise they offer a number of different education-related newsletters, some weekly and some monthly on a range of subjects ... 'What's New', 'Early Childhood', News & Views', 'For Schoiols' and 'Media Releases' .... CLICK HERE
ASCD USA ASCD : The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development have a regular newsletter, go to the link at the bottom of their page to subscribe or CLICK HERE .. "recommended" for USA initiatives

Ofsted Direct is a termly online newsletter for schools.
Ofsted Direct includes all the latest UK information about the new arrangements for school inspections, plus helpful tips and advice direct to your desktop.
As well as the Future of Inspection news, it will bring you essential reading on Ofsted's report findings, best practice case studies and tips on how to get the most out of new initiatives. CLICK HERE

NPR USA National Public Radio .... not only webpages of current education information ... but audio files of radio broadcasts related to education topics.
NPR is an internationally acclaimed producer and distributor of noncommercial news, talk, and entertainment programming. CLICK HERE
Podcasting Worldwide Subscribing to Educational Podcasts is one way of both keeping up-to-date and also contribute to your CPD .. Continuing Professional Development. CLICK HERE to access a list of Educational Podcasts to listen to on your computer, mp3 player or iPod.
Teacher TV (UK) UK You can now have Teachers' TV News (UK) delivered direct to your desktop or iPod by subscribing to the free podcast service.


"Edutopia" is a weekly Internet radio talk show from The George Lucas Educational Foundation, hosted by GLEF Executive Director Milton Chen. The one-hour talk show features key educators and students, as well as business, government, and community leaders, discussing educational innovation. It broadcasts each Thursday at 12:00 PM PT (3:00 PM ET) on Voiceamerica.com.

This is USA-Education System related with topics such as "Federal Education Policy " and "Federal Education Technology Policy " but there are general issues covered such as "The Future of Technology and Education", "School-To-Career" and "Innovative School Design".
So close the blinds, open up the speakers, close your eyes, relax - and listen to an interesting discussion.
The programmes are archived at http://glef.org/radioarchive.html

Google News Alert
Google have a News Alert facility to which you can register for news on a specific subject and then you will be notified of new items on that theme - Google News Alerts are sent by email when news articles appear online that match the topics you specify .... register at http://www.google.com/newsalerts
You can put any key education words, e.g. dyslexia, ESL, schools, curriculum etc.
You can de-register any time if you think it is becoming too much!

One of the easiest ways of keeping up-to-date is to find a group of people (online) with similar interests and bounce ideas off them ... and share experiences and news. To find out more about listservs go to www.shambles.net/pages/staff/ListMail/ or you might like to start your own ... see the free online options at www.shambles.net/pages/learning/ict/listservs/

Other sites with 'education-related' updating or subscription opportunities:
| Ananova Education News | BBC News Online Education | BBC Online Education Scotland |
| BBC Northern Ireland-Education Online | BBC Wales Education | DfES Publications / Spectrum |
| DetentionSlip (USA Edu News Blog) |
| International Education Webzine | Keeping-Up Webpage | OFSTED (UK) email Updates |
| The Expat Telegraph | The Guardian Education Unlimited | The Independent - Education Section |
| The Telegraph | The Principals Partnership (USA) |
| The Times Higher Education Supplement Internet Service | QCA (UK) email Updates |
| USA Today Education Online | Yahoo Education News |

If you wish to "keep-up-to-date" on other topics, (not just professional) then you might like to visit "Keep Ahead" at http://www.keepahead.com/ where you can join one or more of many lists designed to specifically help you.
Subjects range from sports, health, fashion to business to 'a better job', hobbies ... even "Education on the Internet"

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