Exhibition & Conference - Bangkok, Thailand 19/20/21 June 2003
ICT & Education
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TEPA had a booth at this exhibition ... this page contains most of the materials used.

CLICK HERE for a list of all the affiliates and sponsors mentioned during the exhibition ... with live links to their own websites

Please note that the main ICT in Education section of the Shambles website
is at www.shambles.net/ICT

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June 2003
both at Bangkok June 2003  exhibition Booth at Bangkok June 2003 exhibition

PowerPoint Presentations : (not live yet)

| Used in the Booth (sorry just too big ... over 20 MB) |
| Used in the first part of Speakers Presentation (4.15 MB) | AskERIC (835kB) |
These PowerPoint presentations may be used freely by educators providing they as not altered.

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Handouts and Fliers :
To access most of the company/sponsors handouts go to their websites

| A3 Academic Wall Calendar (pdf file 1.7M) |
This calendar may be used freely by educators providing the copyright notice is kept in place - this calendar also displays
many of the sponsors, affiliates, advertisers and supporters of "Shambles"
... for even more calendars CLICK HERE
.... 2,500 of these calendars were distributed to over 2,000 individuals

| Fieldwork Online (Professional Development) Courses for Teachers - Flier (jpeg 340k) |
Online courses designed specifically for school staff- this flier is in English and Thai .. it may be printed and distributed as is.

| Ask ERIC .. used at the talk .. (Word .doc 31k) |

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Banners on display in the Booth :
Click the images for larger versions ... each 60cm x 180cm - the files are large between 1M and 2M each
NOTE: these may be used freely by educators providing they are not changed

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