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This page lists the advertisers, affiliates, sponsors and supporters of "Shambles" that you will find scattered throughout the website ... if you are interested in advertising in Shambles then CLICK HERE (also marketing ideas)

The following are in no particular order CLICK on the individual logos for more details :

ICAA (International Curriculum and Assessment Agency) is a leading education company established in 1986 offering comprehensive education services in the UK and overseas. Education services include professional development and consultancy.
Apple Computers .... you already know us !
Effective ELT software with comprehensive teacher support
looking for an upgrade to Hotmail or other web-based email system ... but with additional features .. and still free ? ... try mail2world : individual and whole-school solutions
Set up websites for schools, groups or individuals ... and also multiple email addresses without the expense of buying or maintaining your own equipment
International Schools Purchasing Organisation
Advisory Matters -  the Educational ICT Consultancy
Set uo your own blog .. 30 day free trial
myinternet Limited - delivers its tailored school e-learning platform to over 4000 schools in 3 continents
MasterEye is an audio-visual communication software for networked IT labs. Trainers, Teachers, Supervisors, System Administrators and others can simply and effectively monitor, demonstrate and interact with their students. Works with up to 70 workstations simultaneously on a class basis,  for selected groups or individual students only - and all without the need for additional hardware.
The Teacher Recruitment Company :  .... free for teachers to register .... schools will get 5% discount if  "Shambles"  is mentioned.
Over 14,000 educational videos and CD-ROM
Adelaideiglobal, an elearning specialist unit at Adelaide Institute of 
        TAFE in Australia, offer a post-graduate qualification - the Graduate 
        Certificate in eLearning:  this is a course that teachers can do in their own school
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niXtech Solutions is The Boutique Data Center offering dedicated IT facilities along with cloud based computing with a full array of appliances and services. Located near Copenhagen, Denmark, with secure infrastructure, state-of-the-art equipment, privately financed, debt free.

The Shambles.NET Home Page: curating and sharing - teaching and learning experiences ... managed by Chris Smith (Shamblesguru)

Autograph - Dynamic PC software for teaching calculus, coordinate geometry, statistics and probability
Linguaphone - languages made easy
The Science Education Review (SER) : The World's Latest Science Education Ideas at Your Fingertips. SER is a peer-reviewed, international periodical for all busy school science teachers (primary,secondary,K-12), available on-line, as Word document e-mail attachments, and/or in hard copy.
Magic Math Kingdom - A Fun Way of Learning -
Crossword compiler and maker ... they can simply be printed out .. or published,live, to the web .. to be done by visitors inside your own webpage
English Thesaurus and Dictionary
Learn to speak Spanish with our online language course. Study with Spanish tutors and professors.
free IT Newsletters -

preassembled jigsaw puzzles, the basis for a line of great educational and/or craft products. Ya can airbrush 'em, screenprint 'em, 

tole paint 'em, use acrylics, watercolors, sponge art techniques, felt tipped markers, rubber stamps, stencils, crayons, heat transfer 

inks, etc. They're perfect for mailart and other paper crafts, letterwriting, greeting cards, party invitations, classroom projects (

language arts, mathematics . . . just plain ole arts), business advertisements and promotions. We also make jigsaw "Puzzle 

Clonzz (R)" jigsaw puzzles that you can print on a (1) laser printer, (2) ink jet, and/or (3) plain paper copier.
Online Quizzes from 'It Pays to Learn"
How to Add Games to Your Site
Special Educational Needs Books and Resources to buy
mailwasher ... take control of email spam
Dyslexia Books for Sale
Fun + Other Posters for Sale
Cerebellum Corporation | producer of educational videos and DVDs for high school and college students | online Quizzes | online exam practice |
The world's largest online retailer of sheet music, books about music, tutor methods, and instructional videos and DVDs
Notation software : listen to music by following the notes on the screen during playback | practice singing or playing your musical instrument, while reading the notes from the screen |  sight read from the screen | learn how to read music notation by watching notes as they play |
Personal 'English Teacher' Resource Website and Email Solutions - Ideal for school and freelance English teachers - Complete, fully editable web sites, with integrated English  resources
ITTT offers a high quality, practical online TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate course
Audiomagazines on CD and cassette for intermediate-to-advanced speakers of French, German, Spanish and Italian
AMAZON .. it used to be just books .. now it's just everything !
Barnes and Noble : selling - Books Magazines Popular Music  Classical Music Video DVD Toys + Games Baby Computer + Video Games Electronics Software Tools + Hardware Outdoor Living Kitchen + Housewares Camera + Photo
Kids Music Games : some great music games for fun and learning ... highly recommended and great reviews
Chinese Cultural Products and Services | Books | Music | Arts&Crafts | Dolls | Apparel | Accessories | Cards | Video/DVD | CD-ROM |
Free CD Software for : education - games - home - garden - life style - productivity

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