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This is a holding page for materials related to my workshops at #21CLHK
16th to 18th Fenruary 2012
venue Hong Kong International School

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Chris Smith [shamblesguru]
educator, webkeeper
and ICT edtech advisor/consultant
google+ http://gplus.to/shamblesguru  csmith@csmith.info

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#21CLHK showcase SEE BELOW
the photographs will be public

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Pre-Conf: Mobile learning

QR Code Management of Change


#21CLHK Pre-Conference Workshop on Mobile learning
General Strand
Sharing Digital Media


Sharing Digital Media on Prezi

EAL Strand
Video in Teaching and Learning



Video in Teaching and Learning on Prezi

#21CLHK Crowd Sourced Photographs
note: they will be public
Crowd Sourced Photo

Images sent to smugmug can also be embedded .. as below FLASH

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Hashtag #21CLHK
LiveTwitter Stream for #techex2011  
ShamblesPAD Backchannel Tool shamblespad.com
This is a free application sponsored by Shambles ...
for use in the conference and also afterwards with students.
If you would like to set up your own private instance of this backchannel tool for your school then you can find help at http://www.nixtech.net/appliance/etherpad and http://www.nixtech.net/blog/real-time-collaboration-shambles  
Mobile Learning Conference in Australia
March 2012
Details: http://1to1australia.posterous.com/
Register: http://www.sybasigns.com/seminars.htm
Mobile Learning Australia Conference
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