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'Shambles' plans to organise and run a course each year in S.E.Asia that will be offered in more than one location, will involve overseas facilitators and will have Information Technology as a main component ... details for 2004 are below :

Training course for ICT Coordinators and for "Aspiring" ICT Coordinators

The first of these "tours" is designed to support current ICT coordinators or those who are 'aspiring' to be ICT coordiinators, it is planned to run in February / March 2003. The course will first be offered in Bangkok and then repeated in Hong Kong ... followed by school-based/online work.

The course was developed by Martyn Wilson and Janet Roberts (both based in Hampshire, England), in conjunction with NAACE and Nottingham Trent University (NTU). Athough this course uses "UK National Curriculum" materials it may be of interest to others, see the course specifics for more details and to help you decide the relevance.

The two facilitators, Janet Roberts and Martyn Wilson, are from the UK and are the staff responsible for designing the course itself, so we could not have better support.

Click on these links for specifics ... please note there are still a few gaps in the info

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| Notice for Staffroom noticeboard (.doc) | Membership List | Timeline and dates |
| Bangkok Venue | Hong Kong Venue | Reading List | FAQs |
| On enrolment full access to the resources will be at http://education.ntu.ac.uk/courses/naace/index.html |


Please note that this course has been postponed for one year until
18th, 19th 20th February 2004

This is mainly because schools were given insufficient notice to plan for it in 2002-2003 as a possible element of their own school professional development programme.

It was also suggested that the cost was a little high .. in an attempt to reduce this it will only be held once in one venue in 2004 .. in BANGKOK ... we will also be investigating sponsorship opportunities to try and reduce costs further.

CLICK HERE ... for full detail of the 2004 in-service event

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