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A HootCourse is an online classroom. And then some.
Instead of cumbersome forums or complicated lesson-plan formats, HootCourse uses a combination of the most popular social networks and blogging platforms to provide a new type of online classroom.
HootCourses are built on tweets and status updates in real-time.
There's no particular structure to them, at least no more than a classroom with chairs and a blackboard; they're a simple construct that lets a teacher and pupil interact.
Most online learning solutions have the same problem. They try to be a virtual teacher instead of a virtual classroom.
HootCourse sticks solely to the role of classroom. It's a virtual environment built to facilitate the free-flowing dialogue of an educational setting. Like a real-world classroom, it leaves teaching materials and format to the teacher.
Students and teachers can sign in with either Facebook or Twitter.
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Collaborize Classroom (free LMS)
Collaborize Classroom allows teachers to extend their classroom discussions to a structured and private online community.
ollaborize Classroom is designed to complement classroom instruction and engage students in online activities, assignments and discussions that allow for deeper participation inside and outside the classroom.
Do more with less. Allow your students to participate on their own time with an easy-to-use platform.
Enrich your curriculum with multimedia. Embed Microsoft Office documents, videos, pictures, and PDFs.
Download FREE lesson plans to help get you started.
Give every student a voice. Teach students how to have productive, respectful and supportive discussions online. This is a life skill that is critical to future success.
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twiducate.com is a free resource for educators.
Developed in 2009, our goal is to create a medium for teachers and students to continue their learning outside the classroom. We attempt to fill a need for a more educationally focused, safe venue for teachers, schools, and home learners in a social networking environment.
Many students already use social networking sites. Why not give them an opportunity to develop their learning in this type of environment but with control over visibility and content. Talk about student engagement!
Not only will twiducate.com give your students the web 2.0 skills they need, but also expand their reading, writing, thoughts and ideas beyond the classroom setting.
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Social Media Classroom and Collaboratory
Social Media Classroom and Collaboratory
Welcome to the Social Media Classroom and Collaboratory. It’s all free, as in both “freedom of speech” and “almost totally free beer.” We invite you to build on what we’ve started to create more free value. The Social Media Classroom (we’ll call it SMC) includes a free and open-source (Drupal-based) web service that provides teachers and learners with an integrated set of social media that each course can use for its own purposes—integrated forum, blog, comment, wiki, chat, social bookmarking, RSS, microblogging, widgets , and video commenting are the first set of tools.
The Classroom also includes curricular material:
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Todays Meet
Imagine you're giving a presentation where you can read the mind of every person in the room. If you can stay sane, you'll have an amazing ability to adjust to your audience's needs and emotions.
Using Twitter at social media conferences has become a great way to do just that. But Twitter isn't appropriate for every situation.
That's where Today's Meet comes in. Today's Meet gives you an isolated room where you can see only what you need to see, and your audience doesn't need to learn any new tools like hash tags to keep everything together.
Try it now, just put a room name in the box below and hit enter.
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NineHub is a FREE Moodle Hosting. Start your online class within seconds.
No installation, unlimited disk space, bandwidth, classes, tutors and students. It's free.
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iEARN Collaboration Centre
iEARN Collaboration Centre enables young people to learn with, rather than simply about, the world. Find project partners quickly. Read 200+ project descriptions and browse student-produced
iEARN (International Education and Resource Network) is a non-profit organization made up of over 20,000 schools and youth organizations in more than 115 countries. iEARN empowers teachers and young people to work together online using the Internet and other new communications technologies.
Over 1,000,000 students each day are engaged in collaborative project work worldwide.
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WiZiQ is a place where you can teach and learn using an easy-to-use Virtual Classroom. You are welcome to give private and public live online sessions, teach for free or earn money teaching. As a learner you can attend public sessions on various topics from academics to anything under the sun.
Connect live anywhere in the world from home to share an interactive synchronized collaborative environment. The Virtual Classroom enables you to communicate using video and audio with a headset or through text chat, and to share whiteboards, presentations, documents and images.
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Build a class website with BuzzWebz
From the makers of Dazzle, BuzzWebz is a UNIQUE tool for creating websites. Designed specifically for education.
If you want to see real collaboration in action, give the FREE TRIAL a go. Forget Web 2.0, that is serial collaboration. Buzz lets children collaborate in parallel, all working on the same site at the same time.
Use it right across the curriculum and let their imagination and creativity bloom.
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elearning area on Shambles
There is now a whole subsection on the topic of "getting your class online" on Shambles.
Vist the 'elearning' page to see it.
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ThinkPort (USA)
Student Activity Builder - create online activities for one lesson
Lesson Builder - create lesson plans online
Project Builder - create web-based projects online
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Application Service Providers (ASP) - Shambles Area
This link leads to an area on Shambles called "Application Service Providers" (ASPs)
An ASP is simply a company that provides computer appplications that run on their computers outside of your school ... so the school does not need to buy the machines and, more importantly, does not need to maintain it or trouble shoot when there are problems
Some are free, in particlar you will find some web addresses where a teachers can put photographs, a list of favourite websites online; do an online survey all for free so they are available to the class.
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e-learning page on Shambles
The e-learning page on Shambes is mainly concerned about 'whole-school' solutions.
But for the individual teacher (or parent) who does notm want to wait for the school to get up to speed then there are links to solutions where the individual teachers can get their class online free or at minimal cost ... e.g. options such as "BlackBoard", "HotPotatoes", "MyClass.net" , "Think.com" , "SmartGroups" and "eBoard"
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WebProjects Area on Shambles
This link leads to an area on Shambles that lists websites to help you set up a Web Project or Webquest ... with very little ICT skill and free.
In particular have a look at "WWW4Teachers - online tool (especially Notestart)" - "Virtual Field Trips" - "Online Web Quest Generator" -
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Creat Worksheets OnLine (Shambles List)
This link leads to an area on Shambles that lists options to creat worksheets .. both off and online.
But for particular interest to get your classroon online and with the least effort and no cost then have a loom in particular at 'Notable Pics', 'Web (online) Worksheet Wizard',
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Build a website (Area on Shambles)
Build a website ... information in another area of Shambles with well over 50 links to external sites
There are lots of links and advice here ... but you will need to invest a little more time than if using the other external links on this specific page.
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