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  Asset Management

Asset Management Software
Unbiased and vendor neutral comparison of UK based asset management software options.
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ManageEngine AssetExplorer
IT Asset Management Software from ManageEngine AssetExplorer that offers enterprise-wide asset visibility and control to manage all your IT and Non-IT assets.
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Printopia : printing from iDevices
Printing from your iPhone or iPad is easier than you've ever imagined. Run Printopia on your Mac to share its printers to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
Add unlimited virtual printers to save print-outs to your Mac as PDF files.
Whether you have an inkjet printer plugged into your Mac, a laser printer plugged into your router or even a network printer, if your Mac can print to it, Printopia will share it.
Is your printer plugged into your AirPort or Time Capsule? No problem. Printopia translates for your printer, allowing it to speak to your iPhone or iPad even if it's not an AirPrint-compatible printer.
Printopia even supports many password-protected printers.
Dropbox.com users can print PDF and JPG files directly to the Mac's Dropbox folder. Dropbox will take care of syncing your printouts for access anywhere you go.
Beware of printing solutions that re-configure your Mac's printing system. Printopia runs independently from printer sharing, and does not modify your Mac or iOS operating system in any way.
Not sure if Printopia does what you need? Download the free demo version and try it out for 7 days. Purchase only if you like what you see.
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School Room Booking System
School Room Booking System - Share and Monitor ICT Resources
Freeperiod is an online room booking system that allows schools share ICT resources such as ICT suites, laptop trolleys and other ICT resources.
Freeperiod is easy to setup. Simply email your existing timetable information from SIMS (or any other MIS system) and you will be live within 24 hours!
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Asset Management - Free Tools from Spiceworks
Looking for a way to manage all of your IT assets? Spiceworks' free software lets you integrate an asset management solution with a full-featured help desk, network monitoring tools, and more.
By installing this quick & free download, small & medium businesses can inventory everything they manage like network devices, PC & software installations, monitor their network, Exchange, and licensing, report on assets, inventory & network metrics, and track tasks with a built-in help desk & IT portal.
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Room Booking System : Designed for Schools
Room Booking System : Designed for Schools
The online Room Booking System maximises the usage of rooms and facilities within schools by increasing efficiency whilst eliminating double bookings. The system is unique as it integrates with the school timetable (single, bi-weekly, x-day) accounting for timetabled lessons therefore the room can only be booked when it is free of lessons.
Our room booking software has been designed specifically for, although not limited to, schools. The system runs on set timeslots (Period 1, 9am - 10am, etc) and therefore is suited to environments where users book at pre-defined time intervals.
The web based room booking software can be accessed from any internet connected computer.
Free trial
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Book meeting rooms (online application)
Using our online meeting room manager, you can check the availability of any meeting room in your office and make a booking in real-time using a web browser.
Organising meetings made easy. Imagine the simplicity of using an online room scheduler to book a meeting room from your desk rather than having to locate a meeting room coordinator and have them check availability and reserve on your behalf.
Typically the larger the organisation the more time can be taken up in the organising a room for a meeting. With bookmeetingrooom.com staff will be able to see with one quick glance which rooms are available from where ever you are.
Itís a fantastic facility for anyone who schedules meetings and those who have to attend them.
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PaperCut is a solution to monitor, quota and report network printing and internet use. PaperCut is renowned for its combination of powerful features and ease-of-use.
PaperCut is now tracking the printing of over a million users in more than 60 countries worldwide.
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CELCAT Timetabler
CELCAT Timetabler is an interactive timetabling system for PCs that is used to schedule courses and classes, manage room bookings and prepare timetables for hundreds of institutions worldwide.
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SysAid Help Desk Software and Asset Management
SysAid Help Desk Software and Asset Management
SysAid is a suite of web-based IT management software tools. It automates your processes for help desk, hardware configurations, software licenses, tasks, projects, and much more.
By automatically scanning your network, SysAid provides you with the necessary details on each machine and lets you remote control it.
Our Help Desk Software centralizes your user data, service request history, and hardware and software inventory into a single, easily accessible, user-friendly web interface.
Used by over 10,000 organizations around the world
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Windows Inventory (Open Source free)
Windows Inventory : Windows PC Auditing Software (Open Source free)
Do you want to know exactly what hardware is in your PCs ? What software is installed ? What are the Serial Numbers ? When was it installed ? What "Other" devices are out there on your network ?
Windows Inventory could be just what you need. All data is retrieved using Windows built in VBScript and stored in a MySQL database. Data is displayed in a web browser, generated using PHP.
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HSImonitor is an Asset Management application for hardware and software auditing and configuration change monitoring. This may be run as a stand-alone application or as a fully integrated add-on to SiteHelpDesk-IT and is fully accessible from a web browser.
This exceptional tool will help you track the hardware on your network and every thing that happens with your computer assets, maintaining a full history of all changes.
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Get SysAid for Free
Get SysAid for Free
Completely free, with no trial period, and no ads. SysAid offers help desk and asset management. With SysAid, you'll be able to:
- View, manage, and remote control computers, printers, and other assets on your network.
- Manage your organization's internal help desk, receiving and dealing with service requests.
- Print detailed reports on inventory, service quality, and more.
- Receive free support and updates for six months.
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Print Manager Plus
Print Manager Plus is superior quota management software that allows you to track user and printer usage as well as cut wasted budget dollars resulting from uncontrolled, irresponsible printing. It limits printer wear and tear as well as paper and toner use.
These items amount to a major portion of any budget and are impossible to control without effective tracking. You'll be amazed how much you can save by just tracking this outflow.!
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VendPrint : Printer Management
Welcome to VendPrint
The final stop in your search for affordable, easy-to-use print management, workstation reservation, and internet filtering software.
We serve College/Universities, Public Libraries, K12, and corporate environments.
By carefully designing our products to be user friendly for patrons and staff, we help Librarians get back to being Librarians.
Our mission is to provide the highest quality solutions for managing the use of your organization? network resources. These products provide flexibility to fit the needs of a variety of environments including K-12 school systems, Colleges and Universities, public libraries, and corporations of all sizes. These products are developed with the user in mind. Ease of implementation and support will remain the prime design directive while the quality and reliability of our software products will never be compromised.
Print Management and Print Cost Recovery | PC Reservations and Scheduling | Internet Filtering | VAM Scheduling | K-12 Print Monitor | ScreenDoor | PacketHound |
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Vector Networks Launches PC-Duo Enterprise, a Desktop Management Suite with Web-based Capabilities
Inventory Management | Software Distribution | Software Metering | HelpDesk | Issue Tracking | Diagnostics | Remote Control |
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Keri Systems : Access Control
Welcome to KERI SYSTEMS, an acknowledged leader in proximity card access control readers and systems.
Keri Systems will be the world's best manufacturer of access control systems products through the relentless pursuit of quality, technological innovation, and unparalleled customer service.
In the early years, Keri Systems designed and sold stand-alone single door-only access control systems. Keri now manufactures access control systems for managing 1 to 256 doors at a single site and thousands of doors over multiple sites, specializing in proximity technology, but also with the ability to use any Wiegandô card reader technology.
Keri is the only company that specializes in both access control systems and standalone readers which gives us unmatched expertise for the entire access control industry. Whether you're a dealer or an end user, Keri provides cost-effective, sophisticated access control systems and readers for all types of customers.
swipe cards | door | control | security | building | access |
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Ringdale Follow-Me : Printing Solutions
The leading-edge solution that enables secure printing on network printers and decreases printing costs.
Access control: Proximity cards issued to control equipment access and usage
Increased security: Documents print only after the user presents their proximity card
Decreased waste: Duplicate print jobs eliminated, saving toner and paper
Accounting: Costs monitored and logged on individual or group basis
Flexibility: Print jobs follow users to their choice of network printer
asset management | printing | printers | access control systems |
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