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  Effective Internet Use

LiveBinder (Free)
LiveBinder is dedicated to helping you empower others with the information you worked hard to collect.
If you're like us, you've used 'creative' tactics to keep track of all these links either through email, word documents or endless lists in your browser bookmarks folder. It is hard to put a bunch of links together in any meaningful format. And sharing a group of URLs is cumbersome for everyone - the sender and the receiver. Have you ever looked through your bookmarks list and forgotten what they are all for?
We created LiveBinders so that you could do with digital information what you do with the papers on your desk - organize them into nice containers - like 3-ring binders on your shelf.
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Is a website the Internet Down?
You cannot connect to a particular website .... check if it is down or it's just you.
Is the Internet Down?
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If you browse or read a lot on the web, we believe you will find Diigo indispensable. Diigo is two services in one -- it is a research and collaborative research tool on the one hand, and a knowledge-sharing community and social content site on the other.
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13 Great Tools For Organizing The Web
13 Great Tools For Organizing The Web
The web is a big and wonderful place, full of exciting pages and information that we all would like to go back to from time to time. Then comes the problem when you open your bookmarks andÖ you canít remember the name of the site, or what folder you put it in, or you find a bookmark and you canít remember why you saved it! Well, youíre not the only one - thatís why over the years people have been coming up with new and intuitive ways to bookmark and save content. Weíve gathered together 13 such tools to help you save your bookmarks with a visual twist, highlight sections of a page, and more.
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blummy is a free tool for quick access to your favorite web services via your bookmark toolbar.
It's a kind of drop down menu consisting of widgets (called blummlets) that provide rich functionality. It works on almost every page on the web. Just click on it at your toolbar.
One use is to see graphical images of where links go ... might be helpful when evaluating websites.
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Touch Graph
Touch Graph ... use this free Java application to explore the connections between related websites.
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About the Internet: Videos and PowerPoints
The link above goes to one of the Shambles "Forest of Theme Blogs" pages that provides videos and other multimedia resources to support the topic here.
If you would like to see all of the Theme Blogs then go to the full list at http://www.shambles.net/blogforest or click where you see this button Visit the list of all the Shambles
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Welcome to Learn the Net, a website dedicated to helping you master this amazing medium.
- The Web-at-a-Glance
- E-Mail-at-a-Glance
- Web Publishing-at-a-Glance
- Smart Shopping-at-a-Glance
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WiredKids is designed to teach kids how to surf safely and how to have fun doing it. We have a report line so that you can report bad sites, or get advice if you've found something online you don't know how to deal with.
While a large portion of Wired Kids, Inc.'s work involves preventing and helping investigate cybercrimes and abuses, Wired Kids also has a softer side. WiredKids.org has many online safety games for younger children and information for children of all ages as well as helpful information for teachers, parents and law enforcement.
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The United States Congress has designated i-SAFE America Inc, a non-profit Internet safety foundation, to bring Internet safety education and awareness to the youth of this country. Founded in 1998, i-SAFE is a proactive prevention-oriented Internet safety awareness program. We provide age-appropriate K-12 curriculum to schools in all 50 states FREE of charge.
Founded in 1998, i-SAFE America provides Internet safety information and knowledge to students, parents, and everyone in the community in a variety of ways.
Parent Survey/Assessments | Webcasts | Implementation Plan | For Educators | Professional Development Program |
The i-Buddy Zone provides resources and activities especially for young students including the i-Buddy Times, music lyrics, and periodically updated online games.
Watch the online i-SAFE Professional Development Program (PDP) to become a certified i-SAFE Program Leader or Classroom Instructor. .. video segments
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Internet Strategies
Internet Strategies | Why Use Internet in the Classroom? | NTTI Internet Utilization Strategies | video clips |
As an experienced teacher, you already have lessons that work well for the age you teach and the topics you cover. To evaluate whether using the Internet will enhance your classroom practice, consider these questions ....
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Childnet International
Welcome to the website of Childnet International - the children's Internet charity committed to helping to make the Internet a great and safe place for children.
On this website you can read about the way in which Childnet is working around the world with many other organisations to help highlight and promote the positive inspiring ways children can use the Net.
You can also read about the strategic education and policy initiatives we are engaged in which are helping to protect children in this new environment.
internet | use | safety |
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Virtual Field Trips created with TourMaker
Tramline developed TourMaker© software back in 1996. Over the years TourMaker© has earned a reputation as the best tool for creating Virtual Field Trips and Web Tours. Field trips created with TourMaker have a consistent, professional, and easy to navigate format that prevents users from getting "lost in cyberspace." TourMaker© is incredibly easy to learn and easy to use.
TourMaker Field Trips take you through a sequence of Web pages on any given subject. For each page, there is simultaneous commentary in an accompanying window. You move forward and back through the Web Tour using the tour Control Panel and you can leave the Tour to explore links and return to it whenever you want. Tours run on all popular browsers. You only need to know how to click a mouse!
prevent students from getting lost! | provide a safe journey through the Internet | are inexpensive | take you through a sequence of Web pages on any subject you choose | provide custom instructions or commentary about each visited Web page | move forward and back through the field trip using the Control Panel | allow you to leave the field trip to explore links and return to it whenever you want. | are SO easy to use--you only need to know how to click a mouse! |
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e-learning (USA) Research
The latest research and evaluation studies demonstrate that school improvement programs that employ technology for teaching and learning yield positive results for students and teachers. Given that many schools and classrooms have only recently gained access to technology for teaching and learning, the positive outcomes of these studies suggest a future for education that could be quite bright if the nation maintains its commitment to harnessing technology for education.
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