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  INSET for IT (ICT)

ICT Technology Professional Development Resources
ICT Technology Professional Development Resources from Texas Center for Educational Technology
Resources include online videos and PowerPoints
Authentic Assessment: Rubrics | Basic Editing Concepts | Best Teaching Practices | Cameras, Videotape & Formats | Color and Design | Copyright Issues | Designing Technology Projects | Desktop Publishing & Project-Based Learning | Drug Awareness | Evolution of Communication | Getting Connected to the Internet | Graphic File Formats | Hardware and Software Basics |
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ArsDigita University (ADU) : Computer Science Course
ArsDigita University (ADU) : Computer Science Course Materials (free)
ADU was a one-year, intensive post-baccalaureate program in Computer Science based on the undergraduate course of study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The majority of the instructors were professors from MIT and the program was tuition free. After running from September 2000 through July 2001, seeing the first class to graduation, the program was forced to shut down.
This site serves a dual purpose. It is here to tell the story of ADU and it is here to carry on the school's mission of supplying free education. Toward this latter end, ADUni.org provides all course materials and lectures generated during the program to the general public for free use.
This site features Computer Science lectures, coursework, and exams from ArsDigita University.
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ICT : Free Online Courses
ICT : Free Online Courses
ICT | Basic skills | Strategic use of the Internet | Web design | Using Older and Refurbished Computers Unit | ICT Troubleshooting for Librarians | Computer Ergonomics for Elementary School | Open Office | PowerPoint | Internet and E-mail Basics - Introduction to the Internet | ITrain Overview of the Internet | Reach for the Sky: A set of On-line Courses for Teachers | WebTeacher | Mailing lists, newsgroups, and other discussion forums | Women Online: Training Kit | Strategic Internet Use - Technology planning | Community Radio - Content development | Computer Networking - Introduction to networking | Databases - Introduction | Databases - Content management systems |
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Case Study : ICT in Maths
Case Study : ICT in Maths
This video involves a Year 7, mixed progress class. The class is following a maths course on Reflections using ICT.
Using a wide range of ICT, including interactive whiteboard, and other tools such as presentation software and the internet, the teacher is able to enhance and engage the students learning in teaching reflections.
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RSS Feeds at ITConversations
RSS Feeds at ITConversations allowing you to subscribe (free) to be kept up to date on current ICT issues.
Just download the audio files manually or as podcasts to your mp3 player
This includes links to here talks and presentations in several ICT conferences
Other topics include
| Audio | Biotech | Bloggers and Blogging | Business | Culture | Digital Identity | Digital Rights Management | Environment | The Future | The Law | Marketing | The Media | Microsoft | Open Source | Mobile Technology | Politics | RSS and Podcasting | Security | Software Development | Web Hosting | Web Services |
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TILT - Teachers Improving Learning with Technology
TILT - Teachers Improving Learning with Technology ... Blog with videos to support teachers continuing professional development.
| video blogging | CPD | ICT | technology |
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Professional Development Via E-Mail
Professional Development Via E-Mail: All You Need is a Keyboard!
E-mail is a great way for keeping teachers informed about school goings-on. But are you using e-mail as a tool for providing professional development for your teachers? Ed World's "Principal Files" principals share how they are doing just that. Tips included.
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Training course for ICT Coordinators
Training course for ICT Coordinators
Martyn Wilson and Janet Roberts, in conjunction with Naace and Nottingham Trent University (NTU), have developed a course for new and aspiring ICT coordinators. For some time there has been a need to encourage and support teachers who wish to become or who have recently become ICT coordinators.
If you provide courses and would like to offer this course as part of your programme you will need to enrol with Naace.
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Video Classroom
Video Classroom is a collection of video and radio programs documenting K-12 teachers, student teachers, faculty and administrators in real life classroom experiences.
A useful resource for professional development and inset.
Along with our classroom segments, Video Classroom also offers you additional resources such as extended interview segments, extended classroom segments, suggested websites, and discussion questions, all to help you use the segment or replicate the lesson in your classroom.
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Free I.T. Training - mainly programming
Free I.T. Training
Welcome to One of the Very Best Computer & IT Education and Training Gateways on the Web Today
Imagine Finding All the Free IT Training You Ever Need and Want!
On this site you can Learn Programming for Free - how to Develop and Write Computer Programs and IT Applications. Whether you're going for technical certification or teaching yourself programming, web design, or networking, here you will find plenty of web resources. Get Free Knowledge, Information, References, and Resources about computers now by visiting the many Free Computer, Programming and IT Training Courses, Tutorials, Books, Training Guides, Tips, Articles, and How-Tos. We give you great assistance, whether you're a student learning computer programming or an IT professional.
IT | ICT | INSET | courses | course | training | programmes | program | programming | A+ Cert | Algorithms | Architecture | Assembly | C | C++ | CGI | Cisco | CORBA | Database | Hardware | HTML/Web | Java | Javascript | Linux | MCSE/MCSD | Networking | Novell/CNA/CNE | Object Oriented | le/OCP | Pascal | Perl | PHP | Programming | Python | RAID | SQL | Tcl | UML | Unix | Visual Basic | Windows NT/2000 | XML |
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How teachers learn
This site is about adult learning and nothing else!
A single stop for professional development.
This site is produced by Jamie McKenzie Editor of From Now On
Adult Technology Learning | Creating Learning Cultures with Just-in-Time Support | Assessing Staff Technology Competence | Barriers to New Technologies | Coaching for a Change | Designing Staff Development for the Information Age | How Teachers Learn Technology Best | Invention as Learning | Reaching the Reluctants | Technology Literacy and Recruitment | Teflon Learning | Web Based Staff Development: Creating Commitment with Online Learning |
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