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Doug Johnsons Library and Technology Laws
Doug Johnsons Little List of Library and Technology Laws
As far as I can tell, cynicism, pessimism, or hypocrisy have never served any teacher or student well. But a little clear-eyed honesty well-stated certainly can. Harry Truman said it best: "I don't give them hell; I just tell them the truth and they think it's hell."
Well, it's not really my intention to give anyone hell, but here are a few "truths" that may seem a bit curmudgeonly. I believe these are my own, but if anyone recognizes the same sentiment stated in a similar fashion by someone else, I'd like to know about it.
As one example from this list:
The Drill Bit Rule: You don't buy a drill bit because you want a drill bit; you buy it because you want a hole. You don't buy technology because you want technology; you buy it because you want a more effective school.
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Library Job Postings on the Internet
Library Job Postings on the Internet ... mainly USA but also other locations
librarian | librarians | jobs | vacancies | links |
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A Directory of School Libraries on the Web
This is a list of library web pages maintained by K-12 school libraries in the United States and in countries around the world.
This directory is limited to listing pages which focus on the school library/media center. The content of these pages is quite varied and displays the marvelous creativity of school librarians around the world.
If you would like your school library page listed here, please write to Linda Bertland at bertland@voicenet.com.
school | library | web | website | webpage |
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Ask a Librarian
Why ask a librarian? Because librarians have the answers! Public libraries in the UK run reference and information services staffed by librarians who are experts at finding information for you. Whatever the subject of your enquiry, our librarians will come up with an answer or guide you to other sources of information that will help you.
Your electronic reference library Ask a Librarian is online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our digital enquiry service is no substitute for a face to face consultation with the librarians at your local reference library, particularly if you need advice on how to research a complex subject, but it is sometimes more convenient. We're accessible at all hours of the day and night and we'll deliver a response to your enquiry direct to your desktop. The Ask a Librarian service has added a new electronic dimension to the information services which public libraries have always provided and will continue to provide.
Ask A | search | research | librarian |
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Internet Library for Librarians
Internet Library for Librarians has been a popular information resource site for librarians since 1994.
It is an information portal designed for librarians to locate Internet resources related to their profession. It has received many awards, including SUNLINK Link of the Week, Digital Librarian Award from Argus Clearinghouse, the Best Library and Reference Site from LibrarySpot, and Five Stars from Anbar Cool Sites.
Internet Library for Librarians is also linked and referenced by hundreds of libraries and other organizations, including the Library of Congress and OCLC.
Internet Library for Librarians provides links to more than 3,000 resources. All the resources are recommended, selected, and reviewed by librarians. Each entry has a full description of the goals and /or scope of the resource, as well as the contact information if provided. Internet Library for Librarians is a handy and useful tool for both novices and experienced library staff.
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Library Catalogs and Other Library Information
German Catalogs -- Austrian Catalogs -- Swiss Catalogs -- Digital Projects -- Bibliographies -- Archives -- Journals
lists of OPACs | OPAC |
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American Library Association
News and Announcements | Events and Conferences | Library Advocacy and Support | Education and Employment | Awards | ALA Interests and Activities | The Marketplace | Membership Info and Services | ALA's Library | ALA Divisions,Units, Governance |
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Library Juice
Library Juice is a news digest for librarians, library and information science students, and other interested people. It includes announcements, many web resources, calls for papers, and news affecting the library world. Much of the material has a social-responsibilities or intellectual freedom focus.
It is not a discussion list but a digest of material from a variety of sources. However, you are welcome to submit material directly to the editor
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A news site for and all about librarians! Maintained by "rarin librarian" Jessamyn West, this site offers links to articles about all aspects of librarians' lives from news outlets around the world. There is a searchable archive of the links, currently back to April of 1999, a question of the week poll, and links to other library related Web sites. An excellent source of information and fun for librarians of all types
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Librarian's Index (to the www
The Librarians' Index to the Internet is a searchable, annotated subject directory of more than 6,000 Internet resources selected and evaluated by librarians for their usefulness to users of public libraries.
It's meant to be used by both librarians and n on-librarians as a reliable and efficient guide to described and evaluated Internet resources.
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UK Office for Library and Information Networking
The UK Office for Library and Information Networking
UKOLN is a national focus of expertise in digital information management. It provides policy, research and awareness services to the UK library, information and cultural heritage communities. UKOLN is based at the University of Bath.
UKOLN is a national centre for network information management.
It provides services to the library, information and cultural heritage communities.
Its goals are to:
Influence policy and inform practice
Advance the state of the art and to contribute to knowledge
Build useful and innovative distributed systems and services Promote community building and consensus-making through awareness and events services.
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Information Today (for Librarians)
Information Today (for Librarians)
Conferences | Periodicals | Books | Information Services | Calendar | Advertising | ITI News |
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