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Edorble Blog
Worlds Beyond Studios is on a mission to make online learning more personal, playful, and powerful. We are an international team of educators, developers, and artists and we are excited to be working at the intersection of education, games, and virtual reality.
Our first product, Edorble, is an online virtual world for your classroom.
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Why Virtual Worlds Have More Value Than Twitter
Why Virtual Worlds (like Second Life) Have More Value Than Twitter & Facebook
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Nalates Things and Stuff Blog
Oh geezÖ Iím an AV from Uru Live, my first MMO and virtual world experience. I was in MO:UL, Myst Online: Uru Live, the 2007-2008 reincarnation of Uru Live. When GameTap dropped the MMO verion of the game I moved to Second Life as a Díni Refugee.
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Chapter and Metaverse