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Teaching Teens in Second Life: No Avatar Left Behind
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SLEDcc 2008 Machinima Festival
Focus: How Teens Are Using Machinima
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Arizona Kids in Second Life
Phoenix Elementary School District's Documentation of Second Life Island Project
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Ramapo Island in SL Teen Grid
Ramapo Island in Second Life Teen Grid
A running account of Ramapo Islands: the virtual presence for education at Suffern Middle School, Suffern, New York.
| Peggy Sheehy | SL: Maggie Marat |
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Skoolaborate provides schools from around the world with the opportunity to collaborate in a single 'virtual' educational environment.
Using Teen Second Life as it's base. It consists of several islands that are collaboratively run by partner schools and their students. It also has a blog, a wiki and soon, integrated units of work and a adult grid presence.
Skoolaborate aims to provide a common place to share and try ideas around how virtual worlds and web 2.0 technologies can engage our students and increase their learning outcomes.
In the longer term we hope to make our virtual experiences meaningful and authentic by running a series of events aimed at improving the educational outcomes for all students.
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PacificRim Exchange : Project
PacificRim Exchange : Project .. between students in Japan and the USA
The Pacific Rim Exchange program grew out of a dinner conversation between a group of teachers in my district and a visiting group of teachers from our sister school in Kyoto, Japan (Kyoto Gakuen High School). We were discussing the possibility of setting up video conferencing between our schools so that our future exchange students could interact prior to their exchanges, possibly getting to know each other a bit, and maybe if we were lucky they would learn a little of their host country’s language before their exchange.
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Teen Second Life: Adult Clearance Procedure
Teen Second Life: Adult Clearance Procedure
Before you begin the application process for Teen Grid clearance, understand a few important basics ....
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Setting up an island in the Teen Grid
If you are thinking of setting up an island in the Teen Grid then this page should be of interest to you - it explains some aspects of setting up a Teen Grid island, getting adults into the island, and bulk registering students.
This involved four steps:
1. Buying SchomeBase and Schome Park (our islands in the Main and Teen Grids respectively)
2. Developing SchomeBase (so that it looked exactly like we wanted Schome Park to look like)
3. Mirroring SchomeBase onto Schome Park
4. Sorting out any problems on Schome Park following the mirroring
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Global Kids Island monthly newsletter
Global Kids Island monthly newsletter ... distribute in-world on the teen grid
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Playing BPE - Globalkids Bixby
Playing BPE - Globalkids Bixby (Video Interview)
Barry Joseph (Globalkids Bixby-SL), Director of Global Kids' Online Leadership Program - "(Educator's) History of the Teen Grid - A Global Kids Choose-Your-Own-Best-Practices Adventure".
Barry delivers a brief history of the Global Kids program on the Teen Grid in Second Life, and demonstrates a tool they developed to incorporate audience participation into Second Life presentations.
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Daniel Voyager in TSL's photos
Daniel Voyager in TSL's photos ... photographs taken in the teen grid.
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Island in the teen grid: Metaversa (Blog)
Island in the teen grid: Metaversa
Metaversa is an non-profit organization from Berlin/Germany for media, education and culture. Our goal is to enlarge democratic and social skills with media education.
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The schomeNAGTY Teen Second Life Pilot
The schomeNAGTY Teen Second Life Pilot Final Report
This report provides a brief overview of key ‘findings’ emerging from the schome-NAGTY Teen Second Life Pilot. There is extensive additional information about the Pilot on the schome community website www.schome.ac.uk
The Pilot set out to explore the educational potential and pitfalls of Teen Second Life, a secure 3D virtual world for 13 to 17 year olds. 149 students from NAGTY (The National Association of Gifted and Talented Youth) were provided with access to Schome Park (an island in Teen Second Life) which was intended to be used as an integral part of the the schome community website (wiki and forum).
These students were referred to as SParkers.
During the Pilot a great deal was learnt about the pragmatics of using Second Life to enhance learning. It seems clear that Second Life does offer affordances that other media lack and that it has the potential to offer powerful new forms of support for learning, particularly in relation to knowledge age skills.
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Shamblesguru 'Teen Grid' Video Picks on YouTube
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