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Buzznet | Photoblogging | images online from phones |
Buzznet | Photoblogging | images online from phones |
Based in Los Angeles, Buzznet Inc. creates and maintains Buzznet.com, a vibrant social network for Internet based photo communication. Buzznet also develops the photocommunication platform -- the first software of its kind in the blogging space. Which enables tens of thousands of individuals, organizations and corporations to participate in the Web's full potential by publishing photos and fostering communication between users with simple yet powerful software and services.
Basic service is free. It is free to access all the community features at buzznet.com. Free users can post up to 60 images per month. Buzznet has launched premium services as well. Premium members get 250 photo uploads a month and are able to choose custom design templates and create private and public galleries. There will always be some free aspects to Buzznet.com.
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ShutterFly (free)
Once you add your pictures to your Shutterfly account, you can enhance them as needed by reducing red eye and cropping images. You can even personalize them with a message on the back and get creative by enhancing the color, changing color pictures to black and white, or adding your choice of borders on front.
Upload pics from your mobile phone
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With Snapfish, you can instantly share photos with friends and family worldwide, right from your computer, enhancing the experience of photography, whether you use a digital or film camera.
View and save your Snapfish photos on your phone
? Use your favorite photos as wallpaper or caller IDs*
? Share photos with friends & order prints from Snapfish
? Take photos with your cameraphone - then store & share them on Snapfish
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Ofoto (owned by Kodak)
Ofoto is an online photography service whose core mission is to provide top-quality silver halide prints for digital and film camera users.
Our Web site, www.ofoto.com, gives photographers a new and easier way to store and share their pictures with family and friends.
Photographs from Camera CellPhones can be uploaded
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SmugMug (free trial)
Just your photos and video clips. Our mission is not to surround your photos with special offers. It's to provide great photo sharing.
If you're tired of dull-looking photo sites, you've come to the right place. We'll make you look good.
When your friends visit your galleries, we never ask them to register or log in. They may be asked for a password, but that's your call; you can password-protect any gallery or leave it open for all the world to see.
Send email to smugmug with attached photos, even from camera phones, and we'll place them in albums for you automatically.
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