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LumenEd Pen Pal program
In our video Pen Pal program, we facilitate video conversations between classrooms across the globe. This program exposes students to perspectives and forms of creative expression that they would otherwise only read or hear about. Whether the connection is across different cities or different continents, we give students the chance to see a world outside of their classroom.
Our platform consists of specialized educational content, a video pen pal program, and a unique device that makes it all possible.
Every device comes preloaded with relevant and engaging educational videos that inspire students to learn.
With over 1500 videos on topics like English, Science and Math, our digital content library meets the unique needs of every classroom.
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20 Day Stranger
20 Day Stranger is an iPhone app that reveals intimate, shared connections between two anonymous individuals.
It's a mobile experience that exchanges one person's experience of the world with another's, while preserving anonymity on both sides.
For 20 days, you and a stranger will experience the world in your own way, together. You'll never know who it is or exactly where they are, but we hope it will reveal enough about someone to build your imagination of their life... and more broadly, the imagination of strangers everywhere.

20 Day Stranger from Playful Systems on Vimeo.

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Edmodo Pen Pal Project
Edmodo Pen Pal Project ,, from the Global Classroom Project
My original idea was to use Edmodo in place of traditional “snail mail” pen pals. However, once I connect you with the other teachers, you are free to use your creativity to connect in any way that you choose.
Due to the popularity of the project (we had about 170 classrooms sign up for the last round), I cannot lead and/or moderate every group. One teacher in each small group will contact the other teachers involved and talk to them about creating the Edmodo group and brainstorming ideas for what the children should be sharing.
All teachers are responsible for moderating the comments left by their own students and the other students in their small group.
This project is appropriate for children ages 7 – 18.
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Shamblesguru's Live Twitter Stream
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JuJu Penpals
Free international friends and penpals community.
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Global Penfriends and Penpals
Snailmail and Email family friendly penpal club for people of all ages from all over the world.
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The Penpals Network
The Penpals Network
An international, free and big Friendship and Pen Pals Community.
Do you have interest in international friendships and in studying languages? We have a forum for you. The Penpals Network is a Penpal Service for people of all ages.
A free Membership is obligatory for all users to contact other users.
English | Deutsch | Español | Italiano |
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Basic life-skills training for children. Helps them collaborate and network with friends around the world.
Kidlink's free educational programs are for children and youth in all countries through the age of 17, and students at school through secondary school. Most users are between 10 - 15 years of age. Since the start in 1990, used by children from 164 countries.
The Kidlink knowledge network is run by 500 volunteers in over 50 countries. Hundreds of public and private virtual "rooms" for conferencing, chats, and collaboration. Information in over 30 languages.
| عربي | Български | Catala | Deutsch | English | Espa?l | ગુજરાતી | ?lenska | Italiano | | Magyar | नेपाली | Norsk | Portugu? | Русский | Rom??|
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International Pen Friends (IPF)
International Pen Friends (IPF) can provide you with new friends in your own age group from many countries around the world. Our Penfriends club has over 300,000 members aged from 8 to 80 in 192 countries. Since 1967, IPF has provided more than 1.5 million people aged from 8-80+ with penfriends. Our solid membership base, commitment and service has led to us being recognized as the world's leading penfriend club.
IPF does not use the Internet to match penfriends. IPF's objective is to keep the art of letter writing alive and to use that form of communication to encourage worldwide friendship. At the same time, many members exchange e-mail addresses and incorporate a variety of communication methods into the penfriend hobby which we support.
Our School Class Service
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EU? eTwinning action aims to generalise partnerships where two schools from two different European countries take advantage of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools to work together in order to harvest pedagogical, social and cultural benefits. It provides an opportunity to motivate young people to learn about each other, their school culture, and family while practising their ICT skills at the same time. eTwinning is about enhancing pedagogy and schools see it as a worthwhile activity that adds value to conventional learning.
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ePALS Classroom Exchange
ePALS Classroom Exchange
ePALS is the World's Leading Provider of School-Safe Email and Collaborative Technology for the Educational Market.
Connecting over 103,262 classrooms, 4.6 million students and educators in 191 countries for classroom-to-classroom projects and cross-cultural learning in the world's largest online classroom community.
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Kids' Space Connection
Kids' Space Connection is an international meeting place for children and schoolteachers. Find penpals from around the world!
Use KS Messaging Center as your safe tool for communication. It was designed so that both teachers and children under 13 years of age can benefit from the Internet, free from worry.
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