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How to install Chinese on Windows XP
How to install Chinese on Windows XP
Free Online Resources
Getting Chinese text in Windows is quite easy. Providing you have administrator rights, you can simply enable it in the control panel.
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Free Chinese Fonts
Free Chinese Fonts for Win9x / NT / 2000 / XP Download free chinese fonts for your computer, traditional and simplified chinese.
All 214 Chinese Radicals Free online resources
Radicals are called "Bu Shou" 部首 in chinese. They are basic characters that formed a certain character in chinese writing. All chinese characters are made up of radicals. (They are somewhat similar to the alphabets in english)
New Chinese Characters
Gallery of new chinese characters invented by foreigners...
Chinese number gestures : Free online resources
Photo of the hand gesture for each number. Chinese number gestures refers to the Chinese method of using one hand to signify the numbers one through ten.
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Chinese Tools
Chinese Tools
Chinese-tools.com provides a broad range of free tools available to use on your computer. Chinese translation, converters, dictionnaries, annotation, calligraphy.
Chinese English Dictionary | Chinese French Dictionary | Chinese German Dictionary | Chinese Spanish Dictionary | Chinese Chinese Dictionary | Traditional to Simplified | Simplified to Traditional | Chinese Input Method Editor | Pinyin Editor | Chinese Annotation Tool |
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GoChinese: a web-based Chinese language learning platform
GoChinese: a web-based Chinese language learning platform
GoChinese is an entirely engine-driven platform, based on a text-to-speech module, 250,000-word Chinese-English dictionary as well as a set of linguistic engines.
Through a selection of doubleclicks, highlights and mouseover functions, users can hear the spoken voice as well as view the English definition and phonetics of any Chinese word. Moreover, this platform not only effectively delivers course material, it also provides authoring tools that allow instructors to create web-based lessons and exercises.
Students, too, can at any time paste self-sourced Chinese text into the platform for customised learning.
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Unicode and Multilingual Editors
Unicode and Multilingual Editors and Word Processors for Windows
AbiWord | Aprotool TM Editor | BabelPad | CE UniWriter | Dreamweaver | EmEditor | FrontPage 2000 | FrontPage 2002 | FrontPage 2003 | Global Office | Global Writer | GoLive | jEdit | Mozilla Composer | Namo WebEditor | Netscape Composer | Notepad | Nvu | OnePen | OpenOffice | QJot | Simredo | TextPad | UDP | UltraEdit | UnicEdit | UniEdit | UniPad | UniRed | Word 97 | Word 2000 | Word 2002 | WorldPad | WPS Office 2003 | XML Spy | Editors for Mac OS 9 | Editors for Mac OS X | Editors for Unix |
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Mandarin Computer Tools for the Technical Minded
Mandarin Computer Tools
Chinese Digit Counter | Chinese Encoding Detector Java Version | HTML Escapes to Byte Converter | Chinese Input Methods for NT-Emacs | Chinese Segmenter | Word97 Chinese Input Macro | Zhuyin Macro | Java GB/Big5/Unicode Converter | Chinese GIF Collection | Change Chinese Files Names on English Windows | CEDICT Chinese/English Dictionary | DimSum: Chinese Tools for All |
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Input and Output of National Character Set
Input and Output of National Character Set (Hong Kong)
The purpose of this document is to introduce the input and output processing of Chinese in Hong Kong, in particular the existing Chinese IT processing in the Hong Kong Government (hereinafter abbreviated as "Government")
Totally, there are four topics to be coverd in this document. The first one is on "Chinese Character". The pupular Chinese Character sets and internal code sets used in Hong Kong will be described under this topic. The usage of Chinese characer in Government IT applications will also be discussed.
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