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  Boarding Schools

Best Boarding Schools
Best Boarding Schools is a global London based boarding schools placements consultancy.
We are specialising in selecting the best independent boarding schools and state boarding schools. We are presenting on this site some of the top boarding schools. Please make an enquiry about your boarding school search. We are here to help. You will not be dissapointed.
Your child needs and interests are most important to us! We are assisting parents to choose the best boarding schools in more than 60 countries worldwide.
Our consultancy is FREE of charge!
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Shamblesguru's Live Twitter Stream
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The Schools Directory
Providing independant information on Boarding Schools throughout the world. Searchable by region, qualifications offered, religion or type of schooling. Information is provided only in Chinese
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Boot Camps For Struggling Teens
This site explains in detail the different types of boot camps and other alternative options that parents can look into.
It explains that although some teen will benefit from a military style boot camp, the majority of today's teens will see that as an easy out because of the short term that they would be attending.
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Guide to UK Boarding Schools
Guide to UK Boarding Schools
This guide has been originated to give a source of reference on the Internet for U.K. Boarding Schools.
Each school has a summary sheet giving basic details, and for some, more detailed information is available such as Prospectus and Further Information.
There is also an Information Request facility for you to e-mail us for further details.
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Boarding Schools
This site is dedicated to helping parents and students find a good fit for their education.
It has been broken down by state and lists numerous college prep boarding schools as well as a few specialty boarding schools.
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Shanti Gyan International School (in)
A complete residential school in New Delhi.
The School is affiliated to CBSE and is from class I-XII. Special attention is given to weak students and emphasis is laid on sports as well.
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Military Schools
Offering you a wide array of information about military schools, military safety and military knowledge.
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AdmissionsQuest - Boarding School Directory
AdmissionsQuest provides parents and students with comprehensive boarding school search and application services.
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Boarding school in India
Dalhousie Public School at BADHANI is one of the leading boarding school india and also at Dalhousie, from a very humble start established the school at Dalhousie, India.
Whatever a boarding school of today should be exists at BADHANI
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Boarding school fDirectory
Finding a boarding school can be difficult sometimes, not only if you are looking for a normal private boarding school, but especially when you are looking for a special type of boarding school.
There are so many factors which you have to consider. The most important fact is that you will have to find a boarding school which will suit best to your child whether it? a religious boarding school, a boarding school for troubled teen, or any other type of boarding school.
This site will help you how to make your decision.
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Military School
Military school: military schools, boot camp, private schools and boarding school information for the cadet and parents
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Boarding school vs public school
Private boarding school vs public school education for Indigenous students
The mere mention of the term ?rivate school education?elicits thoughts of elitism confirmed in part by the discernible grand structure, usually white or aged granite chapels, signifying the religious bias of the institution, sitting snugly on the highest and most expensive real estate in the city.
But it is within the confines of this very staid environment that prominent Indigenous leader Noel Pearson believes will be found the keys to unshackle the social burden of our youth that will provide educational opportunities and will lead them and their communities to a brighter and more prosperous future.
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Which Boarding School (UK)
Welcome to 'Which Boarding School' - a fully independent site providing detailed information about boarding education in the UK.
We are here to help you choose the right school for your child amongst the many boarding schools in the UK, all providing a remarkable and unique education. But, like children, they are all different and finding the right match is key to achieving a successful education and happy school life.
This service is free to all users! And, if you need us to, we can help with applications and enrolment free of charge too.
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UK boarding Schools & Education
Find your best UK boarding schools for your kids, Free Services!
One of the UK Boarding schools specialist in HK.
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Boarding School Review - USA
Boarding School Review
Boarding School Review provides a unique look into United States boarding schools. We are the first and only service to offer alumni reviews, detailed school profiles, and interactive tools to compare boarding schools across more than 20 important dimensions. Our service saves applicants and their families a lot of time, but more importantly, gives them better information to make the best possible boarding school decisions.
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Boarding School Finder
Boarding School Finder - over 3,500 boarding schools in 62 countries
Welcome to the only independent boarding school directory worldwide, with addresses, telephone and fax numbers of more than 3500 boarding schools in over 60 countries. In addition, multiple search criteria will guide you directly to the school of your choice.
Choice of eleven different languages for the display of results.
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ISBI : Independent Schools of the British Isles
Comprehensive: isbi.com includes all the 3,200 independent and fee paying schools and residential special needs schools in the British Isles, including the STABIS state boarding schools. It also features Summer schools, English language schools, Revision and retake courses and 1,800 International schools worldwide.
school | schools | international | boarding | residential |
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The Western Boarding School Association (USA)
The Western Boarding Schools is an association of 39 college preparatory schools representing the Western United States and Canada serving students from around the nation and the world.
This web site provides a brief introduction to the schools of the WBSA. Clicking on the regional icons above will bring you to a listing of all the WBSA schools in that region. Additional links to individual school's web sites and/or email boxes can be accessed from these pages.
boarding | school | schools | USA | US |
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Boarding Education in the UK
As parents you have a wide and varied selection of schools to consider in both the independent and maintained sectors of education. The type of school you choose for your child will largely depend on the age you wish him/her to start boarding.
The schools can be placed under the following headings:
-Independent Preparatory Schools - age 7 to 13+
-Independent Senior Schools - age 11+ or 13+ to 16 or 18
-Independent Integrated 'All Age' Schools
-Maintained Schools age range 11+ to 18+
boarding | residential | schools | UK | SEA |
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National Coalition of Girls' Schools (US)
More than 100 private and public, day and boarding girls' schools across the U.S. are Coalition members.
boarding | residential | school | schools | worldwide | US | USA | independent | private | international | girls | girl |
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Association of Boarding Schools
The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) is the only US-based, non-profit educational organization exclusively serving boarding schools and students. TABS was formed as a committee in 1976 to address enrollment issues pertaining to boarding schools.
The Association of Boarding Schools leads a national and international effort to promote awareness and understanding of boarding schools, expand the applicant pool for our membership, and offer support and direction for residential life programs. Our goals are to provide information about member schools to the general public, and to engender favorable publicity for the boarding option.
boarding | residential | school | schools | worldwide | US | USA | independent | private | international |
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NCES School Search
National Centre for Educational Statistics (US) .. school search facility
boarding | residential | school | schools | worldwide | US | USA |
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