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Chiang Mai Walking Tours Meetup (th)
Chiang Mai Walking Tours Meetup
Walking · Local Events, History and Culture · Local Tours · New In Town · Walking Tours · Culture · Landscape Photography · Historic Locations and People · local history · Historical Tours · Culinary Walking Tours
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Shamblesguru's Live Twitter Stream
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Chiangmai Photography Group (th)
Chiangmai Photography Group
The Chiang Mai Photographic Group aims to further all aspects of the picture taking abilities of its members through the sharing of skills and mutual support in an informal, inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere.
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The British Club Bangkok (th)
The British Club Bangkok
Described as “an Oasis in the heart of Bangkok”, The British Club Bangkok is a family, sports, and social Members Club situated in downtown Bangkok. The Club is centrally located between Silom and Suriwongse Roads in the heart of Bangkok’s business, shopping and entertainment district.
The Club provides a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for a wide range of sporting and social activities for the whole family, while remaining a popular venue for a business lunch or convivial drink. The Club is also well known for its high standard of catering for functions held on and off the premises.
Membership is open to all nationalities
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Australian-New Zealand Womens Group Bangkok (th)
Australian-New Zealand Women's Group Bangkok
The Australian-New Zealand Women's Group Bangkok has for more than 50 years ANZWG played a major part in the lives of many expatriate women who have been lucky enough to reside in this fascinating yet sometimes challenging city.
We are the proud publishers and distributors of the Bangkok Guide, which is now in its 17th edition. All proceeds from the sale of the ANZWG Bangkok Guide go directly to fund the charitable work that ANZWG is involved with in Thailand, with particular emphasis on health and education for women and children.
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The American Womens Club of Thailand (th)
The American Women's Club of Thailand
Are you new to Bangkok? Or moving here soon?
The American Women's Club of Thailand offers just what you need to feel at home here —whether it's seeing the sights, making friends, contributing your time to worthy causes, or just having fun—there's a place for you at AWC.
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Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand (FCCT)
Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand (FCCT)
The Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand (FCCT) celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2007. As Southeast Asia's largest and oldest press club, the main goal of the FCCT and its members is to promote and protect the rights of the press in Thailand and across Asia.
The FCCT is Southeast Asia's No. 1 forum for open discussion and debate on local, regional and international news and issues.
You don't need to be a journalist or correspondent to attend or to become a member.
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Rotary Clubs in Thailand (th)
Rotary Clubs in Thailand
There are many Rotary Clubs in Thailand with most just Thai speaking.
A few are English speaking ... check out the international Rotary Club website.
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Chiangmai Computer Club (th)
Chiang Mai Computer Club
This is a forum where past and present attendees of the Chiang Mai Computer Club can provide help, advice and exchange information with one another in a cordial atmosphere.
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Clubs, organisations and associations in Chiang Mai (th)
Clubs, organisations and associations in Chiang Mai North Thailand
Alliance Fran?is | American University Alumni (AUA) | British Council | Chiang Mai Adventure Flying Club | Chiang Mai Gymkhana Club | Chiang Mai Photography Business Club | Chiang Mai trail riders (mountain bikes) | Hash House Harriers | Hatha Yoga Centre | Informal Northern Thai Group | Lions Club of Chiang Mai | Radio Amateur Society of Thailand, Chiang Mai | Rotary Clubs | Scandinavian Club Chiang Mai | Writers' Group |
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The Chiang Mai Expats Club (th)
The Chiang Mai Expats Club | Thailand |
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Amcham (th)
Amcham : The American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand
Formed in 1956 under a special chamber of commerce law with a membership of eight American companies with about 60 American nationals, the American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand (AmCham) has grown to over 600 company members which comprise of over 1200 professionals including companies, non-profit organizations, and individual professionals. AmCham is one among more than 20 foreign chambers of commerce legally registered in Thailand.
AmCham provides American businesses and businesspersons with a venue for the exchange of ideas and for identifying common purposes to pursue in both the private and government sectors, in Thailand, in the Asian region, and in the United States. AmCham also provides the focal point for channeling social service activities intended to benefit Thais and Thailand on an unofficial basis.
Thailand | th | amcham | business |
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