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  Information Tech (th)

Dr.Smartphone (th)
For servicing mobile and tablet from. Dr.Smartphone cover screen change Battery replacement board repair and replacing body.
Free pickup/return service in Thailand
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Thailand Startup Review (th)
Thailand Startup Review
Portal to the Thai Startup Community
We are a team dedicated to supporting the growth of the Thailand Startup Ecosystem and have been doing so since 2008.
Our mission is to serve as the primary source of information on the Thai Startup scene with the intention to increase interest in our tight knit startup community and build bridges with other startup communities throughout the region and the world.
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Tech Coworking Spaces in Thailand (th)
Tech Coworking Spaces in Thailand
An important element in the growth of the (Tech) startup community in Thailand has been the rise of the coworking spaces. Here is a list of known coworking spaces in Thailand
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Shamblesguru's Live Twitter Stream
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Voranate HiFi (th)
Voranate HiFi
If you want to buy a wall mount for your flat panel TV or buy any audio video cables then this company will ship to you in Thailand ... as they are in Thailand.
Good service
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Thailand to increase internet coverage up to 85 per cent (th)
The Thai government, through the Smart Thailand Strategy, will extend high speed internet coverage to 80 to 85 per cent of all subdistricts in the country within four years to accelerate government services.
Capt Anudith Nakornthap , minister of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) Group said pilot provinces would be selected to upgrade government services using high speed internet.
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CRISP, Phukets Internet speed reporting site (th)
CRISP, Phuket's Internet speed reporting site
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Thailand IT Community (th)
Thailand IT Community
This site is dedicated to supporting the needs of the IT community in Thailand. The current need of the community is to better organize its activities. So, we have created an event calendar to help keep the community updated on IT related events of interest.
We have also created a page for announcements related to events and a page for links to active IT organizations and community resources in Thailand.
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Thailand's race to ICT literacy (th)
Thailand's race to ICT literacy
A decade since Asia’s 10th most populous country launched its first ICT Master Plan, the Ministry of Education has successfully improved the computer-student ratio to 1:20 on average.
“The past five years have been focused on setting up the basic IT infrastructure in schools,” Keartisak Sensai (pictured), Senior Advisor (ICT for Education), MOE, said to FutureGov Asia Pacific magazine. “Some of our schools are already running one-to-one computing programmes.”
These are hopeful statistics for those hoping to meet the goals stated in the nation’s current ICT Master Plan.
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Shamblesguru 'Thailand Tech' video picks on YouTube (th)
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Buy Laptop Batteries (th)
Buy Laptop Batteries
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2nd National ICT Master Plan 2552-2556 (2009-2013) (th)
Second Thailand National ICT Master Plan 2552-2556 (2009-2013) .. Blog Post (Summary)
The Cabinet has approved the Second National ICT Master Plan B.E. 2552 - 2556 (2009-2013) on 5th August 2552 (2009).
The Cabinet approved all four of the proposals put forward by the Ministry of ICT.
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CTT-Center (th)
CTT-Center is a high quality technical training company, based in downtown Bangkok, Thailand that is committed to providing professionally conducted and good value IT training.
CTT was founded in 2000 by a group of senior Microsoft Certified Trainers who are experts in their various training fields and with several years of real-life experience in designing, implementing and supporting computer systems for some of the leading companies and organizations in Thailand.
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Thailand Open Source Development Portal (th)
Thailand Open Source Development Portal (th)
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DTAC Mobile Phone Operator
DTAC Mobile Phone Operator ... one of the big guys ...
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eBizinet (th)
eBizinet - software, training and IT development solutions in Thailand
Agents for - Microsoft - Swift 3D - Adobe - Corel - Oracle - Symantec - Novell - Macromedia
Thailand | th | software |
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Apple Macintosh Center (th)
Apple Macintosh Center
A very useful website if you are an Apple user living in Thailand (or nearby)
It lists the usual items related to hardware, software, special offers, services etc... it also lists available courses and conferences.
Thailand | th | Apple | Macintosh |
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ThaiSarn (NECTEC) ISP (th)
NECTEC is a dynamic organization which is responsible for the development of Information Technology in Thailand. Its mission is to ensure Thailand's competitiveness in Electronics and Computer and the use of IT to stimulate economic and social impact through own R&D programs as well as R&D funding services to universities.
The organization now has a work force of about 400 persons and has been operating for twelve years in Research and Development, IT Policy Planning and Government Informatization. NECTEC is also the secretariat office for Thailand's National Information Technology Committee.
Our activities at the national scale:
- Information Superhighway Testbed, the country's broadband networking trial project using ATM technology.
- Kanchanapisek Network, the web site that hosts the majority of information related to His Majesty the King's activities.
- Public Internet Exchange, a major Internet exchange point for Thailand.
- SchoolNet Thailand, the nation-wide school networking activities around the Internet.
- Government Information Technology Services (GITS)
Thailand | th | Internet Service Provider | ISP | IT | Internet Connection |
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KSC Comnet ISP (th)
KSC Comnet
The first ISP company in Thailand since 1994.
50 Mbps link to Internet Backbone in U.S.A See Internet Connectivities in Thailand.
42 Mbps link to Local Exchange (8 Mbps to thailand Internet Exchange (TH-NIX) and 34 Mbps to Public Internet Exchange (PIE)).
Dynamic link back-up.
The first ISP in Thailand to provide 56K modems.
12,000 of 56K modems (X2 K56flex and V.90) via 400 of digital E1 lines as additional lines from existing 33.6K lines.
Digital Connection to the telephone network (DID lines).
Thailand | th | Internet Service Provider | ISP | IT | Internet Connection |
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