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Gyeonggi Suwon International School (kr)
GSIS is an International Baccalaureate World School that provides foreign students a high quality internationally based education within a Christian environment utilizing positive educational experiences and biblical foundations for spiritual growth.
GSIS opened its world-class facilities in 2006 and offered K-8 and will add a grade of high school every year.
Being a laptop school ensures that the world is at our students figure tips, while preparing them for the technological demands of the 21-century. The school also provides a boarding program.
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Gyeonggi Suwon International School | 29-3 Young Tong Dong | Young Tong Gu | Suwon, Gyeonggi Do | South Korea | kr | info@gsis.sc.kr | http://www.gsis.sc.kr | tel: +(82) 031-695-2800 | fax: +(82) 031-205-5732 | Elementary School (US) - ages 5 to 11 | Middle School - ages 8 to 13 | Boarding and day school | IB | WASC | EARVOS | USA Curriculum |
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Lycee Francais de Seoul (kr)
Le Lycee Francais de Seoul est un etablissement de plein exercice rattache au reseau de l'Agence pour l'Enseignement Francais a l'etranger (Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres).
Il est gere par l'Association des Parents d'eleves, conformement a la Convention entre l'etat francais et l'Association des Parents d'Eleves de l'Ecole Francaise de Seoul du 21 novembre 1988, amendee le 1er septembre 1990 et revisee le 7 juin 2002.
Le Lycee scolarise les enfants francophones de la Petite Section de Maternelle jusqu'a la Terminale, exactement comme en France. Il comprend donc une ecole Maternelle accueillant les enfants a partir de 3 ans (l'Association des Parents d'Eleves a egalement ouvert un Jardin d'enfants accueillant les enfants a partir de 3 mois), une ecole Primaire, un College d'Enseignement Secondaire et un Lycee de plein exercice pour la classe de Seconde et de Premiere. Les classes de Terminale (L, ES, et S) sont organisees dans le cadre administratif du Centre National d'Enseignement a Distance. Effectif actuel : 362 eleves. Depuis septembre 1999, le Lycee dispose d'un nouveau b?iment pour les classes de College et de Lycee construits par l'Association des Parents d'Eleves.
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Lycee Francais de Seoul | 98-3 Banpo 4-Dong | Seocho-Gu | Seoul 137-044 | South Korea | kr | lfs@lfseoul.org | http://www.lfseoul.org | tel: +(82) 02 593 5444 | school |
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British School of Seoul Foreign School (kr)
In 1912, Seoul Foreign School was established to offer an American education to the English speaking expatriates, most of whom came from the missionary community. Over the intervening years, SFS has changed in looks but not in nature. It is still very much a Christian orientated school which recruits the best teachers to give children the best education possible.
In 1981, Seoul British School was founded in two rooms lent by SFS. Up until 1993, the schools ran as a separate institution - even though the SBS by now had grown significantly and occupied purpose built accommodation.
In 1993, the two schools combined and SBS became the fourth division of SFS, changing its name to the British School of Seoul Foreign School (SFBS).
We adhere to the original values of SFS and offer within them the framework of the British National Curriculum and Independent Schools Examination Board syllabi, both of which are outlined in the Parent Handbook available from school.
Key Words
British School of Seoul Foreign School | 55 Yeonhui-dong | Seodaemun-gu | Seoul | South Korea | kr | emyong@sfs.or.kr | http://www.sfs.or.kr/sfbs/thomas/page2.html | tel: +(82) 02 330 3101 | fax: +(82) 02 335 2045 | School | International Baccalaureate | IB | Primary | Secondary | High School | IGCSE | GCSE |
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Yongsan International School of Seoul (kr)
Yongsan International School of Seoul ... Fully accredited by both the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), Yongsan International School provides a quality educational program that prepares students to continue their studies at leading universities throughout the world.
Students who graduate or earn credits from Yongsan International School have no difficulty having their degrees or units recognized anywhere in the world.
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Yongsan International School of Seoul | South Korea | kr | information@yisseoul.org | http://www.yisseoul.org/ | tel: +(82) 02 797 5104 | fax: +(82) 02 797 5224 |
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International Christian School of Songtan (kr)
K-12 : US curriculum accreditation.
ICS-Songtan is the smallest of the ICS schools in Korea. We currently have approximately 220 students in grades K4 - 12. We offer an accredited, English-based education to students in the Pyongtaek - Songtan - Osan - Camp Humphries area. The largest number of our students are the children of families employed by companies that work with one of the local military bases or are from local American/Asian families.
We also serve other international families and some Korean students who have lived abroad and are not part of the Korean educational system.
Key Words
International Christian School of Songtan | Gi-San Dong 830-40, Pyongtaek-Si | Kyunggi Do | Songtan | South Korea | kr | lpsmith@usa.net | http://www.icsptk.org/ | tel: +(82) 031 664 1376 | fax: +(82) 031 664 1377 |
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Seoul Foreign School (kr)
Though Seoul Foreign School is among the oldest international schools in the world, our reputation for academic excellence is not based simply on our successful alumni or the gifted teachers who have so significantly and positively impacted the lives of former students, or even our fine facilities.
The school will provide a quality American system of education designed to prepare students for admission to American colleges and universities appropriate to their ability. In view of the needs of students from other nations, it may provide certain additional programs.
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Seoul Foreign School | 55 Yonhi Dong | - | Seoul 120-113 | South Korea | kr | sfsoffice@sfs.or.kr | http://www.sfs.or.kr | tel: +(82) 02 330 3100 | fax: +(82) 02 335 1857 | School | ECIS | International Baccalaureate | IB | Primary | Secondary | High School | SAT |
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Modify or add to South Korea Schools Details (kr)
If you wish to modify any of the school details or suggest a missing school (or remove a school that has closed) then click on the link just above to go to the registration/updating form
Changes or additions will not be accepted anonymously so please ensure that you include not only the school email address but also your own.
Please keep in mind that these should be international schools, as a guideline this usually means offering a curriculum that is different from that in the countries local schools and having a student body that has a large (but not exclusive) population of expatriates.
Thank you, in advance, for your input.
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South Korea | kr | schools | school | update | new | modify | amend | change |
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