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Smartcom-Corporate Travel Management (hk)
Smartcom is a corporate travel management company headquartered in Hong Kong. Backed by a growing team of experienced travel professionals, we specialize in high quality service solutions for business travelers at cost effective prices.
Smartcomís travel consultants have years of experience in the business travel industry. We negotiate the lowest rates and implement programs that are customized to your needs. At the same time, we pride ourselves on our friendly relationships with all our customers.
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Aerohkg (cheap) flights out of Hong Kong (hk)
Aerohkg (cheap) flights out of Hong Kong .. get quotations and booking online.
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Cathay Travel Services (hk)
Online prepaid hotel rates worldwide, special rates for Hong Kong and China hotels, online booking of hotel and air ticket.Special budget fare from Hong Kong.
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Westminister Travel Agent (hk)
Westminister Travel Agent (hk) Hong Kong
Established more than thirty years ago, Westminster Travel Limited is one of Hong Kong? leading travel agencies with an annual turnover of more than HK$2 billion (US$265 million). The company employs more than 400 staff and has offices throughout Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. Westminster? activities extend to all areas of the travel industry including corporate travel, leisure packages, destination management, conference and incentive, inbound, wholesale and representation.
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Priceline (hk)
Priceline is the first service of its kind that allows you to Name Your Own Price for airline tickets and hotel rooms in Asia. It's simple: even the best airline and hotels have excess capacity that goes to waste every day.
If you can be flexible with your travel plans, you can Name Your Own Price for these unsold tickets and hotel rooms, saving you up to 30% off average market rates.
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August Moon Travel and Tour Company
August Moon Tour & Travel Co., Ltd. was established in 1962 for the purpose of providing quality in-bound and out-bound tour and travel services to the general public and has built a solid reputation for reliability, fairplay and dedication to clients.
August Moon is also a Government Approval Travel Agency that provides a complete travel service to Hong Kong Government employees, University and Polytechnic staff, as well as expatriate companies operating out of Hong Kong. We are well versed in leave scheme applications and would be more than happy to work within your particular leave scheme programme.
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Last Minute (hk)
The Last Minute concept is about spontaneity, lifestyle and fun! Our site provides you with ideas, products and services for your fast paced life.
Check out the travel and entertainment and take off from Hong Kong with Last Minute.
This Website acts as an agent for various suppliers. Flight tickets, hotel bookings and package holidays purchased will be subject to the terms and conditions of the various operators.
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Any Tours (hk)
Efficiency, reliability, high and easy accessibility to worldwide information & automated services for clients conveniences 24 x 7, around the clock services!
Discount travel worldwide | Worldwide ticketing, hotel reservations | Value added vacation & business packages | Cruises & adventure holidays | Conferences & incentives | Rail passes & car rentals | Walt Disney packages |
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Swire Travel (hk)
For over half a century, Swire Travel has been meeting the very demanding requirements of a select number of the most elite companies in Hong Kong having entrusted us with organizing the travel arrangements of their personnel.
As Hong Kong's most venerable travel management company, Swire Travel now invites you to experience the quality and professionalism that until now have been available only to the exclusive few.
As a member of the Swire Group of companies, which include Cathay Pacific Airways and Dragonair , Swire Travel is the only travel management company today with fully-licensed agencies across the Greater China region.
These include corporate travel management, hotel reservations, ground transportation, standard holidays, customized vacations, visa applications, events management, special interest tours, as well as organizing conferences, exhibitions and customized programs for visitors to Hong Kong, Mainland China, and overseas.
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United Vacations (hk)
With United Vacations, travelers can choose from a broad selection of destinations and attractions in the United States including exciting cities such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orlando and New York, as well as Historical favorites such as Boston, Washington D.C. and New Orleans. Top cities as Toronto and Vancouver in Canada are also covered. While in Asia, the program features exciting Tokyo and Singapore.
United Vacations has been offering a wide variety of highly popular and attractive vacation packages including hotel accommodation, car rentals, escorted tours, cruises or other travel arrangements, since 1984. The United States and Canada have always been popular destinations for travelers from Hong Kong and Macau, and these specially designed packages from United Vacations will extend you the luxury to sit back and relax in the renowned comfort of United's service, with your holiday being well arranged and looked after by experts with years of professional experience and reliability.
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HK Association of Travel Agents (hk)
This is the main site to use when looking for Travel Agents in HK ... you are advised to use only those that are HATA members
In late 1954, the idea to form an association was first conceived by Hong Kong IATA agents
Three years later, in 1957, the Hong Kong Association Travel Agents (HATA) was finally formed
In 1958, with 23 members, HATA produced its constitution and bylaws
1997 was the 40th anniversary since the founding of HATA. Membership now stood at 350
A full list of all members is now available on the site ... with links to websites if available.
HATA To provide a forum for discussion of problems, suggestions or grievances presented by travel and tourist agents, who are Active, Allied, Associate or Affiliate Members of The Association
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