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hkhosting (hk)
hkhosting .. offering server hosting facilities and web design in Hong Kong
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Information Technology Services Department ITSD (hk)
Hong Kong Information Technology Services Department ITSD
Our work programmes reflect our commitment to implementing the 2001 Digital 21 Strategy, which is Hong Kong's blueprint for IT development in the future, and the E-Government Strategy that forms a significant part of that blueprint.
Publications and Press Releases | Access to Information | Use of IT in Government | IT Infrastructure and Standards | IT in the Community | ITSD Circulars to Government IT Contractors | Multi-application Smart Identity Card | Public Forms | Electronic Services | Recognition of Certification Authorities and Certificates | IT Promotion Database | Government IT Business Window | Tender Notices | Job Vacancies | Knowledge on Computer Virus, Information Security and Other IT-related Areas |
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HK Internet Service Providers Association (hk)
Hong Kong Internet Service Providers Association HKISPA
To serve as a forum for consideration of issues or topics that may affect the development and deployment of Internet in Hong Kong.
To promote development of Internet infrastructure, fair market competition, and the growth of the Internet industry in Hong Kong.
To formulate and promulgate policy in respect of regulatory and governmental issues involving the Internet industry and to represent the Internet industry in its interface with governmental bodies and the public at large.
To establish and maintain a Code of Practice for ISP members.
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Internet content rating system launched in Hong Kong
Internet content rating system launched in Hong Kong .. June 2003
The government and the Hong Kong Internet Service Providers Association (HKISPA) are joining hands to implement an Internet content rating system to minimise the exposure of young people and children to offensive material on the Internet. The project uses the rating system developed by the British Internet Content Rating Association.
Under the system, webmasters who wish to take part on a voluntary basis will declare their website content, via an online questionnaire, and obtain a content label from the Association.
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Netfront Information Technology Limited (Netfront) (hk)
Netfront Information Technology Limited (Netfront) was established in 1995 and started offering Internet access service to residential and corporate customers in Hong Kong since early 1996. It is one of the few in the local ISP community that earned the reputation of technical expertise and customer service, as selected by South China Morning Post technology column as the "Best Service ISP" in Oct-1998.
Services offered include 56k dialup,broadband, web site design/hosting, and e-mail services. Since June 2000, Netfront started to offer broadband Internet access service to residential and corporate customers.
Suppliers for Netfront includes PCCW, Level3, Equant, and data center operators KDD Hong Kong and iAdvantage.
Hong Kong | hk | IT | ICT | ISP | broadband |
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iAdvantage (hk)
Our Company iAdvantage, a SUNeVision company, is a leading IT Infrastructure Provider (IIP)in Asia. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the company is dedicated to offering a three-pronged high quality service. It includes Data Centre, IP Network and Managed Services.
By co-locating your Internet server to iAdvantage, your business can save expensive investment cost in relation to the set-up and technology improvements. Coupled with our strong technical and professional support, we enable your business to maximize operational benefits and minimize operating costs. By relying on iAdvantage's Internet Service Centre, you can focus on front line operation and worry less on the technological aspect.
As a comprehensive service provider, iAdvantage offers a growing range of managed services to enhance customers' operational efficiencies and improve their e-business development.
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Website Hosting And Development Service (hk)
INFOCAN Computer (Hong Kong) Ltd., established at 1989, is a quality services vendor providing computer products and support services to both the commercial and public sectors. With our high quality and dedicated services in personal computers and Local Area Network (LAN) environments to organizations, INFOCAN has gained a solid customer base and a good reputation for our professional service.
Hong Kong | hk | webdesign | databased |
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PCCW in Hong Kong hk
PCCW is one of the main IT infrastructure organisations in Hong Kong.
Offering: telephone, broadband, email (netvigator) , websites, mobile, wireless ... the works.
One option available to webmasters is an application called 'Storemaker' which enables users to build a e-commerce website just using their templates ... so little technical expertese is needed. This is called 'Storemaker' ... for example see
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