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Angels Kindergarten, Shanghai (cn)
Angels Kindergarten is a Chinese-English bilingual school. Regardless of nationality, students come out of Angels fluent in both English and Chinese, and can independently read simple Chinese and English stories.
Some of the most popular classes include percussion, rollerblading, and drama classes taught by English teachers. Through these diverse activities, our little angels grow and learn happily.
With 8 professional teachers in the Foreign Language department and 25 professional Chinese teachers, Angels Kindergarten provides the highest levels of educatio.
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Bright Start Academy in Shanghai (cn)
Bright Start Academy in Shanghai
Our English Immersion kindergarten program is designed for children aged 2 to 6.
We use an American-based curriculum, which is organized to address all areas of learning and meet the needs of all of our students.
We provide daily instruction in Chinese. Our highly trained American and Chinese teachers create classrooms full of creative learning experiences.
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OGA International School Xiamen (cn)
OGA International School Xiamen
As a private international school our preschool & kindergarten students benefit from playing and learning in an international surrounding while receiving continuous personalized attention, with low student-teacher ratios, plus a mainly American curriculum thatís rooted in the latest research on child development.
We believe you'll see the rewards in your child's positive school experiences for years to come. We are dedicated to your child, and this means we will do whatever we can to help and support them to reaching their potential in all areas of their development.
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Tiny Tots International Pre-School (cn)
Tiny Tots International Pre-School and Kindergarten for children from 2 - 6 years
Since 1984 Tiny Tots has designed a program to make children feel successful and comfortable within a child-safe environment. Our facilities have inside playrooms, sand boxes, learning centers, art area, classrooms, kitchen, computer center, video area, music room, reading center and large outside play areas.
Shanghai China
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Sunrise Kindergarten Shanghai (cn)
Sunrise Montessori International Kindergarten is a Bi-Lingual school that adheres with the Montessori principles of teaching and Progressive Developmental Method. This method also deals with the thematic approach to learning. At Sunrise Montessori, your children will have the freedom to discover themselves in a carefully prepared environment.
Member of American Montessori Society
Shanhai China
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Stars and Stripes English Kindergarten Shanghai (cn)
Stars and Stripes English Kindergarten
We provide your child the same education in Shanghai that he or she would receive in an American school.
Our goal is to engage our students in learning, so that they feel comfortable in risk-taking; they also learn manners and respect. Our child-centered curriculum is well balanced and builds upon discovery-based theory. We are confident that the nurturing, supportive community of Stars and Stripes English Kindergarten will begin your child's passion for lifelong learning.
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Fortune Kindergarten (cn)
Fortune Kindergarten China
Our curriculum is developed to meet every childís individual needs. Concepts and skills are introduced which are appropriate to each childís stage of development, and which reinforce social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth.
Concepts, hands-on activities and experiences are planned according to a calendar of themes and units relevant to the children, providing meaningful learning.
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Kindyroo (Kindergarten) (cn)
Kindyroo (Kindergarten) .. in several different locations in China.
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Pre-school Education in China (cn)
Basic Education in China(III) : Pre-school Education
Paper from China Education and Research Network
Pre-school education is an important component of education cause in China. In urban areas, pre-school education is mainly kindergartens of 3 years, two years or one year which could be full time part-time, boarding or hour-reckoned. In rural areas, pre-school education is mainly nursery classes and seasonal kindergartens in addition.
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3e International Kindergarten (cn)
At 3e International Kindergarten we offer an extraordinary learning environment, evolutionary teaching methods and a culturally authentic bilingual education.
Open since 1st September 2005 with the goal to bring about learning in the whole child for academic, social and personal excellence through a bicultural, bilingual, bi-instructional approach representative of the East and West.
We run nursery and kindergarten programmes from 18 months to 6 years.
Our learning environment is designed to keep alive childrenís natural motivation to learn, and to support an optimal learning experience through spontaneous exploration and investigation.
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3e International Kindergarten |18 Side Park, Jiang Tai Xi Lu | Chaoyang District | Beijing | China | ch | School | info@3eik.com | http://www.3eik.com | kindergarten | tel: +(8610) 6437 3344 | fax: +(8610) 6437 1987 | curriculum designed by Michigan State University |
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