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ICT in School English Language Teaching
This page is purely to record the materials and resources mentioned by Chris Smith in a presentation at INTERFACE 2002, organised jointly by The British Council and The Guangzhou Education Authority.
The conference took place on 15th and 16th November 2002 in Guangdong, P.R.China.

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My Top Ten Favourite ICT Resources to Support English Language Teaching (ELT) .. for today 15-11-02

1 Shambles Website
This website has been designed and built by Chris Smith who has been working in Asia for more than 24 years, he is now based in Thailand and runs a consultancy under the name of "The Education Project Asia". Although the website is designed to support International Schools throughout S.E.Asia it has information that would be of interest to ANY school.
Use the search box on the front page to find topics you are looking for.

2 ICT in the Literacy Hour (UK) - Whole Class Teaching CD
This CD was produced in 2001 to give practical examples of teachers using ICT to teach English to a "Whole Class" ... the examples are with children ages 5 to 11 but the examples can easily be used by any English Teacher with any age group.
The CD has video clips in actual classrooms, with additional videos from the teachers and lesson plans.


3 Online audio resources - BBC Radio 4 Archives
These archives of BBC Radio programmes can be played in school or at home, even with a slow internet connection. They cover many different topics including current affairs.
My personal favourites are the programmes that use humour (e.g. The News Quiz, Quote Unquote) my other favourite is "A Book at Bedtime".
This resource is probably for your more able students ... and remember that they can be listened to at home if the students has an internet connection.

4 Build a website online School Webkits
If you want to build a wedsite and have emails for yourself or your class then this company allows you to do just that. You require very few ICT skills and it can all be done using a web-browser.
The company itself is based in Hong Kong and only developed this service recently after considerable consultation with the education community.
Your school principal and IT co-ordinator will be pleased to know that it does not require the school to buy any more resources or to maintain any computer servers.
There is a monthly fee.

5 Help From a Human - Ask ERIC (Educational Resources Information Centre)
This is a wonderful service offered free by this US funded organisation .... there have a very large database which you can search, but why search when someone will do it for you?
Send any educational question you have to askeric; make it clear if you are a student, teacher, administrator or parent and you will get a reply usually within two days
See how they answered this question from a grade three student .....
.Why do Ancient Egyptians sometimes write upwards? askeric answer

6 Education Software
These two UK companies have been supplying educational software for many years and are well worth a visit.

7 Function Keys
F1 - Help
F11 - Web browser full screen

Click on these function keys at the top of your keyboard and see what happenss.

8 Mindmapping & Visual Learning - Inspiration & Kidspiration
Interactive Online Demo at http://www.inspiration.com/test/dswmedia/kidspiration.html
I have a lot of respect for mindmapping and although there are several companies that provide software to enable it to be done using a computer. This is actually not a new concept to teachers who have been making mindmaps for years using paper and pencils.
Inspiration is a company that have designed their software and support materials specifically for use in teaching and learning .... it is very easy to learn and is fun and motivational.

9 SMS - Short Message System (mobile telephones)
If your students have mobile phones that allow text messages to be sent then why not use this in English teaching? The challenge will be to incorporate this into traditional lessons as SMS has grown its own shortened English codes. e.g. "See You Later" becomes "C U L8er" ... and if you are not sure how to do this then don't worry ... all the other teachers around the world are also looking at how to use this.

10 Music 'Fun Website' - Infinite Wheel

I just not sure what relevance this has to ELT ... I'm sure somebody can thing up something .. but for me it's just fun.
I have shown it briefly at the start of a lesson and told the students they can try it themsleves at the end if they finish their 'real' work ... so it's a good motivator.
One advantage is that is you show this site to the music teacher in your school then they will probably be extremely greatful.
There is another similar site with more creative music ... but you'll have to invite me back to Interface 2003 to know about that. ;-)

That's IT

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