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Most of the simulations below are not played online ... they need you to download the software and then run it on your own computer ... a few are online multi-player games.

The General
The General" is a turn-based military strategy.
2 to 20 states can take part in each game. In the beginning of the game each of the states gets an equal territory and equal resources. You are the leader (or a marshal, as you wish) of one of them. Your goal is to unite the world under your rule, upon conquering all the other states.
In the game process you will have to solve issues of economy, science and military politics. You are going to hire scientists, recruit soldiers and purchase generals. You can put most of your resources into science, or, alternatively, build a militarized state. In any case, you cannot just quitely sit the game through. If you are passive, the others are going to get you!

Simutrans is a transport and economic sim game. The graphics are not impressive, but very well done for a freeware game. There are versions of Simutrans for Windows, Linux and BeOS. All versions are quite playable, but still considered to be beta versions. Simutrans is freeware but not open source. The games interface language can be switched between Dutch, English, German, French, Finnish, Hungarian and Spanish by a menu.

TurboRisk is similar to the well-known Risk game. TurboRisk plays the classic "World Domination Risk" game, where you are battling to conquer the world.
The main features include:
Support for both human or computer driven players, up to ten per game; Computer players programmable using a subset of PASCAL; Highly customisable rules; Smart interface that speeds up cards playing, attacks and troops movements; Stats window that shows counters for territories and armies; and Optional log window to track the game and/or debug computer players.

CannonSmash is a 3D tabletennis game. The goal of this project is to represent various strategy of tabletennis on computer game. This game may contain some bugs..

Freeciv is a multiplayer strategy game, released under the GNU General Public License.
It is generally comparable with Civilization II®, published by Microprose®.
Freeciv is a free turn-based multiplayer strategy game, in which each player becomes the leader of a civilization, fighting to obtain the ultimate goal.

Train Dispatcher 2
Train Dispatchers are the air traffic controllers of the railroads. They control the movement of trains over large track territories. This game simulates the gargantuan routing tasks a real-life dispatcher faces daily. The problem is that trains must share a limited number of tracks. It some cases a single track must be shared by trains going in opposite directions. It is the job of the dispatcher to control the movement of trains over this limited resource, which can create one bottleneck after another.

Impression Games is now offering Caesar I as a free download. If you never tried out the game this is a great opportunity to download and give it a try.

Lord Monarch
"Lord Monarch" is a game where you try and expand your territory. Winning strategies include analyzing the layout of game maps, the flow of game, waiting for the right time to attack, and withstanding reprisals ... Lord Monarch has all the indispensable elements for a dynamic game.

Miniature Train Simulator
With "Miniature Train Simulator" you will able to create a full HO network.You have a full set of track that you assemble as you wich. Add some decor and create your train to run. You can stop visualisation at any time to go to edition and modify the network at will, add a new track or completly rebuild your network

This game is a city building game similar to SimCity. The focus is on solving ecomonic and transport problems. The graphics are well done, and will remind you of SimCity. .... in German but you can also download the English manual for MOBILITY, either as pdf-file (1,6 MB) or as zip-file (429 KB).

Sk8park games are in a way, a cross between Theme Park, and Sim City. The general idea of the game is to build a successful skate park, and meet tasks such as get a certain number of people into the park, or host a contest in the park. There are 20 levels and a free build mode.

Struggle is a freeware simulation game of turn-of-the- century Chicago, based on Upton Sinclair's The Jungle. Using text from the novel and pictures from Jacob Riis' "How the Other Half Lives," Struggle dares you to try and achieve the American Dream as a Lithuanian Immigrant. But be warned -- this game is true to the book in difficulty as well. Feeding, clothing, and housing your dependents while trying to make enough money to survive yourself is quite a Struggle.

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