e-learning workshop

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What will we look at ?

  • What is e-learning?
  • Why is e-learning important?
  • self-audit to determine the stage of exploitation of elearning in an organisation
  • checklist for evaluating e-learning ‘offerings’
  • who are the stakeholders
    Learner / Teacher / Headteacher / Head of the Library / ICT Advisor / Director of Education / Service Manager / Training Manager / Head of Human Resources / e-government officers / Elected Members / Chief Executive /
  • .. and for Monday … “getting your class online”

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Time does not allow

1) A model for e-learning

2) A strategy for e-learning in education

3) e-learning design and implementation


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Learning in the 21st century: the vision and practice
of e-learning in local authorities (UK)


Towards a Unified e-Learning Strategy (UK)
Consultation Document
DfES : DfES/0424/2003
Deadline end of Jan 2004

Learning for the 21st Century (USA)
the MILE Guide …. Milestones for Improving Learning and Education

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